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Comets win in five against Park View

It took five games, but the Halifax County High School varsity volleyball team completed a season sweep of Park View High School at home on Tuesday.


The Comets appeared to be in good shape after winning games one and two by 25-19 and 25-20 scores, but Park View rallied in game three, leading 3-0, 5-1, 10-5, 14-8, 18-10 and 21-11 before claiming a 25-14 win.

The Dragons forced a fifth and deciding game with a 25-16 win in game four, forging leads of 9-3, 18-8 and 21-11 before claiming the win.

Halifax County led from the start in game five, leading 8-3 and 10-3 before taking the match with a 15-5 win.

The Comets played to form against Park View, and inconstancy has been an unfortunate trademark for her young team this year, according to Coach Tiffaney Bratton.

“We tend to start out up, but as time goes on we tend to get on an even playing field and play like who we’re playing,” said Bratton.

“They’re (Park View) a good team, and you can’t take anything away from them, but we can’t do that.

“I’m trying to get them out of doing that, because better teams will beat us, and that’s obviously what’s happened with Patrick County and Franklin County.”

“We can’t play like that, because we lose our focus,” added Bratton.

“We have a tendency to play like the other team, and we had poor passing, poor setting and quite frankly poor hitting in the third and fourth games.

“It just killed us…we kind of got out of our game.”

Bratton was confident her team would win game five.

“I don’t know why, they always pull it out.  I guess they like the drama, but they always pull it out, so I wasn’t worried,” she said.

“We have two more games this week, and we have to work on some focus issues, and serving and passing.

“They’ll serve right on point and lose it all, then try to get back up, but it’s hard to get back up.

“If you just play your game you won’t have to dip and then get back up.”


w Good Serves: Cecilie Elliott 20; Whitney White 12; Megan Puckett 11; Taylor Barnes, Logan Redd 10; Chris Bradshaw, Gabrielle Spainhour 9

w Service Aces: Elliott 5; Redd, Barnes 3; Spainhour 2; Bradshaw 1

w Assists: Elliott 49; Spainhour 45; Madison Puryear 10; Bradshaw 2; Barnes, White 1

w Kills: Spainhour 11; Barnes 8; White 7; Bradshaw 6; Redd 3; Elliott 2; Puckett, Puryear 1

w Digs: Barnes, Bradshaw 35; Puckett 16, Megan Nunn 15; Elliott 11; Spainhour 9; Maddie Jackson, Redd, White 3; Puryear

w Blocks: White 7; Spainhour 3; Barnes 2; Redd 1


Bassett (from Thursday)

w Good Serves: Elliott 19; Bradshaw 15; Redd, White 10; Barnes 9; Spainhour 8; Puckett 3

w Service Aces: Elliott 3; Bradshaw, Spainhour 2; Redd 1

w Assists: Elliott 56; Spainhour 51; Barnes 1

w Kills: White 17; Spainhour 14; Bradshaw 9; Redd 5; Barnes, Elliott 4 

w Digs: Barnes 40; Bradshaw 39; Elliott, Puckett 15; Jackson 11; Spainhour 7; Redd 5; White 4; Megan Nunn 2


w Blocks: White 4; Barnes 2; Bradshaw, Redd, Spainhour 1