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The ‘other’ Clay shines in HCC Member-Guest

Jimmy Clay has won more than his fair share of golf tournaments as a member of both Halifax Country Club and Green’s Folly Golf Course.

This time, however, it was big brother Woody’s turn, as he teamed with guest Chris Young for the Halifax Country Club Member-Guest Tournament last weekend.

Clay and Young shot an eight-under par 62 on the opening day of the tourney for a one-stroke lead over Phillip Payne and Scott Martin, and they continued their strong play on Saturday with a six under par 64.

That was good for a three-stroke win over Jackie Thomasson and Ronnie Moore, who shot a two-day total of 67-62-129.

Brad Thomasson and Jeff Kidd were third in the Championship Flight with a 67-64-131.

“I’m finally glad I won,” a happy and somewhat relieved Clay said Sunday evening.  “I’ve won it once as a guest with Bobby Wilborn about 10 years ago but never as a member over here.”

He and Young played consistent golf both days, but a strong start on Saturday paved the way to the win, Clay noted.

“We got off to a big lead.  We played all weekend without making a bogie, and that’s big at this place,” said Clay.

The course at Halifax Country Club does not play abnormally long but it has small greens and narrow fairways that make for a challenging round of golf, according to Clay.

“It’s a short course, but it’s so easy to make bogies if you’re not hitting it where you’re looking,” Clay pointed out.

“We just had a big lead after Saturday, and we both played well today.  We hit it good and played smart, and the golf course was immaculate.

“The golf course is as good as I’ve ever seen it, and I want to thank Quinn Elliott and his staff for that.”

Jimmy Clay did not play in this year’s tournament, and older brother couldn’t resist getting in a good-natured dig at his younger sibling.

“I probably need to thank my brother for not playing, even though I played really well,” Woody Clay said with a smile.

“He would have had to play pretty well to beat me.”

Young said his partner’s play both days of the tournament was the difference maker.

“Woody played some kind of good all weekend, I’m telling you,” said Young.

“He never missed a shot pretty much all weekend.  It was easy playing with Woody.  He was in every hole and all I had to do was hang on and ride his coattails.”

“I chimed in when he really needed me,” added Young.  “I threw in some birdies now and then, but it was real easy playing with somebody who was hitting the ball that well.

“We’ve played together the past four or five years over here, and we’ve come close a couple of times, but it’s the first time we actually finished off the deal.

“He really deserves a lot of credit, because he really wanted this golf tournament.”

Tournament Chairman Tom Brown noted the efforts of everyone associated with the tournament in making it a success, beginning with the grounds crew and ending with volunteer scorers Pat Crew and Joanna Blackstock.

“Pat and Joanna did all the scoring, and I want to thank them for that,” said Brown, who also complimented Quinn and his crew for keeping the golf course in good shape for all 72 teams that teed off on Saturday.

Tommy Daniel and David Day won the First Flight at the HCC Member-Guest with a two-day total of 136, winning by a match of cards over Derek Mason and Kevin Dawson (136), while Jackie Caldwell and Scott Petriskia were third with a 139.

Nathan Lantor and Hunter Thompson won the Second Flight with a two-day total of 140, two strokes better than Donnie Hughes and Kyle Gravitt and four strokes better than Coleman Speece and Jim Binner.

Wes Bosiger and J.B. Walker won the Third Flight with a two-day total of 146, winning in a match of cards over Phil Rinker and John Howerton, while Teddy Holt and Bill White were third with a 147 after two rounds.

Eric Arthur Jr. and Nick Gessell won the Fourth Flight with a two-day total of 154, two strokes better than Chris Cole and Chris Wilborn and George Hayes and Tom Coates.



