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Allred perseveres for second Pure Stock title

Joe Allred III had an up and down year in the Pure Stock Division at South Boston Speedway in 2011, but he was “up” just enough to take home a second Pure Stock points championship.

The Scottsburg driver of the now-famous pink No. 17 Nissan racer, Allred collected eight wins this past season, but he also had four finishes of 12th or lower, including a 16th-place finish in the final of twin 30-lap races on the final night after his car was destroyed in a crash.

He had to sweat out the final laps pits after a wreck sent him to the pits early in the second race with the points championship in the

That was hard to do, Allred admitted.

The final two races seemed to summarize his whole season, he added.

“There was a whole lot of nail-biting going on,” said Allred.  I didn’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch the last race of the season last time I won the championship.

“I won the first race and wrecked in the second race after a left front wheel broke off and I slammed into the wall.

“I was real mad at the car and mad because I wasn’t out there because I was seeing everything go down the drain.”

Never one to mess with success, Allred has been known to garage his racecar after the season is complete, with the car parked there until next year.

“My theory of racing is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and I probably don’t have the money to fix it anyway,” explained Allred, who raced the entire season without full-time sponsorship.

He did have help in the pits from Jessica Morris Allred, John Hudson, Jimmy Carlton, Lisa Moore, Ruben Clowdis and Lucas Clowdis.

“This year, I experimented a little but not by my own choice,” Allred pointed out.

“The second race of the year I got a penalty and had to put some extra weight in the car.

“I made some adjustments, and that made my car a little better.”

Allred said he learned more this year at the while after watching Whelen National Champion Philip Morris win 19 races.

“Watching Philip Morris race helped me out, and some of the guys like Evan Snow gave me some tips, and that helped me out a whole lot,” noted Allred.

“I probably learned more this year than my last four years of racing, what you can do to make your car handle better in certain situations, how to set up your car for all over the track instead of just one groove.”

Allred admitted he thought on more than a couple of occasions his chance at a title was fading after falling out of first-place in the points race.

“I had some engine problems and I blew a couple of head gaskets,” he said.

“That put a damper on things.  I was thinking of running for a national championship in the division, but that pretty much went away with the motors going out.

“There were times I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Unlike some other better-funded teams, Allred did not the funds available do the week-to-week maintenance on his car, and that almost cost him.

“I’ve had probably more problems this year than any other year, due to lack of maintenance,” said Allred

“If you have the money to rebuild your car every season, you can, but I don’t.”

Allred now owns two Pure Stock championships in the past three years, and he tied for championship points with Jarrett Milam in-between, with Milam awarded the championship based on number of wins.

His car’s pink paint job dates back to a bet he made with a friend the year before his first title run.

Nothing can beat your first championship, but the year before I ran terrible,” said Allred.

“I wasn’t expecting to win a race that year, and that’s how I ended up with a pink car.  My buddy James Gordon said if I’d ever win a race, I’d have to paint my car pink, and I took him up on the bet, because I told him I was never going to win a race.”

“What I really want to do is get a couple of sponsors and get my Limited car back on the track again,” explained Allred.

“I’ll probably run about six Limited races, but that’s another beast I’ll have to figure out.  It’ll take a couple of years to get used to it.

“Maybe I’ll get my cousin Bruce (Anderson) to help me out with a couple of setups.

“You just never know what the future holds, but I’m going to race.”

After wrecking his Pure Stock car in the final race, Allred has another decision to make about next year, whether to paint his racecar pink or not.

“Since we don’t have a car to bring back next year, I thought about painting it yellow, but the little girls in the stands love my car.

“They walk up to me and say hello, and that makes you feel good.  My grandma told me to leave it pink, because my great grandmother’s favorite color was pink.

“She raised me, so I’ll just leave it pink.”


• Starts: 16

• Wins: 9

• Top-Five Finishes: 11

• Top-10 Finishes: 12

• Poles: 8

• Laps Led: 241 out of a possible 501