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PLAY THROUGH: Green’s Folly Golf Course wrap-up

The weather could not have been any better, the course was in good shape and the golfers responded with some great rounds and shots that the U.S. Open could not match.

When the dust settled, David Graham and guest Cody Spencer came out on top in a two-hole playoff against Jimmy Clay and guest Brad Thomasson when Graham almost holed it out on the par three number two hole.

There were some great golf rounds posted on both days and some of the teams were lighting it up.

Graham and Spencer posted the low round on Saturday with a 10-under par 62, and the duo of Walter Robertson and Phil Rinker came right at them with an 8-under par 64.

On Sunday when the format changed to Captain’s Choice, Graham and Spencer again posted a 10-under par round along with Clay and Thomasson.

In the second flight, Sammy Puryear and guest Brad Mele shot 61 along with David Day and guest Richard Harrell.

Bobby Murray and son, Chris, shot 64 as did Brandon “Monster” Harris and uncle Billy Dyer.


This ‘n’ that

As always, when you play in member-guest tournaments you see people you have not seen in years and it is such a pleasure.

I had the pleasure of playing with Russell Puckett and his guest, Scott Snow, on Saturday. I had not seen Scott in about 20 years and he can really bust it.

The legendary Phil Çlark and his wife Çonnie were up from Easley, S.C., and Phil was playing with brother-in-law Kelly Puryear.

It is always nice to see the owners come up and play, and Dewey Andrew, Bill Morningstar and Chris Dockrill seemed to enjoy themselves.

Coach Star has retired, and he told me he is not sure what his plans were but he hoped to spend more time at the course and see some old friends.

When Mr. Golf, Phil Rinker, chipped in for eagle on hole No. 11 on Saturday, he did his customary cart wheel and Walter Robertson said he pulled a muscle. Phil has gone to Çharlottsville this week to play with his buddy and everyone’s friend, John Howerton. John could not come to Halifax this year and we sure missed him.

The rain we got Tuesday night and these warm, sunny days will have the grass jumping. 

Halifax Country Club will hold a one-day qualifier Saturday that will count for one of the four scores players need to qualify for the HCC County Cup teams.

The club is also hosting a senior one-day Member-Guest tournament on Monday, and at press time, a lot of players had signed up.

Two local golfers, W.J. Long and Peter Gasperini, went to the Independence Golf Club in

Richmond Monday to attempt to qualify for their respective amateur tournaments in July. Both players played well, but did not quite make it, and young Peter really had some bad luck.

Because of the previous rain, they were playing lift, clean and place. On one hole, young Peter lifted, cleaned and replaced it. Not thinking, he stood behind the ball and adjusted it. He was aassessed a two-shot penalty.

The young and upcoming star golfer played great and wound up with a 74, and 72 qualified. If not for the penalty, he would have made it.

Knowing Peter like I do, he took it as a learning experience and will grow from it. He has a great attitude on the course and he will be a force to reckon with in years to come. Great job to both players, and good luck the rest of the summer.

A lot of you are watching all the action of the College Baseball World Series now going on in Omaha, Neb., and the action has been fierce and close.

Next Friday, I think you will enjoy a talk with the catcher on the Wake Forest baseball team that won the only title in Atlantic Coast Conference history.

At press time, at least one team from the ACC will make the Final Four, but whichever team survives, it will have a long, uphill battle.

Last week’s U.S. Open proved accuracy is much more important than gorillas off the tee. 

Another heartbreaking runner-up position for Phil Mickelson as he just cannot get over the hump at the Open. Next year it will be played in Pinehurst, N.C., and with Pinehurst just being around two hours away, it would be a good time to see some of it in person.

Green’s Folly Golf Course hosted it’s first golf camp of the season this past week, and 30 youngsters went through the paces of just learning this crazy game.

Golf, pizza, swimming and just having a good time, what a way to start the summer.

With the weather getting warmer, please get the fluids in your body before and while you are playing. A heat stroke or related symptoms are serious, and it can be avoided.

It makes you wonder how some of these golfers can post such good scores when there is no pressure of a tournament. It could be pressure, or it could be in all of our matches, putting them all out. Not dropping them out of the rough and sand traps would help.

It is the middle of June and some real hot weather is on the way. Please fix divots and ball marks on the greens. Both local courses are in great shape, and they need your help in keeping them that way.

The club throwing has gotten better, but not where it should be. Remember there are up-and-coming youngsters watching, and if you are out of town, there are courses at which officials will actually ask you to leave.

Have a great week, play well, and hit them straight and long.