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One more cut to go for Comets varsity basketball


The roster for the Halifax County High School varsity boys basketball team has been trimmed to 14 players, and there is still one more cut to be made.

Halifax County High School Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Larry Epperly said Friday the final cut is expected this week, but practice has started in earnest.


“We’re making a little progress each day,” Epperly said.

“We have a lot of work to do. We’re behind in a lot of areas. Time is really a factor. You just don’t have enough time to really prepare everything with the first game coming up in three weeks from the start of tryouts.”

The big issue at this point, Epperly says, is simply getting everything and everybody to mesh together.

“We have people on different levels,” Epperly explained.

“The kids that were with us for the workouts in September are way ahead of the guys that have been playing fall sports. We have one group (of players) that is kind of ready and another group that is way behind. Putting it together and meshing it is where we’re struggling right now. If you’re playing five-on-five, you might have three guys (on each team) that know what we’re doing and two that don’t, and that messes the whole thing up.”

Epperly said the players are working hard, but because they are on different levels, it is difficult to get everything to flow smoothly. Conditioning is another factor.

“We have one group (of players) that is in pretty good shape, and another group that is not in very good shape,” he pointed out.

“Even with the football players coming in, it’s a different kind of conditioning. They’re struggling to make shots because their legs are not with them right now. It takes some time.”

Most of the work that has been done thus far has revolved around the basics, Epperly noted.

“It’s basic stuff, pivoting, dribbling and passing,” Epperly said.

“Those are skills we are a little bit behind on. The conditioning is the first thing we’re addressing, fundamentals are second, and the team play is third.”

When asked how well the players are picking up on the offensive and defensive schemes he is attempting to install. Epperly said it is a mixed bag, just as it is in other facets.

“Some kids have picked it up, and some have not,” he pointed out.

“It is all about repetition and habit. We’re not going to be able to be a very complex team. We’re going to have to do a few simple things and try to do those things well.

“It’s a time thing,” he added.

“You get players out on November 7 and you have to play three weeks later. It’s almost impossible for them to be in basketball shape and have the fundamentals and learning that’s necessary before the first game.”