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PLAY THROUGH: It’s finally here

The Ryder Cup starts this weekend and the Americans can hardly wait.

That was the word on ESPN last night but you had better be careful what you ask for.

Six of the last eight events they have said that, and it has backfired on them in mostly lopsided losses.

The British team flew in yesterday and the amazing thing was the fact that the captain of the team and three players were the only ones on the plane.

That is because most of the foreign players live in the states and the prospect of three more building houses or have started on them prevails.

It is one of the most watched sporting events on the tube and it has a lot to do with American spirit or patriotism if you prefer.

Make sure you tune in starting Friday and ending Sunday night and pull out your American flags.County Cup wrap up

What a great event the local golf community put on last weekend and I am here to tell you, it is a lot of talent in the county.

I came through just like always and missed on all three picks. It seems to have something to do with my knowledge of golf talent but it sure is nice to have all the readers coming up and making comments and let me know they are reading every Friday.

The Halifax seniors made a comeback on their home course on Sunday making up five shots and winning by three and one half points. After a hard- fought loss last year by one point, Captain Mike Hailey was all smiles after the final hole was played and the final tally was in.

The Green’s Folly regulars put on a full court press on Saturday and never looked back in winning big over Halifax. County Cup rookie Jody Nelson played very well in his first outing and he showed no nerve problems as most people thought he would.

Chris Coleman playing in his first one also played steady just like he does on the weekends at the Folly.

In the ladies division, Green’s Folly came from four back and never looked back on Sunday as they dominated from the outset and kept the Cup they won last year.

Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants  because there are no losers in this event.


This ‘n’ that

I had the chance to see our old friend Nick Lumsden this past weekend as he was home visiting his parents Chris and Linda.

Nick moved to the San Diego area several months back but was in Washington and decided it would be a good time to visit his parents and also catch some of the County Cup action.

One of the nicest young men you would ever hope to meet and what a great ambassador for Halifax County. It doesn’t hurt that he is a single digit handicapper in golf either.

It sure was great to see Teresa Poole out Saturday and Sunday pulling for her favorites. The ladies at Halifax and Green’s Folly wore black ribbons in her honor for being a liver cancer survivor.

This was a nice gesture for a lady that has been a strong supporter of ladies golf at both courses. What a sweetheart she has been and our prayers go out for you.

Uncle Willy Payne came out Sunday with nephew Charlie to watch his teammates play at Halifax.

Billy suffered some medical setbacks last week and could not participate in the event that he had played in 21 years. He still is a little weak and they have curtailed his eating habits which really drives him crazy.

I hope my friend Pat Crew is feeling better since suffering kidney stones Saturday and could not play Sunday.  Good news though Pat, the Tide is still rolling.

I know my buddy Mark Repokis is suffering a little after his beloved Clemson Tigers took it on the chin Saturday night. Good to have Repo back on the course playing again. He has been busy lately working on business and personal  issues.

Do not forget that Tailgators located in the Greens Folly shopping center is having a big Ryder Cup party Friday, Saturday and Sunday complete with American flags and specials on food and beverages. Casey is planning on a big affair and if you get a chance stop by and have a blast and pull for your favorite golfer.

Congratulations to our local school golf teams again. Monday the middle school completed a undefeated  regular season and will play in the district tourney at Kinderton Monday. 

The high school team played well enough in the district tournament at West Lake Monday to qualify for the Northwest Regional starting next week.

Good luck to all the participants on both teams as they have worked hard to get where they are. Parents be proud not critical.

ABC showed the Golden Bear and his wife Barbara in the box section Saturday night of the Florida State game where his grandson was playing against Clemson. Jack Nicklaus is and will probably be the best known golfer in the game  many years from now.

Some of the local courses will be getting ready for winter by working on their greens and fairways in the coming weeks. Be patient, it will all be worthwhile next spring.

Have a great weekend and next week. Play a lot of golf, play well and most of all play by the rules.