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Memorial weekend win for Thomasson, Kidd

Brad Thomasson and Jeff Kidd had more on their minds than playing golf last weekend at the annual Halifax Country Club Member-Guest Tournament.

Thomasson, like most every golfer in the field, was thinking of long-time club member Jim Burton, who is battling a life threatening illness.

Kidd, a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, also was thinking of the sacrifices made by members of the U.S. Armed Forces, both past and present that allow him the freedom to play golf on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

Those thoughts may have served to motivate the pair of first cousins who came home with a win in the tournament for the second time, this win coming on the final hole over Jimmy Clay and Jay Burnett.

Clay and Burnett led by one stroke after one day of play and led by two strokes entering the last nine holes on Sunday.

The two teams were tied entering the final hole, but Thomasson and Kidd took advantage of one mistake by their opponents to win the tournament.

“They’re probably two of the best golfers in the county, and you just have to play hard and stay in every hole and focus on every shot,” said Thomasson.

“We had to focus today and make sure we had two balls on the green with somebody in the hole for par, so at least one of us could be aggressive.

“It came down to the last hole and the last putt.”

Thomasson had one mulligan left entering the final hole, according to Kidd, and that gave him two chances for a par.

“We talked about it.  Brad still had a mulligan, so we wanted to put two balls in the fairway and have a chance at a putt,” said Kidd.

“We lucked out this time, and it went our way, but it could have gone either way.”

Burnett said the one mistake on his team’s part opened the door for Thomasson and Kidd on the final hole.

“They took advantage, and that proved to be the difference maker,” Burnett explained.

“We played solid on the front nine and had a little bit of a lead, but they played a real solid back nine.

“It’s tight competition, and solid tee to green play ultimately will win out.”

Kidd and Thomasson emphasized the day was about more than just golf.

“It’s all about our troops, and we’re lucky to be able to come out here and do this,” said Kidd, who had 11 permanent changes of station and at least five temporary postings during his military career.

“This is all about people who served our country so we could come out here and play sports like this.”

First-time member-guest chairman Drew Lewis, along with Joanna Blackstock, Pat Crew and Robbie Harris did a “great job” with the two-day tournament, and golf course manager Quinn Elliott has done a “phenomenal job” with the golf course, especially the greens, according to Thomasson.

“We played with a heavy heart,” added Thomasson, when thinking of Burton.

“He’s basically been the accountant for the golf course for many years, and he’d done a lot for the course.

“We’re all thinking of Jim and his family.”



Championship Flight

Brad Thomasson-Jeff Kidd (1st)62-65-127

Jay Burnette-Jimmy Clay (2nd)61-67-128

Ronnie Moore-Jackie Thomasson (3rd)66-66-132

Phillip Payne-Scott Martin67-66-133

Tommy Daniel-David Day67-67-134

Woody Clay-Chris Young68-66-134

Donald Gravitt-Ronnie Snow68-71-139

W.J. Long-Ed Edgar68-72-140

Phil Rinker-Sammy Puryear69-75-144


First Flight

Brad Mele-David Graham (1st)70-65-135

Mark Repokis-John Mele (2nd)71-72-143

Bion Fite-Chris Coleman (3rd)72-71-143

James Lewis-Bill Hite71-73-144

Robert Fallen-Dale Wilson71-73-144

Nookie Green-Bill Dyer72-72-144

Jay Henderson-Brad Shrader72-72-144

Paul Butler-David Ford71-75-146

Grayson Throckmorton-Scott Bosiger71-79-150

Jackie Caldwell-Scott Petriskie72-81-153


Second Flight

Sam Fisher-Kevin Fisher (1st)73-70-143

Kelly Chappell-Wesley Chappell (2nd)73-72-145

John Hayes-Tim Johnson (3rd)74-71-145

Teddy Holt-Brandon Harris75-70-145

Tom Brown-Bobby Wilborn73-72-145

Tommy Spencer-Mike Gregory75-72-147

Gary Gupton-Mark Bullock74-74-148

Roger Long-Ralph Beard74-76-150

Walter Robertson-Bryan Allen75-75-150

Chris Lumsden-Buford Lumsden74-77-151

Grayson Francis-Rodney Mason75-76-151

Bob Tysinger-Lee Tysinger75-77-152

Jason Kirkhart-Rob Wallace75-77-152

Coleman Speece-Jim Binner75-79-154

Alan Gravitt-Bill Maxwell75-79-154


Third Flight

Arthur Lantor-Jeff Parr (1st)76-71-147

Mike Dunn-Jacob Trent (2nd)76-75-151

Rodney Watts-Andy Schleifstein (3rd)78-76-154

Casey Spencer-Chuck Newcomb77-78-155

Preston Crowder-Matt Crowder77-78-155

Charles Thompson-Hunter Thompson76-82-158

Joel Cunningham Jr.-Howard Harvey78-80-158

Woody Long-Justin Saunders78-80-158

Roy Bradley-Tim Wiles76-86-162

Chris Cole-Chris Wilborn77-86-162


Fourth Flight

Donnie Hughes-Kyle Gravitt (1st)80-73-153

Greg Meeks-Chuck Nelson (2nd)79-74-153

Greg Farley-Bryan Farley (3rd)79-75-154

Dan Powell-Nick Carter79-75-154

Earle Orme-Johnny Wilson80-77-157

Steve Crutchfield-Darrell Carter80-77-157

Eric Arthur Jr.-Scott Gessell 79-80-159

Paul Glass-Brad Smith80-80-160

George Hayes-Tom Coates80-80-160

G. Grant- R. Clark79-83-162

Dennis Seamster-Shawn Torian81-81-162

Jimmy Allen-Michael Compton80-84-164

Jason Parker-Chris Parker81-84-165

Roger Bennett-Robbie Foster79-86-165

Tommy Elliott-Ronnie Pate81-85-166

John Lantor-Mark Raper81-87-168


Fifth Flight

Michael Puryear-Griffen Kopp (1st)83-76-159

Doug Fleig-Taylor Fleig (2nd)86-74-160

Dennis Witt-Graham Witt (3rd)83-80-163

Tim Davis-Bill Stillman82-82-164

Joe Gasperini-Peter Gasperini83-82-165

Phil Saunders-Steve Long85-85-170

John Morgan-Jonathan Fussell86-85-171

Daniel Ivey-Justin Shepperd85-87-172

Gray Ramsey-Cleve Campbell89-84-173

Joel Cunningham Sr.-David Ragland90-85-175

Criag Nuhfer-Marshal Nuhfer84-92-176