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Boys cross country runs past Bluestone

Ethan Collie won his third race in a row, and Lucy Morrison garnered her second win in as many races, as the Comets’ boy’s cross-country team ran past Bluestone Thursday at Edmunds Park. The Comets grabbed four of the first-five finishes among boys and 10 of the first 11 to win with a low score of 16, compared to 47 for Bluestone.

Bluestone, a first-year program, brought only three runners to the girl’s meet, and that meet was not scored.

However, Morrison and her teammates garnered two of the top-three and eight of the top-10 finishes in the girl’s meet.

“This one was harder,” Morrison said after the race.

“It was a lot hotter today, and I didn’t feel as good as I did the last race, so I got 45 seconds worse,” added Morrison, who ran a time of 26:43 on Thursday.

Although Morrison was somewhat satisfied with her time Thursday, she is confident she can improve on it.

“I think I can do a lot better and knock a couple of minutes off my time, Morrison said, with a nod toward upcoming district meets.

“I think my first mile was good, I ran it under eight (minutes), but I need to pick it up my second and third miles.”

Andrew Liegey another freshman and second-year runner for Halifax County, also sounded a note of confidence after turning in a time of 20:30, second to Collie’s time of 19:14.

“Compared to last year, my times have been a lot better,” he said.

“I was in the 20s one time last year, and this year I’ve been in the 20s every time.

“I’m trying to get in the 19s,” added Liegey, whose goal is competing with Collie for the top spot.

“The first mile, I’m right on his tail, and the second mile I fade away a little bit,” he admitted.

“Liegey thinks the last mile on the Edmunds Park course presents the best opportunity to better his time.

“It has a lot of hills, and my stride is long, so that’s usually where I catch up,” he pointed out.

“On the hills I try to speed up a little more.

“I think we’ll have a good top-seven for the districts, and I’ll think we’ll make it to regions as a team this year.”

With wet weather hampering practice schedules this week, Comets Coach Brady Taylor was happy to get a race in.

“We had a good day,” said Brady.  “There was a lot of confusion.  We thought we were going to Prince Edward, and we found out we weren’t going.

“I got hold of Coach Powell, and Bluestone was able to come and make it a meet.”

There was very little to complain about, noted Taylor, with the Comets boy’s team 23 seconds away from a perfect score (16).

“Times were a little slower than we expected, but not for everybody,” Taylor pointed out.

“Laura Guthrie knocked a minute and a half off her time, and times really weren’t that bad.

“Compared to our first race, we’re still doing better.

“We’re glad Bluestone could come up, and I think the more Dan works with them the more decent a program they’ll have down the line.

“Ethan won the boy’s race and Lucy won the girl’s race, and that’s what we expected.”

The burgeoning intra-squad competition can only make both teams stronger down the line as districts approach, added Taylor

“It’s going to be a race all year long for those five through eight spots,” he explained.

“We take the top-seven people to the district tournament, and there’s going to be some racing on both the boy’s and girl’s side.

“I like to have a little competition in there, and it’ll make everybody a little faster, so we should be all right,” added Taylor, who is looking at the Comets’ next meet at the Granville Invitational today as a good barometer of how far his team has come.

“We’re going in thinking we should be one of the front runners, and that’s the attitude we’re going in with,” he said.

“We know what we have, and we think we’re pretty good.”


Boys Results

1. Ethan Collie (HC) 19:14

2. Andrew Liegey (HC) 20:30

3. Vatsal Lal (HC) 20:47

4. Evin Morrison (HC) 21:59

5.  Robert Stevenson (B) 22:30

6. Parth Patel (HC) 22:53

7. Gannon Griffin (HC) 22:59

8. Sergio Velazquez (HC) 23:17

9. Larry Taylor (HC) 23:18

10. Andrew Hatcher (HC) 23:27

11. Forrest Nunn (HC) 24:10

12. Kevin Murphy (B) 24:25

13. Andrew Hudson (HC) 26:47

14. Roger Smith (HC) 27:21

15. Joseph Grandahl (B) 28:29

16. Ian Gregory (B) 28:31

17. Tyler Griles (B) 34:43

18. Sebastian Taylor (HC) 34:44

19. Chase Cole (HC) 35:17

20. Drew Edwards (B) 35:25

21. Gage Elliott (B) 35:26

Girls Results

1. Lucy Morrison (HC) 26:43

2. Emily Nester (HC) 27:17

3. Elyse Hammond (B) 28:22

4. Laura Guthrie (HC) 29:35

5. Berkley Conner (HC) 30:10

6. Monica Puckett (HC) 31:01

7. Lexi Barron (HC) 31:13

8. Bailee Snead (HC) 31:31

9. Jessica Conner (HC) 31:37

10. Jordan Gates (B) 34:03

11. Caitie Everett (HC) 34:35

12. Jessica Talley (HC) 34:54

13. Grace Davis (HC) 35:00

14. Kelsey Franklin (B) 35:05

15. Morgan Arthur (HC) 35:23

16. Amanda Reaves (HC) 36:20

17. Sarah Reese (HC) 45:26