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‘Two-peat’ for Woody Clay at member-guest

Woody Clay continues to swing a hot golf club, winning his second straight member-guest golf tournament last weekend at Green’s Folly Golf Course.

Clay, this time with guest James Lewis, took home the annual Green’s Folly Member-Guest Golf Tournament title, the first for the pair after having come so close on several different occasions.

Clay had teamed with Chris Young recently to win the Halifax Country Club Member-Guest tournament, and this time it wasn’t even close, with Clay and Lewis winning by six strokes over both Don Gravitt and Kyle Gravitt and Mike Gregory and Tommy Spencer in the Championship Flight.

Sammy Puryear and Brad Mele won the First Flight, Jimmy Clay and Phil Rinker the Second Flight and Bobby Murray and Chris Murray the Third Flight.

Jimmy Medley and Larry Culley won the Fourth Flight and Sam Moser and Steve Tollerson took home first-place honors in the Fifth Flight.

Everything clicked at the right time all weekend, according to Clay.

“There are a lot of good players here, but I just played really well and had a great partner,” said Clay.

“We got off to a really good start and had a four shot lead (coming into Sunday) and never looked back.”

“We both hit it well both days, and that’s pretty much the way it was,” added Clay.

Clay and Lewis finished with a 22-under par total of 62-60-122 in a tournament played with the best ball format on Saturday and scramble format on Sunday. 

“We had some pressure on us, but in a scramble it’s hard to catch two good players with a four shot lead,” said Clay.

“We actually won the golf tournament yesterday.  We could have lost it today, but we won it yesterday.”

“We played the best ball format as good as anybody could play it,” added Lewis.

“The golf course was great, and I’d like to compliment Chris and his staff.  The greens and fairways were excellent.”

The key to the win was having a steady partner, agreed Lewis and Clay.

“We played together for I think was the fifth year,” Lewis recalled.  “We finished, I think, second twice and third one year, and we were out of the hunt one year.

“One year we had a playoff with my son and he beat us on Father’s Day, which was great.

“It kind of was a no-lose situation.”

“The whole key to us is being steady,” explained Clay.  “James knocks it right down the middle and puts it on the green, and turns me loose.”

“I was very aggressive and hit it really well,” Clay noted, recalling the efforts of younger brother Jimmy, a multiple winner at this very same tournament with partner Phil Rinker.

Clay may just be warming up.

“I think I’ve played more golf the past year than I used to,” he said.  “I hadn’t played a lot of golf, and when I do play a lot I do get better.”

Clay is very competitive, Lewis said, but it goes beyond that. 

“Woody and I are close friends,” he explained.  “We get along so well, and our mannerisms are the same.

“When we hit a bad shot, we hit a bad shot and don’t dwell on it, and we also pick each other up.

“I appreciate Woody inviting me, and hopefully it’ll be a long time for us playing together.”



Green’s Folly Member-Guest Tournament

Championship Flight

Woody Clay-James Lewis (1st)62-60-122

Don Gravitt-Kyle Gravitt (2nd)66-62-128*

Mike Gregory-Tommy Spencer (3rd)66-62-128*

Kevin Haskins-David Meeks66-63-129

Dave Ashwell-Drew Lewis67-62-129

Grady Spencer-Mark Repokis66-66-132

Billy Ford-Dennis Witt67-65-132

Brad Shrader-Ronnie Moore67-66-133

Ryan Green-Scott Rottler67-71-138


First Flight

Sammy Puryear-Brad Mele (1st)69-62-131

Chris Coleman-Nathan Lantor (2nd)70-62-132

David Day-Clyde Testerman (3rd)68-65-133

Robert Fallen-Mike Dunn69-64-133

Bobby Wilborn-Mike Hailey69-65-134

Billy Payne-Charlie Baskervill70-65-135*

Jay Henderson-Brent Myers70-65-135*

Peter McCready-Bob Tysinger68-68-136

Walter Robertson-Ronnie Pate70-66-136


Second Flight

Jimmy Clay-Phil Rinker (1st)71-59-130

Scott Vaughan-W.D. Holland (2nd)71-63-134

Henry Murray-Rob Wallace (3rd)71-64-135

Kelly Puryear-Phil Clark72-64-136

Chris Dockrill-Wayne Paul71-67-138

Donnie Ellington-Bill Carter71-68-139

Dan Shaw-Mike Williams71-69-140

Preston Crowder-Matt Crowder72-71-143

Wayne Bales-Jeff Shumate72-75-147


Third FlightBobby Murray-Chris Murray (1st)73-65-138*

Brandon Harris-Billy Dyer (2nd)73-65-138*

Buck Weatherford-Hunter Thompson (3rd)76-64-140

Casey Spencer-Jeff Barger73-68-141

Joe Gasperini-Bion Fite73-69-142

Irvin Carter-Ricky Buchannon75-67-142

Cecil Brear-Neal Damon74-69-143

Guy Haskins-John Mele74-70-144

T.J. Stevens-Sean Maloney74-71-145

David Francis-Jim Burton76-69-145

Bill White-Teddy Holt76-70-146

Bill Henderson-Butch Pritchett75-74-149

Russell Puckett-Bob Thomasson76-64-150


Fourth Flight

Jimmy Medley-Larry Culley (1st)78-69-147

Richard Wentz-Shawn Wentz (2nd)78-70-148*

Carroll Solomon-Eddie Rojas (3rd)79-69-148*

Justin Saunders-Jeremy Satterfield77-71-148

Adam Crews-Jody Nelson77-72-149

Mike Harris-George Bondurant77-73-150

Allen Griffin-Koy Griffin80-70-150

Lee Puryear-Matt Fallen80-71-151

Charlie Payne-Crawford Peace79-74-153

Johnny Wilson-Brad Davis79-74-153

Randall Bordelon-Danny Lloyd80-74-154

Shane Farrar-Vince Medley77-78-155


Fifth Flight

Sam Moser-Steve Tollerson (1st)81-63-144

Joe Watts-Sam Watts (2nd)83-68-151

Jeff Hardy-Brent Tingen (3rd)82-72-154

Bill Morningstar-Bill Steed85-70-155

Rodey Burchette-Ray Nicholas82-76-158

Paul Snead-Charles Snead83-75-158

Bill Marable-Bill Marable85-74-159

Tom Wade-Carl Thompson84-76-160

Scott Elmore-Dave Hamilton83-80-163

Mike Stein-Dan Wilson91-76-167

Billy Hanks-Jerry Armentrout85-86-171

*Match of cards