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Green’s Folly women edge HCC for win


The Green’s Folly and Halifax Country Club women’s County Cup teams began seeding their tournament last year, resulting in one of the closest County Cups ever, with Green’s Folly getting the winning points on the final hole.

That same formula worked again this year, with Green’s Folly again winning the Cup, again with a clinching shot on the final hole.


The win was the second in a row for Green’s Folly after Halifax Country Club had won the Cup the previous four years, and the competition was tougher than ever, according to Green’s Folly Captain Linda Collier.

The difference, she noted, may have come with the selection of two young but talented golfers.

“We lost two of our players to the Country Club this year, and we picked up two younger players, Heather Dockrill and Suzanne Stevens, and they played awesome,” noted Collier.

“I am so proud of these ladies, I can’t tell you how honored I am to be in this position.”

Green’s Folly and Halifax Country Club each had nine points after Saturday’s singles matches, and Green’s Folly forged ahead after a 5.5-3.5 edge in doubles that same day at Green’s Folly Golf Course.

Playing on its home course Sunday morning, HCC pared one point off its deficit, but Green’s Folly held on in afternoon doubles play, scoring 5.5 points to 3.5 for HCC.

“We played six singles and three scramble groups both days, and honestly all our matches were about even,” said Collier.

“We seed ours, so we’re all pretty even and it makes for a very competitive tournament.”

The final groups on the golf course knew they were playing for the Cup, Collier explained.

“Today, the last teams coming in we knew we were up, and we encouraged them just to hang on,” she said

“Those ladies just fought themselves to death to stay up, and they did everything they could.

“One had the winning point with an 18-foot putt on the final hole to clinch the tournament.

“We were ahead all day, but it was close.”

Both teams agreed seeding the tournament has worked out successfully the past two years.

“It’s very competitive and the best way ever to do this,” noted Collier.

“People with similar abilities play each other, and it’s a dogfight, but everyone enjoys it.

“I think it works out great.

“The ladies from Halifax Country Club were worthy opponents and most gracious hosts.”

Women’s County Cup

Saturday at Green’s Folly


Pat Crew (HCC) 2 Suzanne Stevens (GF) 1

Heather Dockrill (GF) 3 Rita Compton (HCC) 0

Brenda Graham (GF) 3 Carol Gravitt (HCC) 0

Lorene Womble (HCC) 3 Paigie Allnutt (GF) 0

B.J. Compton (HCC) 2 ½ Mattie Cowan (GF) ½

Jeanette Jones (GF) 1 ½ Teresa Pool (HCC) 1 ½


Linda Collier-Norma Chaney (GF) 1 ½ Kay Burton-Barbara Speece (HCC) 1 ½

Millie Witt-Linda Lumsden (HCC) 2 Kaitlin Fallen-Connie Pate (GF) 1

Janet Johnson-Yolanda Jeffress (GF) 3 Carolyn Young-Betty Caldwell (HCC) 0

Sunday at HCC


Kay Burton (HCC) 3 Linda Collier (GF) 0

Kaitlin Fallen (GF) 1 ½ Millie Witt (HCC) 1 ½

Norma Chaney (GF) 2 Betty Caldwell (HCC) 1

Carolyn Young (HCC) 2 Janet Johnson (GF) 1

Connie Pate (GF) 2 ½ Barbara Speece (HCC) ½

Yolanda Jeffress (GF) 1 ½ Debi Wilkins (HCC) 1 ½


Suzanne Stevens-Paigie Allnutt (GF) 2 ½ Pat Crew-B.J. Compton (HCC) ½

Carol Gravitt-Lorene Womble (HCC) 3 Heather Dockrill-Lanier Moore (GF) 0

Brenda Graham-Mattie Cowan (GF) 3 Rita Compton-Teresa Pool 0