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Being a Christmas baby has its perks

Not everyone can say they share their birthday with a major holiday, but Jillyan Pritt can.

Pritt isn’t the ordinary birthday girl. She’s a Christmas baby. 

Celebrating her birthday on Christmas has never bothered the soon to be 30 year old.

“It’s never been a big deal,” said Pritt.

It did have its perks, she admits.

“When my sisters were finished with opening their Christmas gifts, I got to continue opening gifts,” said Pritt.

Pritt’s mother had a due date of Jan. 2, 1983, but Pritt was ready to join the world and was born on Dec. 25, 1982.

 “I love hearing my grandma tell the story,” said Pritt.

That Christmas morning in 1982 her father took her mother to everyone’s house in the family to eat and visit, “taking his sweet time” before checking into the hospital around lunchtime. 

Pritt was born later that afternoon around 3 p.m.

Growing up, Pritt’s friends had no excuse for missing her birthday, because it was such an easy day to remember. However, she said she still forgets theirs from time to time.

Her mom always made sure to separate her birthday gifts from Christmas gifts and never used Christmas wrapping paper.

“I always had something separate to celebrate my birthday,” said Pritt.

Because of the timing, she has only been able to have three or four birthday parties.

“All of my friends were always out of town for Christmas, so no one could ever come,” said Pritt.

Her family has taken her out to dinner a time or two when the rare occasion a restaurant would be open in town.

The birthday girl said she’s had trouble with people not believing her when she told them when her birthday was.

“I always tell them why would I lie about that,” said Pritt.

While others have to work or go to school on their birthday, Pritt is always guaranteed the day off from work. 

Pritt is a world geography teacher at Halifax County High School where she has been employed for eight years.

Turning 30 this year, she has warned her family and friends not to give her a surprise party.

“I’m not doing anything special this year nor am I asking for anything,” said Pritt.

Pritt resides in Brookneal with her husband, Josh, and two-year-old son. The couple is expecting another child in May.