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Hornets coming to SBS

The Hornets are coming!

No, it’s not the stinging flying insects. And, no, it’s not a revival of the world-famous Hudson Hornet automobile.

This is a new racing division that is coming to South Boston Speedway.

South Boston Speedway officials announced this week that a new division — the Hornet Division — a budget-priced fun racing division featuring stock four-cylinder cars — will debut as a NASCAR-sanctioned racing division at the track next season.

The Hornet Division will be unveiled Saturday night at South Boston Speedway in a special eight-lap exhibition race that will involve three cars and drivers from Caraway Speedway in Asheboro, N.C. and two South Boston-based cars, one driven by Late Model Stock Car Division competitor Bruce Anderson of South Boston, and the other driven Nick Igdalsky, the COO/Executive Vice President of Pocono Raceway and South Boston Speedway, who races sports cars on road courses and has competed in NASCAR and ARCA stock car racing events.

“The speedway (South Boston Speedway) has purchased two of these cars and A&E Racecars has gotten them into race-condition for us,” Igdalsky said.

“Once the exhibition is over, we’re going to put them up for sale. People will have the opportunity to buy two of these cars right out of the box ready to go.”

South Boston Speedway General Manager Cathy Rice is looking forward to seeing the cars Saturday night. She sees the division as a natural addition to South Boston Speedway racing.

“This division will be fun and exciting for both the competitors and fans alike,” Rice said.

“We’re looking forward to Saturday night’s exhibition race to introduce fans to the new division. “

Igdalsky explained that the new Hornet Division will feature four-cylinder cars from a variety of manufacturers and is designed to be an affordable way to race. 

“Racing at the top level of short-track racing can be pretty expensive,” Igdalsky pointed out.

“We want to make it as affordable as possible for anyone just trying to dip their toes into the racing waters or introduce themselves to racing. This division is sort of a spin-off division off of our current Pure Stock 4 division cars, but the rules will remain far more stock than what has happened in the Pure Stock Division, and this division will be more cost-effective.

“It will be cheaper to run this division than the (current) four-cylinders,” he continued.

“You run street tires in this division. Competitors will be allowed to make minor camber adjustments on the right front wheel only. Everything else is basically just gut the car, put the safety equipment in and go racing.”

Igdalsky said the cars used in the division are readily available, are numerous and easy to find.

“It’s not going to be a case where one manufacturer is going to dominate this division,” he said.

“We’re going to make sure the playing field stays level. The rules are very simple - only two pages of rules. We’ll have the rules available within the next couple of weeks at the South Boston Speedway office.”

Igdalsky pointed out that track NASCAR officials will check the cars for safety and to ensure the playing field stays level, but will not require extensive inspections.

“We’re not going to check the motors on these cars,” he pointed out.

“Go ahead and cheat up the motor if you want. We’re going to keep adding weight (to the car) until you slow down to where everybody else is. There is no qualifying and the start will be by a random draw. If you win a race, you will start mid-pack the next race. If you win two races in a row, you will start at the rear.”

In short, Igdalsky said, the Hornet Division is going to be the most fun and competitively close racing division from among the track’s NASCAR-sanctioned racing divisions.

“We’ve kept it as simple and as fun as possible,” Igdalsky remarked. 

“We can guarantee this will be the closest racing of any of the divisions because we’re going to make it so.”