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PLAY THROUGH: Survived beach trip

We survived another beach trip and all went well even though our main man, Jim Burton, could not make it. His hand is getting much better, and I think knowing what was wrong with it now makes him feel a little better.

Another one of our stalwarts and good friends could not make it either, and he was sorely missed.

Randy Cage, better known as Bubbles, had some job requirements, according to him, and he could not get out of them. I appreciate his loyalty, but while I was there a reader e-mailed me the picture you see to the right of the column and I decided to do a little investigation.

It seems Bubbles was discussing with the Rinker boys and Doc Moore a new style of shorts that were popular in 1983, and he stayed to model them for prospective buyers and work on his tan.

I do not know how many he sold but I did not see Doc or Phil with any on. They do not have legs as long as Bubbles though.

Some great golf was played. I had the chance or honor to play with Tommy Spencer and Phil, and they both were killing it. 

John Mele and James Lewis played great all three days and would be up on top after the dust had settled. 

In the young group right behind us, W.J. Long played 27 holes on Saturday and was only four over. That was pretty good considering the first two days.

We could not have asked for better weather the first two days, and even though it got cool with some wind, you expect that in October on the Grand Strand.

Some of the guys from the Folly were in Florence, S.C. playing some golf. I do not have all of the details, but I heard Chief William Murray was hitting it long and straight. Maybe he just needs to get out the county more often.

The beach was not packed, but it was a good number of golfers down there. I think most courses are hoping for some colder weather up north so they will have to come south to play.

I understand some of the boys are heading for Southern Pines in a few weeks to participate in some friendly competition.

Do not let Jimmy and Chris set you boys up. Sometimes it is best to just watch for free instead of paying to watch.

Speaking of Jimmy, he had his seventh hole in one Sunday on number five. They were playing nine extra holes, and Jimmy with a loaded team, knocked it in for a one.

Contrary to popular belief, Walter Robertson is not Jimmy’s dad and June Hancock is not  his granddaddy. They just always wind up on his team.

It sort of reminds you of Doc and Greg Meeks, even though Greg has quit playing quite as well for Doc as he used to and that will create a sigh.

Congrats are in order for Quinn Elliott for the way the greens have come through at Halifax. He inherited a mess, and even with all the doubters and experts he has gotten the course and greens in good shape. Keep up the good work.

Most of the charitable golf tournaments and club tournaments are just about over, and some have even put up the clubs for hunting. However, there are still a lot of good days left and you had better take advantage.

One comment on the tourneys played for charity. I have heard that the economy is the cause for some lesser turnout and to some degree it is correct.

But let us also be honest and look at the number of tourneys that are popping up everywhere. Merchants and businessman as well as the golfers only have so much to invest in golf.

Yes, I know it is good profit for the clubs and also a good fundraiser for the charities, but we are going to have to be realistic.

In the future, the tournaments that put on the best show and extra benefits are going to have the full fields.

By show and benefits I mean, prizes that match the entry fees, more thought on closest to the pin prizes, a vacation give away or whatever.

The old days of just teeing it up and playing is getting old, and you see the same team or teams winning every week.

Let some of the tournament directors travel just a short distance and get some fresh ideas, and hopefully the local charitable tourneys will continue to be successful.

Have a great week, play some golf, pull for your favorite teams and most of all be safe and be prosperous.