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PLAY THROUGH: It’s finally here

The big weekend is only 24 hours away and at least 84 golfers are feeling the pressure that until you have played in the County Cup you would not understand.


It is a great format that features some of the best players at both clubs in a friendly competition to see who is the best that weekend and bragging rights for one year.

Greens Folly swept all three divisions last year and Halifax is of course wanting some type of revenge.

On paper it is as close as I have seen in 22 years, and like a lot of the captains said, you do not play on paper.

It is going to depend on who is on their games, who gets the breaks and really who can stand the pressure on Sunday afternoon.

It all gets started Saturday morning at Greens Folly for the men and Halifax Country Club for the women.

It reverses on Sunday and around 6 p.m. Sunday night we should know who will wear the crown for the year.



It is with great pleasure Halifax County welcomes Michael Ross to Greens Folly. Ross is a former golfer at Elon where he played for Bill Moringstar and a neighbor of  course owner Chris Dockrill.

He has already hit the ground running and has made some great changes on the course and really helped inside the clubhouse. Welcome Michael, glad to have you.


School Golf

It has been a very successful year so far for our local golf teams from the middle and senior high schools. The middle school is currently undefeated going into their final regular season match at Central Of Lunenburg next week.

The Blue Comets finished second last Monday to Franklin County and will go into the District Tournament at Westlake Monday needing a strong finish to make the regionals.

It is great to see the numbers of our local students who are participating in the two golf programs, since most of the other programs are having a tough time fielding teams.


Vhsl redistricting

With the announcement Thursday morning of the new structure of the Piedmont District which will include Halifax County, a lot of new faces will dot the schedules of our local school, and the travel should be so much better.

It should also save money and get the students home earlier and make it easier to get to the contests without getting out of school as much. Watch for Joe Chandler’s story on the redistricting.


Golf trips

With the coming of fall, a lot of golfers will be taking some golf trips to play different courses.

With so many courses in driving distance of our area, it makes it nice to be able to get up, have breakfast with the guys and then still make tee times in the 10 a.m. to noon time zone.

If you look around, you can get some real great deals on green fees if you try.



It is time to make my annual predictions of the winners of the County Cup and if you are playing, most hope I choose the other teams because my record the last three years is just about as bad as my golf game is.

In the women’s division, I think it is a dead draw in talent  but because of experience, I will go with Halifax. It is all going to depend on who gets the breaks and who can play the best out of the deep rough.

In the senior division, because of the amount of playing they do and the closeness of the guys, I am going with Greens Folly. Both teams are loaded with talent, and I really feel like the team that gets off to the quick start will take it.

In the regular division, Halifax has the strongest team it has had in years and with Captain David Meeks being able to send out some young Lions that can play with anyone, I am going with Halifax. It seems stupid to pick against the best player in the area in Jimmy Clay, but he is only one man.

There you have them, come over, pull for your favorites and see in person how wrong I can be this year. Good luck to all  players because you have earned it by making the teams.

Have a great weekend, get in some golf if you have the time and just remember that the Ryder Cup is coming next weekend.