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PLAY THROUGH: Ryder cup follow up

If you watched the Ryder Cup on the Golf Channel and NBC last weekend, I just hope you did not have that sinking feeling and sickness I felt when it was all said and done.

It was not a pretty sight when some say was our strongest team ever, did not choke but a better term, totally collapsed.

When they came out Sunday afternoon, it was not the same 12 that played Friday and Saturday. There was no fire in their eyes and no spark in their step.

I cannot figure out if it was the pairings that coach Davis Love sent out, the idea that it was a done deal or just a pitiful showing.

Some have already started second guessing the captain with some of his moves, but, until you have walked a mile in his shoes be careful.

It is tough to coach 12 guys that make more money than our Commander-in-Chief that feel they know more than you anyway.

True enough, three of his four captain picks did not perform at all and one of the top players in the world (Tiger Woods) just flat stunk it up. The one that did, Dustin Johnson got all three that he could get and shined in every match.

If they get through this and start thinking more about the team like Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson did I cannot wait for the two years to get here. 

If not, may the European team reign supreme.


Mr. Irrelevant

In Monday’s USA Today, sports writer Christine Brennan wrote a piece on Tiger Woods that made me a little red faced because I feel like I am a Tiger fan.

She went on to say that he showed little emotion when he fell behind early against an opponent in Italy’s Francesco Molinari and even though he came back, it was a match that should not have been close.

As they were approaching number 18 and the Europeans already had a tie which meant they would keep the cup, he smacked at a short putt and missed which gave Molinari one half a point.

This gave the Europeans a win instead of a tie and the questions started. When asked why he did not take his time, Woods supposedly said that it was  irrelevant.

Well sports fans, I know one thing for sure, to get a tie instead of a loss is not irrelevant where I was brought up.

Maybe the memories now will  show that Tiger showed little intensity and no victories. But never fear, to a man of his stature, it would probably be irrelevant anyway.


A different time zone

The world’s number one ranked golfer, Rory McIlroy came very close to disqualification on Sunday when he forgot he was in a different time zone in Chicago than the Eastern time zone he was used too.

When he realized his goof up, he had to get a police escort to the course. He got there eleven minutes before his scheduled tee time. This gave him enough time to eat several energy bars five practice putts and on to the first tee. 

If he had not realized his mistake, five minutes after his tee time would have meant loss of hole and anything past the five minutes would have meant forfeiture of match. By the way Rory won his match and the point.


This ’n’ that

I had a chance to go to the fair Tuesday night and ran into an old friend and adversary on the ball field Bonita Nelson. She told me that in my column two weeks ago about the County Cup I had confused her son, Coach Jody Nelson.

What I said was he showed no nervousness when he played his matches like most first time participants do. This was meant as a compliment to his playing and he did play well in every match he played. Keep it going Coach, next week you are going to need it. See you there.

For the last few months, all the talk at both clubs has been handicapping. It seems some golfers are handicap proud meaning they want to keep a low handicap when they cannot play to it. The other problem, half of the ones that play do not  have a legitimate handicap which means when they pair up teams, it is only guesswork.

It is probably at both clubs 18 or so golfers that claim a 4 or better handicap. I am here to tell you that is not true. There is probably one golfer in this entire county that can honestly play to a two or better handicap.

Being a scratch or two handicap golfer means you should be able to tee it up most anywhere and shoot par golf or better. It isn’t going to happen boys and girls.

Have a great week, play some golf and have fun.

Next week we will be coming to you from sunny Myrtle Beach.