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PLAY THROUGH: HCC Member-Guest Golf Tournament

If it is Memorial Day weekend, that means one thing for sure, it is Member-Guest Golf Tournament weekend at Halifax Country Club.

Halifax Country Club’s Member-Guest Golf Tournament is the biggest golf and social weekend of the year for the club. Over 140 golfers and guests will begin the celebration today and continue on until Sunday when the champions and winners will be crowned.

During the weekend there will be a pool party for the ladies, a smoker for the men, 36 holes of golf and the big party on Saturday night. It is a good thing Monday is a holiday or is it?

A mixed scramble tournament is being played Monday, and then the rest begins.

The men will start the golf at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday with shotgun starts on both days. After Saturday’s rounds, each team will be flighted for Sunday’s play. 

Be sure to read the Gazette-Virginian on Wednesday for all the results and scores.

                                                 Was it really golf?

When you get invited by your friends to go on a golf trip in the mountains on a course that is hosting the Greenbrier Classic in five weeks, you automatically start dreaming in your mind of what the course will look like, how many shots you can savor and compare what Tiger would do.

You also hope on the first tee you do not flub it and be laughed at by your competitors.

As Tuesday afternoon arrived and our departure time got closer, I could feel myself getting giddier.

I finally pulled into Sam’s and Pat’s driveway, and after about 15 minutes the millionaire from Aaron’s Creek finally showed up with the insurance magnate from Clarksville. After a few polite compliments were exchanged, we headed out for West Virginia and the beautiful golf course that awaited.

We made a quick pit stop in the Hill City, and then took off for our final destination two hours away. After what seemed like an eternity, Sam told me to take a look out of the front windshield. What I saw cannot be imagined or described properly.

A magnificent white structure that made the White House look like a shack and a fountain in front that was aglow with lights awaited our arrival. 

As we pulled up to the front, we were attacked by a bevy of the most polite staff you could ask for. After getting our names, they took our golf clubs and shoes and then ushered us to the desk where we checked in.

I was amazed by the marble floors and the elegant décor that was everywhere. When we got to our room and the bellhop deposited our luggage, I noticed that the Aaron’s Creek millionaire did not reach for his wallet, so I tipped the gentleman and started exploring our magnificent room.

We were to meet downstairs at 9 p.m., and as we walked to our meeting place, the awe of the place only got bigger. The marble columns outside, the interior paintings and elegant furniture and fixtures were unmatched in my memory.

At 10 p.m. four dancers performed the famous Greenbrier Waltz, and at the finish, a champagne toast was hoisted.

With an 8:30 a.m. tee time on Wednesday, we all headed for our rooms for what was supposed to be a restful night of sleep.

As I pulled back the covers and crawled in the bed, the Aaron’s Creek millionaire got into a talking mood about how bad he was going to beat Sam and I, and after about 20 minutes of this I dozed off.

As morning arrived and the bright sunlight lit up the mountainside, what I thought could not get any better, did. We all had breakfast in the main dining room, and you thought Shoney’s had a good breakfast buffet.

The time finally arrived, and as we headed down toward the golf course we were to play, the beauty of the cabins and houses that lined the property stood out like diamonds in the rough.

We eventually got to the course, and our bags were on our carts and lined up ready to go. We all hit good tee shots and the rest of the four hours is lost somewhere in my memory. 

I will admit I remember something about the millionaire being the medalist with an 81, and I remember someone going in my wallet and taking out some money, but that is all I recall.

Yes, I have seen the grandest resort on the East Coast and I have played a great course, but was it really golf or was it just an afterthought of grandeur? 


Have a great week, play well in the member-guest and do not forget, fix your divots, ball marks and hold onto your clubs.

Halifax Country Club Member-Guest Golf Tournament


8 A.M.

Hole Team

1W.J. Long –Ed Edgar/Paul Glass-Brad Smith

2Bion Fite –Chris Coleman/Kelly Chappell-Wesley Chappell

3Donald Gravitt-Ronnie Snow/Donnie Hughes-Kyle Gravitt

5Dennis Witt-Graham Witt/Sam Fisher-Kevin Fisher

6Charles Thompson-Hunter Thompson/Daniel Ivey-Justin Shepperd

7George Hayes-Tom Coates/Coleman Speece-Jim Binner

8Joel Cunningham Jr.-Howard Harvey/Joel Cunningham Sr.-David Ragland

9Brad Thomasson-Jeff Kidd/Walter Roberston-Bryan Allen

10Phillip Saunders-Steve Long/Woody Long-Justin Saunders

11Tim Davis-Bill Stillman/Alan Gravitt-Bill Maxwell

12Craig Nuhfer-Marshal Nuhfer/Greg Farley-Bryan Farley

13Jason Kirkhart-Rob Wallace/Joe Gasperini-Peter Gasperini

14Tommy Elliott-Ronnie Pate/Mark Repokis-John Mele

15Chris Lumsden-Buford Lumsden/Michael Puryear-Griffen Kopp

16Jason Parker-Chris Parker/Preston Crowder-Matt Crowder

17Tom Brown-Bobby Wilborn/Doug Fleigh-Taylor Fleigh

18Earle Orme-Johnny Wilson


1 P. M.

1James Lewis-Bill Hite/Woody Clay-Chris Young

1Philip Payne-Scott Martin/Brad Mele-David Graham

2Greg Meeks-Chuck Nelson/Ronnie Moore-Jackie Thomasson

3Teddy Holt-Brandon Harris/Nookie Green-Bill Dyer

4Gary Gupton-Mark Bullock/Phil Rinker-Sammy Puryear

5Grayson Throckmorton-Scott Bosiger/Eric Arthur Jr. – Nick Gesell

6Tommy Daniel-David Day/Tommy Spencer-Mike Gregory

7Casey Spencer-Chuck Newcomb/Jay Henderson-Brad Schrader

8Dennis Seamster- Shawn Torain/Grayson Francis-Rodney Mason

9Bob Tysinger-Lee Tysinger/Jack Caldwell-Scott Petriskie

10David Meeks-Kevin Haskins/Mike Dunn-Jacob Trent

11Jimmy Allen-Michael Compton/Paul Butler-David Ford

12Gray Ramsey-Cleve Campbell/Jon Lantor-Mark Raper

13Arthur Lantor-Jeff Parr/John Hayes-Tim Johnson

14Jay Burnette-Jimmy Clay/Robert Fallen-Dale Wilson

15Roger Bennett Jr. –Robbie Foster/John Morgan-Jonathan Fussell

16Roger Long-Ralph Beard/Roy Bradley-Tim Wiles

17Dan Powell-Nich Carter/Steven Crutchfield-Darrell Carter


18Rodney Watts-Andy Schleifstein/Chris Cole-Chris Wilborn