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PLAY THROUGH: GFCC Member-Member Tourney wrap-up

Green’s Folly Golf Course dodged the rainy weather that was forecast for the area and the cooler temperatures to finish a hard-fought Member-Member men’s golf tournament this past weekend.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and especially the staff that worked on the course and to Mike Ross and his staff for their diligence in getting the food out and getting the info out on the results. 

Mike is the new general manager at Green’s Folly Golf Course, and the changes he has implemented and his attitude is the best thing that has happened at the course since Jim Arnold left to move to Henry County.

I would like to pass on a hearty thank you to Chris Dockrill for the move he put on this weekend. Chris, who is one of the three owners of the Folly, and is one of the best golfers at the club, took longtime member Cecil Granger as his partner and what a show Cecil and Chris put on.

Cecil, who is in his 80’s and is having some health problems, won closest to the hole on Hole 16 Saturday and birdied the hole and parred No. 17 when Chris was having a problem.

Chris could have easily picked a stronger partner and challenged for the championship but as he said, “winning is not everything.”

Congratulations also to Bobby Wilborn and his young  partner, Luke Bohm, who finished second and Brad Schrader and partner Dave Ashwell who finished third after a match of cards with Charlie Payne and Peter Gasperini.


This  ‘n’ that

Linda Collier had her fourth hole-in-one a couple of weeks ago on hole No. 2 at Green’s Folly. That is quite an accomplishment since most golfers would love to have one.

Do not forget the Jeff Nelson Classic coming up May 10 at Green’s Folly Golf Course. This is the biggest tournament of the year, and although a lot of teams have signed up there is still room in the field and still time to enter. Contact Green’s Folly at 572-4998 or go by to get a entry form.

The following week, May 17, South Boston American Legion Post 8 will host its annual tournament to benefit the baseball team it sponsors. This goes to a very worthy cause and has helped a lot of baseball players who represent the county.

I got a big laugh Sunday afternoon during the awards ceremony at Green’s Folly Golf Course when the Gazette-Virginian’s Doug Ford was interviewing Jimmy Clay and Clay said “I have not been playing well lately, just sort of scraping it around.”

I wonder what a 10-under-par 62 is that he dropped on the boys last week?

You have got to know JD, anything less than perfect is not acceptable.

I had a chance to play Kinderton Country Club in Clarksville Wednesday and you can believe it when they say the greens are quick and hard. They had the pins in some places that I have never seen, and it was tough. It wasn’t so tough though that my partner, Tommy Elliott, and myself did not bring down the richest men down there, Owen and Hite.                                         


What a man

In the past, you try not to say too much about the passing of members in both clubs because you are going to miss someone and cause hard feelings. Keith and Hugh forever told me to make the column happy and fun.

I have tried to follow that theme, but in recent weeks this community has been hit hard by more than its share of untimely deaths, and their presence cannot be replaced.

One such person is Terry Daniel Meadows, Sr. I met Terry for the first time on a September morning in 1956 at the old Main Street Elementary School in Miss Happy Wilder’s class. For the next 57 years we grew up together, cried together, celebrated together and most importantly grew to love and respect each other.

I had the pleasure to play against him in Dixie Youth Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball, and later, for 26 years, play with him in the county and Ruritan softball leagues. Terry was a tough competitor, but a fair one.

He and I both worked hard for Dixie Youth Baseball, along with others, and we could feel pride as our children grew up to play ball and later go on to be parents themselves.

Terry was married to a very loving Gayle Vernon Meadows for 43 years, and she stood by him for all the good times as well as the bad and was by his side during his passing.

Terry was well known for his dedication to Halifax County, his family and his co-workers. A man that was stubborn to a fault if he felt he was right and most of the time, except when he argued with Gayle, he was.

I was 16 days older than T, and in 1969 he started a tradition that went on for 44 years with this year being the only one missed.

He started calling me on my birthday to rub in my being older than him and I would return it 16 days later. 

In 1969, while I was serving in Vietnam, he called me, and when I questioned him on how he got the number, he calmly replied, “Chic, I work for the phone company and we can pull miracles.”

Terry was right, he could pull off miracles, and he did a lot of that.

I will miss him and his thoughts on everything. I will miss his advice and, most of all, I will miss that All-American smile. 

Yes, Terry is gone, but he will never be forgotten. As he smiles down on us, we will all blessed.

Have a good week, play well and hit it straight.