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Old Timers dedicate season to Bill Moore

No one could manicure a ball field like the late “Bill” Moore, and in a lifetime of dedication to a number of leagues throughout the county, that’s just what he did as a grounds keeper at fields like Carter Fabrics and C.H. Friend Elementary School.


In recognition of that volunteer service, the Halifax County Old Timer’s Baseball League is dedicating the 2013 season to Moore.

Moore’s two sons, Ricky and Billy were on hand Sunday to help dedicate the league’s 14th season to their father, a person as selfless about his work on the ball field as he was meticulous.

“He wouldn’t know what to think about this, and he never would have expected it,” said Ricky Moore, who added his father didn’t seek recognition, rather than just see the kids enjoy their time on the fields he kept.

“He never expected this.”

“He loved the kids and he loved the game,” said Billy Moore.  “He always griped and complained nobody was helping him, but he didn’t want anybody helping him in the first place.

“If anybody went to help him, he’d tell them they were doing it wrong, so he made sure everything was right.

“He never cared whether anyone said, “Good job,” or not, he knew everything was right.”

The league named four players for inclusion into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, including Mark Yates, Tim Hogue, Ryan Garrett and Kenneth Day, all of whom have made significant contributions to the Halifax County Old Timer’s Baseball League, according to League Commissioner Tigue Day.

Four teams will play a 14-game regular season schedule in addition to a post-season tournament, with all games at the Halifax County High School baseball field.