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Student ventures to Australia as part of United States All-Star Track Team

Local Halifax County High School Junior Devan Richardson recently returned from a trip of a lifetime after traveling Down Under to Southport, Australia.

Richardson was chosen to be on the United States All-Star Track Team and compete in the Down Under Sports Tournaments July 6-8.

“I felt honored to be chosen to go,” Richardson said.

Richardson got a chance to compete with youngsters from other countries and noted the opportunity was a learning experience.

His ninth grade track season stats earned Richardson the opportunity, he said.

And he made the trip count returning home with the silver medal in the 100-meter sprint.

He also participated in the 200-meter sprint.

It was Richardson’s first time out of the country, and he said Australia didn’t seem all that different from any other places he had been.

“It kind of reminded me of Myrtle Beach,” he said.

While in Australia, Richardson attended a tribal show that outlined the history of Australia, and he also traveled to the beach.

Richardson had a new culinary experience when he tried kangaroo meat, but the thing he enjoyed the most while in Australia was the beautiful beach. 

“They have a really pretty beach in Australia, and the scenery is nice,” Richardson said. 

Richardson, who has run track since the seventh grade, usually competes in the 100 and 200-meter sprint, the 4 by 100 relay, and the long jump.

“What I like most about running track is the rush you get when you’re about to pass the finish line,” Richardson said in a recent interview. 

Richardson practices everyday on and off-season to help improve his acceleration.

Although he has received recognition for his high school track career, Richardson admits his first love is football.

He initially got involved in track to become faster in football.

If given the choice, Richardson said he had rather play football in college rather than run track if he is offered a scholarship.

“I love everything about it. It’s my passion,” Richardson said.

Richardson has played the positions of running back, slot receiver and cornerback.  He said for the upcoming season, he plans to play the slot receiver or corner back position. 

Richardson said he has been playing football since before he can remember and practices everyday working on his hand control and vision.

Richardson said he and his fellow team members also have enjoyed an opportunity to participate in a NFL camp this summer.

God, coaches and family are what keep him motivated. 

They continue to keep him up even when his spirits get down like after he sustained a leg injury during football season that led to a stint of tendonitis taking him out for the whole track season.

Richardson said his plans for the future are pretty simple. He wants to get ready for football season, prepare for college and stay healthy.

Virginia Tech and Michigan State are two colleges he is interested in attending.

Richardson said if given the opportunity he would run track or play football professionally.