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PLAY THROUGH: Halifax Country Club wrap-up

Memorial Day has come and gone and with it, a very successful Member-Guest Golf Tournament at Halifax Country Club and a very tired but grateful Drew Lewis.

Drew, in his first of three years as tournament chairman, put together a committee that did a very good job of putting on a very tough tourney to run.

The golf course was in great shape, and the greens were as easy to play as I have ever seen. The tourney filled up with 72 teams, and there was some great play. The dinner was very good, and Sixth And Main put on a show Saturday night. If you have not heard this group yet, catch them at the Cantaloupe Festival.

Even though the weather was a little cool for this time of year, no one seemed to mind except the youngsters that were waiting for the pool to open.

Again, congratulations to all involved for a very classy-run affair.


This ‘n’ that

The whole community got some bad news this weekend on our good friend Jim Burton. The doctors at UNC Chapel Hill told him and his family that the cancer that has come back in his liver is very severe and almost impossible to halt.

Jim has fought leukemia and other types of cancer for over 20 years, and the old bird is a tough one.

Our prayers go out to Patricia, Jimbo and Luanna as they try to come to grips with this tragedy.

Jim is very aware of his predicament, and seems to be handling it the way all of his golfing buddies knew he would.

Jim was at Green’s Folly Golf Course, and as a member of the Commonwealth Club, worked with me on the Member-Guest Tournament for some 20 years. When he moved to the Halifax Country Club, he served as president and accountant for the club and volunteered for several more functions.

The whole golfing community is holding its breath, hoping the doctors can contain the pain and keep Jim comfortable. 

It seems the summer is rolling away too fast, and it has not even gotten warm until this week. The weather last week was like November, and a light coat or sweater was needed. Before we know it, it will be July.

Green’s Folly Golf Course will be hosting its Member-Guest Golf Tournament in just two weeks, and like always, it falls on Father’s Day and the week of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.

The Open should be very easy for the press to cover this year, as the PGA is full of controversy and the public loves it. Everyone is wondering if Sergio will play close to Tiger or will even speak to him, and of course, Tiger could care less what the little fellow does.

The controversial ruling on the belly putter is still being watched, and the suit by V.J. over his doping is still what many consider a joke. 

The summer is not half over and the press has plenty to add too or just make up.

The ladies of Halifax Country Club will host their annual Member-Guest Golf Tournament on Saturday at the club, and it should be a good one as they work hard on their tournaments.

On June 6, the senior men at the Folly will be hosting the seniors of Hat Creek for 18 holes of golf and a meal after play.

On June 8, the guys at Halifax Country Club will be holding the first of several qualifying rounds for this year’s County Cup Golf Tournament.

Green’s Folly Golf Course just released its dates for its golf camp. The golf camp will be held June 17-20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. If you would like more info, there are three ways to get it. First, you may call the pro shop at 572-4998 or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The third way is to go by the course for more info. Mike Ross or Chris Dockrill will be more than happy to help you.

The golf camps are a welcome break for young guys and girls who like to learn the proper way to play golf from a bunch of qualified instructors that really take the time with each participant.

Both of the local courses are in great shape, but please remember with the coming of hot weather, please keep the golf carts away from the fringes and greens. It adds extra burden to the fringes that are coming out and the grass in and around the greens.

It was great to see a lot of old friends last week at Halifax Country Club during the Member-Guest Golf Tournament, and a few old legends like Jackie Thomasson, who played with Ronnie Moore. They finished third.

I know Jackie was proud when son Brad and his partner, Jeff Kidd, won the whole shooting match.

I will also make a mention of Joe Frank Fincher. He is more than a good appliance man. He got on stage Saturday night and did a great job on the song “Brown Haired Girl.” I did not realize the old boy had that much talent.

With the warmer weather predicted for the upcoming weeks, be sure to consume more liquids to keep you healthier, and no Butch, I do not mean beer.


Have a great week, and we will have results of the ladies tournament for you next week.