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Comets swimmers compete in two meets

The Comets swim team competed against Heritage and Martinsville high schools to complete the 2011 portion of its schedule. Hannah Saunders, Becca Snead and Kelsey White each won two individual events at the Heritage meet, while Nick Zanarini won another, and the Comets swept each of six relay events.

Hailey Prevette, Jessica Conner, Lexi Reaves, White and Saunders each took home a win in individual events against Martinsville.

Final scoring for the Heritage meet was not available at press time, and relay results for the Martinsville meet also were not available.

“In our last two swim meets we have gotten an idea of where we stand as a team and what our swimmers as individuals need to work on in order to improve and compete in our district finals,” said Comets coach Shawn Torian.

“As a team we finished second at our Martinsville meet. However, due to a computer error I personally believe that we would have dominated the meet under the proper scoring system.

“Right now I want our swimmers to concentrate on dropping time at each meet.  We are nearing the halfway point of our season, and our district tournament is coming up soon.”

The Comets next swim at Prince Edward High School Jan. 6.



Boys results

200-Meter Medley Relay

1. HCHS “A” (Nick Zanarini, Collin Kashmer, Grey Henderson, Delontae Miller) 2:21.84


200-Meter Free

2. Chase Conner 3:02.09

3. Tyler Garner 3:06.09

Matthew Epps 2:52.40X


200-Meter IM

2. Grey Henderson 2:58.34

3. Collin Kashmer 3:14.92


50-Meter Free

2. Delontae Miller 30.60

3. Keith Crews 31.56

Sergio Carballo 35.06X

Alex Tepper 35.27X

Chase Cole 37.16X

Andrew Hudson 45.20X


100-Meter Fly

2. Grey Henderson 1:29.30

3. Collin Kashmer 1:30.21


100-Meter Free

2. Keith Crews 1:15.53

3. Delontae Miller 1:15.94

Matthew Epps 1:13.16X

Chase Cole 1:28.54X

Sergio Carballo 1:29.33X

Andrew Hudson 1:49.20X


500-Meter Free

1. Nick Zanarini 6:14.93


200-Meter Free Relay

1. HCHS “A” (Zanarini, K. Crews, Kashmer, Miller) 2:05.46


100-Meter Back

2. Nick Zanarini 1:25.50

3. Matthew Epps 1:47.27


100-Meter Breast

2. Alex Tepper 1:37.88

3. Tyler Garner 1:38.56


400-Meter Free Relay

1. HCHS “B” (C. Cole, Carballo, Epps, K. Crews) 5:41.62

2. HCHS “A” (Hudson, Tepper, Garner, Zanarini) 6:22.89



Girls results

200-Meter Medley Relay

1. HCHS “A” (Hailey Prevette, Jessica Conner, Becca Snead, Kelsey White) 2:42.09

3. HCHS “B” (Gabrielle Spainhour, Allyson Sizemore, Sam Moser, Caitie Everett) 3:24.87


200-Meter Free

1. Hannah Saunders 3:28.87

2. Sam Moser 3:46.56

Allyson Sizemore 3:36.23X


200-Meter IM

1. Becca Snead 3:28.55

2. Jessica Conner 3:37.20


50-Meter Free

1. Kelsey White 34.21

2. Anna Carole Cole 35.57

Caitie Everett 42.68X

Jules Prevette 43.06X

Brooke Boelte 43.82X

Gabrielle Spainhour 43.90X

Sara Beth Reese 45.66X

Emily Nester 45.80X

Kaitlin Wilson 48.87X

Jessica Talley 49.59X


100-Meter Fly

1. Becca Snead 1:40.74

2. Hannah Saunders 2:03.48


100-Meter Free

1. Kelsey White 1:23.06

2. Anna Carole Cole 1:25.36

Jules Prevette 1:36.41X

Caitie Everett 1:42.68X

Brooke Boelte 1:42.96X

Sara Beth Reese 1:45.16X

Emily Nester 1:45.70X

Gabrielle Spainhour 1:49.62X

Kaitlin Wilson 1:56.12X

Jessica Talley 2:12.70X


500-Meter Free

1. Hannah Saunders 7:48.59


200-Meter Free Relay

1. HCHS “A” (A. Cole, J. Conner, Snead, White) 2:28.25

3. HCHS “B” (Boelte, Nester, Reese, Spainhour) 2:47.60

Talley, Wilson, Everett, Sizemore 3:17.71X


100-Meter Back

1. Hailey Prevette 1:39.06

2. Sam Moser 1:51.90


100-Meter Breast

1. Jessica Conner 1:40.40

2. Hailey Prevette 1:51.28

Allyson Sizemore 2:02.56X


400-Meter Free Relay

1. HCHS “A” (H. Prevette, Moser, Saunders, Cole) 6:23.94



Boys results

Boys 200 Free

4. Chase Conner 2:40.33

6. Matthew Epps 2:42.53

Tyler Garner 2:40.42X


200 IM

2. Grey Henderson 2:39.84

3. Collin Kashmer 2:48.27


50 Free

2. Delontae Miller 27.41

4. Keith Crews 28.81

Sergio Carballo 28.46X

Alex Tepper 32.07X

Chase Cole 35.75X


100 Fly

3. Collin Kashmer 1:14.03

4. Grey Henderson 1:17.28


100 Free

4. Delontae Miller 1:04.52

7. Matthew Epps 1:10.35

Keith Crews 1:05.24X

Sergio Carballo 1:19.14X

Alex Tepper 1:15.83X

Chase Cole 1:22.34X


500 Free

2. Nick Zanarini 7:01.69

4. Chase Conner 7:54.22


100 Back

2. Nick Zanarini 1:15.02

8. Matthew Epps 1:37.09


100 Breast

3. Alex Tepper 1:30.12

4. Tyler Garner 1:31.26



Girls results

200 Free

1. Hannah Saunders 3:00.00

2. Sam Moser 3:08.29


200 IM

2. Becca Snead 2:55.78

4. Jessica Conner 3:06.13


50 Free

1. Kelsey White 31.96

2. Lexi Reaves 32.37

Anna Carole Cole 32.75X

Kaitlin Wilson 38.37X

Caitie Everett 38.39X

Gabrielle Spainhour 39.30X


100 Fly

2. Becca Snead 1:23.91

4. Jessica Conner 1:31.86


100 Free

1. Lexi Reaves 1:10.97

2. Kelsey White 1:11.61

Anna Carole Cole 1:15.12X

Gabrielle Spainhour 1:37.73X


500 Free

2. Hannah Saunders 9:05.61


100 Back

1. Hailey Prevette 1:28.53

4. Sam Moser 1:36.39


100 Breast

1. Jessica Conner 1:28.50

4. Hannah Saunders 1:45.69


X-Denotes exhibition

Note:  Relay results from Martinsville meet incomplete