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First-timer, repeat winner at 5K

Daniel McDonald took home his second win in three 5K races, and Emma Worsley repeated her win of last year Saturday at the at the Halifax County-South Boston YMCA 5K Run/Walk.

McDonald held off a challenge from Bluestone High School cross-country runner Aaron Moody to win the male division in 20:39, while Moody came home in 21:03.

Worsley, a multi-sport athlete at Halifax County High School bested her time of last year crossing the finish line in 23:50, with Kerry Gavitt coming home second in 25:19 for female runners.

Almost 50 runners spread among 10 age groups braved windy and chilly conditions to challenge the tough and hilly 5K course, and McDonald proved up to the task of winning his first YMCA 5K.

“It’s way more intense, a more difficult course, a lot of uphill and downhill,” admitted McDonald.

The long uphill climb at the start of the race pales in comparison to the Penick Avenue hill two miles in, where you simply have to “dig deep,” according to McDonald.

“I run around South Boston a lot, not on these hills but some others, and really with the hills you put your head down, get to the top and rest coming down,” said McDonald, who owns two wins in the first three 5Ks he’s attempted.

McDonald lost the lead briefly to Moody midway through the race before pushing past the Skipwith teenager on the course’s final few hills.

“The 14-year-old pushed me, he was really flying,” admitted the race winner.

Moody said the YMCA 5K course was easier than a lot of the courses he’s run.

“It was a great race, and we were staying even for most of it, but when we got to the hills, that’s where my legs just got killed,” said Moody.

Worsley said she didn’t necessarily enter the race to win but to try and beat her winning time from last year, a mission she accomplished.

“It’s a bit colder and as hilly as I remember, right at the end where I’m feeling tired,” said Worsley.

“I was just trying not to get lost, I think I followed someone the wrong way last year, but we both got back on track.

“I think this year I have gained a lot more experience and I learned how to pace myself better and handle all the hills.”



Combined Times – YMCA 5K

Daniel McDonald 20:39

Aaron Moody 21:03

Jeffrey Jackson 21:21

Robert Wall 21:36

Jimmy Newcomb 21:45

Dylon Garber 22:07

Emma Worsley 23:50

Dan Goerlich 24:42

Will Van Opstal 24:47

Michael Womack 25:17

Kerry Gavitt 25:19

Alan Briley 25:44

David Conner 25:44

John Williamson 26:05

Alyssa Gavitt 26:21

Christian Palmer 27:49

Amar Parikh 27:54

Ric Bates 29:49

Lauren Tetterton 29:52

Tom Carr 30:11

Charles Via 30.33

Ram Naelagirl 30:53

Tiffany Glass 31:13

Julie Hall 31:25

Steven Bryant 31:47

Tony Guthrie 32:08

Brandi Thompson 32:22

Laney Worsley 32:56

Kenneth Carr 34:04

Carrie Tharpe 34:39

Laurie Dishman 35:00

Mark Carr 35:29

Anna Dishman 35:49

Amy Parikh 35:53

Wayne Smith 36:21

Deborah (no last name) 36:33

Michael Jackson 36:55

Suzanne Shotwell 37:10

Amber Bowman 38:17

Tara Wilborn 40:48

Emily Morgan 42:29

Katrina Talbott 42:30

Dana Blanks 53:03

Michelle Jones 1:00.44.4

Mary Wade 1:00.44.6

Dorothy Fountain 1:00.44