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Green’s Folly keeps County Cup

Make it four straight wins for the Green’s Folly Men’s County Cup team over their Halifax Country Club counterparts.

Getting strong play from first-year golfers and veterans alike, Green’s Folly held a 13-5 lead after alternating and best ball matches Saturday morning.

Halifax Country Club rallied to cut the deficit to 20-16 after singles matches to close out the first day of competition.

Green’s Folly again extended the lead to 30-24 after alternating shots and best ball matches on Sunday, and they closed it out in individual matches that afternoon.

“It was simply a matter of falling behind early and never catching up, admitted Halifax Country Club Captain Jay Burnett.  

“Thad a pretty good lead on us yesterday morning, and we chipped back at it a little bit in the afternoon,” Burnett said

“They extended it a little bit this afternoon, so we certainly had our hands full.”

There were some bright spots, Burnett added, including the play of County Cup rookie and Halifax County High School senior Joey Gasperini.

“Some guys really played some good golf, like Joey Gasperini, who put points on the board.

“I’m really happy at how he played.”

Green’s Folly just ended up coming out on top this weekend, Burnett concluded.

“It’s always fun and a matter of friends playing friends,” he noted.  It’s good competition, and we’ll get ‘em next year.”

Green’s Folly got solid play from its leadoff tandem of County Cup rookies Brad Shrader and Kwang Kim both days of the tournament, according to Captain Jimmy Clay.

“We sent them out first both mornings, and they proved themselves,” said Clay.

“The key to us would be our newcomers, and they won and got points.”

Clay knew his team also would rely on veterans like Kevin Haskins, Woody Clay, David Graham, Brandon Harris and Dave Ashwell.

“We rely heavily on Kevin, Woody, David Graham and myself to play steady, and the guys in between to play steady,” Clay explained

“Brandon went out today and swept his guy, and as a team this is probably the best collectively we’ve played in 10 or 12 years.

“I had a match with Dave (Ashwell), and when I was out, Dave was in, and we mixed and matched.

“One of the keys for us is we put Woody and David Graham together and they’re a tough combination.

“They drew their best team today in my opinion, W.J. (Long) and Brad (Mele), but Kim and Brad set the tone.”


Men’s County Cup Scores

Saturday at HCC

Alternating Shots Matches

Brad Shrader-Kwang Kim (GF) 2 Kelly Chappell-Tommy Daniel (HCC) 1

Drew Lewis-Nathan Lantor (HCC) 1½ Cody Spencer-Chris Coleman (GF) 1½

Brandon Harris-Chris Young (GF) 3 Eric Arthur Jr.-Tommy Spencer (HCC) 0

Best Ball Matches

Woody Clay-David Graham (GF) 3 Ronnie Moore-Joey Gasperini (HCC) 0

Jay Burnett-Brad Mele (HCC) 2 Kevin Haskins-Luke Bohm (GF) 1

Jimmy Clay-Dave Ashwell (GF) 2½ W.J. Long-Brad Thomasson (HCC) ½



Ronnie Moore (HCC) 2 Luke Bohm (GF) 1

Tommy Spencer (HCC) 3 Kwang Kim (GF) 0

W.J. Long (HCC) 3 David Graham (GF) 0

Brad Mele (HCC) 3 Cody Spencer (GF) 0

Kevin Haskins (GF) 3 Jay Burnett (HCC) 0

Chris Young (GF) 3 Kelly Chappell (HCC) 0


Sunday – at Green’s Folly

Alternating shots matches

Kwang Kim-Brad Shrader (GF) 3 Jay Burnett-Kelly Chappell (HCC) 0

Tommy Spencer-Ronnie Moore (HCC) 3 Chris Coleman-Luke Bohm (GF) 0

Joey Gasperini-Eric Arthur Jr. (HCC) 2 Kevin Haskins-Cody Spencer (GF) 1


Best Ball Matches

Jimmy Clay-Dave Ashwell (GF) 3 Brad Thomasson-Tommy Daniel (HCC) 0

Drew Lewis-Nathan Lantor (HCC) 2½ Chris Young, Brandon Harris (GF) ½

Woody Clay-David Graham (GF) 2½ W.J. Long-Brad Mele ½


Singles Matches

Jimmy Clay (GF) 3 Brad Thomasson (HC) 0

Chris Coleman (GF) 3 Tommy Daniel (HCC) 0

Brandon Harris (GF) 3 Eric Arthur Jr. (HCC) 0

Peter Gasperini (HCC) 3 Brad Shrader (GF) 0

Drew Lewis (HCC) 1½ Woody Clay (GF) 1½

Dave Ashwell (GF) 1½ Nathan Lantor (HCC) ½ 

Totals: Green’s Folly 42 Halifax Country Club 30