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Clay wraps up championship

Chris Young could only shake his head and wonder what it will take for anyone to beat Jimmy Clay, after Clay wrapped up his fourth-straight sweep of the Green’s Folly Golf Course and Halifax Country Club championships with a win Sunday at Green’s Folly. Clay shot a nine under par total of 135, with a 69 on Saturday and a 66 on Sunday, to pull away from Bobby Wilborn, Woody Clay and Young.

Wilborn won the Green’s Folly Senior Course championship with a 72-71-143, Woody Clay shot a 69-77-146, and Chris Young finished with a 73-73-146 in the Championship Flight.

Young was awarded second-place after a match of cards.

William Murray won the First Flight with a 77-72-149, Dave Ashwell the Second Flight with a 79-74-153, Henry Murray the Third Flight with a 83-72-155, and Jeff Hardy the Fourth Flight with a 93-77-170.

Jimmy Clay is simply a step above other golfers in the area, at least for now, according to Young.

“I just gave away too many shots,” said Young.  “I was already behind four shots to start the day, and he was just uncatchable.

“He’s just playing a different game than we are, and I made too many stupid mistakes.

“I didn’t play smart, and I played scared golf halfway through the round, not my usual aggressive game.”

Young was four shots behind Clay to start Sunday’s play, but he added in his mind he wasn’t really that close.

“He’s just a lot better player than the crowd we have around here,” Young admitted.

Clay said he played well overall, but he indicated Sunday was his best day.

“Woody played good yesterday,” said Jimmy Clay.  “I played good yesterday, but just dumb, especially finishing.  I bogeyed eight and nine, the last two holes.”

“Overall, I hit the ball good yesterday, but today it was a different golf course,” Clay continued.

“Chris (Dockrill) has done an unbelievable job with the greens and the golf course, today it was a little wetter and the blue tees played a little longer.

“It played into my hands, the tee boxes were back, and when the tee boxes are back and I’m hitting the ball solid, it does play into my hands.

“This golf course is a little more difficult than the one across the road (HCC) because of the length and the ground being a little bit wetter.

“Really and truly, the last two and a half months I’ve been just about on point with everything.

“When you play well, it makes it more enjoyable, and for the last two months, I’ve been on top of it.”

Championship Flight
Jimmy Clay    69-66-135 (1st)
Bobby Wilborn    72-71-143
(Sr. Champ)
Chris Young    73-73-146 (2nd)
Woody Clay    69-77-146 (3rd)
Robert Fallen    73-75-148
Casey Spencer    73-80-153
Scott Vaughn    73-81-154
Don Gravitt    73-83-156

First Flight
William Murray    77-72-149 (1st)
Mike Gregory     74-76-150 (2nd)
Rodney Watts    74-76-150 (3rd)
David Day    75-76-151
Bill Carter    77-74-151
Sammy Moser    74-78-152
J.B. Walker    77-76-153
Kyle Gravitt    77-76-153
Walter Robertson    75-79-154
Brandon Harris    75-80-155
Sammy Puryear    76-84-160
Billy Ford    77-83-160
Donnie Hughes    77-95-172

Second Flight
Dave Ashwell    79-74-153 (1st)
Sam Edmonds    79-76-155 (2nd)
John Coghill    80-75-155 (3rd)
Billy Payne    78-77-155
Irvin Carter    81-74-155
Tommy Daniel    78-78-156
Charlie Payne    80-79-159
Dan Shaw    82-80-162
Peter McCready    82-80-162

Third Flight
Henry Murray    83-72-155 (1st)
Joe Cunningham Jr.    84-78-162 (2nd)
Joe Watts    86-99-163 (3rd)
Jim Speer    85-79-164
Scott Rottler    84-84-168
Jay Henderson    88-80-168
Alan Gravitt    86-84-170
Buck Weatherford    86-85-171
T.J. Stevens    86-88-174
Carroll Solomon    88-90-178

Fourth Flight
Jeff Hardy    93-77-170 (1st)
Bill Marable    91-81-172 (2nd)
Justin Saunders    93-87-180 (3rd)
Bill Morningstar    89-92-181
Billy Henderson    91-93-184
Tom Wade    95-92-187
Chuck Newcomb    96-99-195