Championship Flight

Woody Clay-Chris Young62-64-126

Ronnie Moore-Jackie Thomasson 67-62-129

Brad Thomasson-Jeff Kidd 67-64-131

Joel Cunningham Jr.-David Graham 67-66-133

David Meeks-Kevin Haskins 68-65-133

Phillip Payne-Scott Martin 63-71-134

James Lewis-Bill Hite 68-66-134

John Hayes-Tim Johnson 68-67-135

Bion Fite-Chris Coleman 68-67-135

Mark Repokis-Grady Spencer 67-68-135

Brad Mele-Chris Mele 68-69-137

Robert Fallen-Timmy Coleman 68-69-137

Grayson Throckmorton-Dan Kune 68-72-140


First Flight

Tommy Daniel-David Day 70-66-136

Derek Mason-Kevin Dawson 69-67-136

Jackie Caldwell-Scott Petriskia 70-69-139

Mike Dunn-Donald Gravitt 71-68-139

Bobby Wilborn-Glenn Eagle 69-71-140

Tommy Spencer-Mike Gregory 69-71-140

Drew Lewis-Dave Ashwell 70-71-141

Gary Gupton-Mark Bullock 69-73-142

Walter Robertson-Scott Vaughan 70-72-142

Tommy Elliott-Bill Carter 71-73-144

Phillip Saunders-Chris Lacks 70-75-145

Jody Nelson-Brad Shrader 71-75-146

Dennis Witt-Graham Witt 71-77-148


Second Flight

Nathan Lantor-Hunter Thompson 72-68-140

Donnie Hughes-Kyle Gravitt 72-70-142

Coleman Speece-Jim Binner 73-73-146

Jim Burton-John Mele 74-72-146

Nookie Green-Billy Dyer 73-73-146

Bob Tysinger-Lee Tysinger 74-73-147

Greg Meeks-Chuck Nelson 72-75-147

John Morgan-Billy Kesler 73-74-147

Brad Davis-Jason Snead 73-75-148

Steve Crutchfield-Darrell Carter 73-76-149

Brent Myers-Jay Henderson 74-76-150

J. E. Tuck-Tony Garrard 73-79-152

Scott Bosiger-Keith Jones 73-79-152

Craig Nuhfer-Fred Nuhfer 74-80-154

Dennis Seamster-Shawn Torian 74-87-161


Third Flight

Wes Bosiger-J.B. Walker 75-71-146

Phil Rinker-John Howerton 76-70-146

Teddy Holt-Bill White76-71-147

Roger Long-Ralph Beard 75-75-150

Sam Fisher-Kevin Fisher 76-74-150

Tim Davis-Bill Stillman 76-74-150

Craig Spencer-Casey Spencer 78-73-151

Greg Farley-Bryan Farley 76-76-152

John Lantor-Mark Raper 78-74-152

Doug Fleig-Taylor Fleig 79-74-153

Stacey Tingen-Steve Reynolds 75-79-154

Aubrey Houghton-Jay Blount 77-77-154

Ronnie Pate-Billy Payne 79-78-157

Frank Fincher-Sam Puryear 79-78-157

Grayson Francis-Rodney Mason 75-86-161

Jason Parker-Tommy Elder 79-83-162

Mike Thackston-Kent Thompson 78-95-173


Fourth Flight

Eric Arthur Jr.-Nick Gesell 83-71-154

Chris Cole-Chris Wilborn 80-76-156

George Hayes-Tom Coates 81-75-156

Roy Bradley-Chris Shust 81-76-157

Paul Butler-David Frances 80-77-157

Daniel Ivy-Justin Shepperd 83-77-160

Jimmy Allen-Michael Compton 84-77-161

Gray Ramsey-Cleve Campbell 85-78-163

Woody Long-Roger Bennett 85-82-167

Joe Gasperini-Anthony Lawhon 85-85-170

Charles Thompson-Billy Hanks 85-86-171

Don Ellington-Eddie Lowery 85-92-172

Dexter Gilliam-Bob Farris 86-86-172

Robert Lewis-Jim Brown 90-83-173

Bill Smith-Tony Roberts 87-89-176