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HCC Two-Ball Tournament to honor Sterns

In 1968, during the height of the Vietnam Conflict, outstanding economic news hit this small Southside Virginia town like a ton of bricks.

Westinghouse (now ABB), was coming, and with it a multitude of good paying jobs and security for the ones lucky enough and qualified to be employed.

Little did we know, even though we should have, some of the great people and future neighbors that would come with it and the impact they would have on all of our lives.

One such couple was Jerome and Judy Sterns, who for the last 62 years, have dedicated their lives to raise three children and make their new home of Halifax County a better place to live and prosper. 

Jerome Courtland Sterns is probably better known in golfing circles as Corky, a name given to him by his mother because his father and him had the same name and she did not want to put junior on the end of it.

Corky and Judy came from Sharon, Pa., a town just east of Pittsburgh, in 1968 to join the new Westinghouse plant, a company he had worked for since 1951.

Lucky for us that Corky and Judy liked this area and decided to raise their two daughters and one son here. We are also lucky that Corky decided to join the golfing community when he joined Green’s Folly Golf Course in 1981 and Halifax Country Club in 1985. 

While at Green’s Folly, he was very instrumental in setting up the Broken Tee League, which consisted of players from Westinghouse, Daystrom, J.P. Stevens and Burlington.

In 1991, Corky took over as Member-Guest chairman at Halifax Country Club and during the three years he served, ran very successful tournaments that let the club make improvements and additions to the club.

One such addition is the refreshment and break house located between holes number six and 13. This addition has been used for Member-Guest Tournaments and rain delays for over 20 years. Just recently the roof was replaced on the structure.

Corky, Don Tribley, Nick DeCarmen and Henry Harrison were the contractors with Hogeye Henderson supervising.

In 1994, Corky started serving as vice president of the club with T.L. Leggett as president. It was during this time that Corky, Aubrey Houghton and Harry Mapp set up the 11:30 group, which is still going strong. They set up the rules and the proper way to do handicaps.

Always a person with a quick wit and a joke to tell, he had Sam Fisher and Roy Bradley turn the tables on him one day when he and Hogeye were playing the terrible twosome of Fisher and Bradley.

After hitting a fat shot, Corky let slip a word that was almost a swear and that is when Hogeye told him to watch his mouth because Roy was a preacher. Well, Sheila calls Roy a lot of things, but preacher is not one of them.

A devout Roman Catholic, Corky loves Notre Dame and, in his own words, he is a true subway alumnus and has had the pleasure of going to several games there. He is already excited about the Fighting Irish joining the ACC and has already made some plans to go see them.

When the Two-Ball Tournament gets started at Halifax Country Club on Saturday, the players and members of Halifax Country Club will pause and honor this special member and wife Judy for all they have done and continue to do.

Two of the children, daughters Tracey and Jennifer, will be here to help, and Corky’s younger brother is coming in from Tuscon, Ariz. to play with him in the tournament. This is another example of the strong family ties this man leans on to help him be the man we are honoring.

For all of the good things and hard work he has done, Corky will be best remembered and honored for his good sportsmanship, always abiding by the rules of fair play. And, according to Corky, he has never thrown a club.

My friend, we are looking forward to Sunday night after the tournament and so are all of your friends. Congratulations.



8:15J.E. Tuck/Jim Burton

Daniel Ivy/Mark Smith

8:30Tom Kluge/Jimmy Crews

Wayne Roller/Daniel Roller

8:45Eric Arthur/

Grayson Throckmorton

John Morgan/Tyler Willis

9:00Vic Fitchlee/Buddy Ferrell

Tyrone Powell/Eddy Powell

9:15Brad Mele/Drew Lewis

Scott Vaughan/

Peter McCready

9:30Walter Robertson/

June Hancock

Bill Carter/Daryl Carter

9:45Greg Meeks/Nookie Green

Teddy Holt/Brandon Harris

10Bill Singleton/Clint Moon

Jack Caldwell/

Charlie Baskervill

10:15Mike Dunn/

Mark Dickerson

David Meeks/Jay Burnett

10:30W.J. Long/

Lurdy Stinespring

Peter Gasperini/

Joe Gasperini

10:45Corky Sterns/Terry Sterns

Sam Lewis/George Burton

11Bob Tysinger/Gary Gupton

Dennis Witt/Mike Hailey

11:15John Courtney/

Fred Palmore

Bill Smith/Buddy Vaughan

11:30Jeff Barger/Casey Spencer

David Day/Sam Puryear

11:45Mike Jenkins/Bo Geiser

Joel Cunningham/

David Graham

NoonTommy Spencer/

Bob Thomasson

James Lewis/Jimmy Clay

12:15Rodger Bennett/

Robbie Foster

Gray Ramsey/

Chris Coleman

12:30Jody Nelson/

Justin Hatcher

Nathan Lantor/

Nelson Baskervill

12:45Ronnie Moore/Phil Rinker

Woody Clay/

Brad Thomasson

1Buck Weatherford/

Matt Hackney

Doug Fleig/Taylor Fleig

1:15Robert Fallen/Kyle Gravitt

Donald Gravitt/

Donnie Hughes

1:30Justin Sheppard/

Chad Lipscomb

Jay Henderson/Billy Ford

1:45Brent Myers/Dave Ashwell

Scott Martin/

Ryan Vaughan