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Comets face first test Saturday

With 10 days of practice behind them, the Halifax County High School varsity and junior varsity football teams will face their first test Saturday with pre-season scrimmages at E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg.

Halifax County High School Head Coach Dave Wojtecki said he is ready to see his varsity team go up against LCA and face a different set of players.

“The score is not a major issue,” the Comets coach pointed out.

“We’re not really concerned about the score. Playing up to potential is the major issue. We want to see which guys we can count on to play.”

Wojtecki said he plans to use Saturday’s scrimmage as an opportunity to see which players are capable of doing the best job at various positions and to see what aspects of his offensive and defensive packages need more work.

“We want to see what we’re going to be good at,” he pointed out.

“I know we’re going to be a sprint-out team offensively. I want to see us sprint out. I know we’re going to screen a lot. I want us to be successful with the screen. “Obviously, we’ve got to improve on our running game from last year,” he continued.

“We’ve got to have more people that are dangerous than just our fullback. I want to get a bunch of guys touching the ball and see who our playmakers are.”

As far as the team’s offensive and defensive packages are concerned, Wojtecki said he plans to run the basics of both in Saturday’s scrimmage.

“I know that in the run game we are going to use probably three base runs,” he explains.

“We’ll probably run three screens and run our sprint-out passing game. Up front, it’s going to be a little different because we will be facing a defense that we don’t know. We haven’t scouted them and we don’t have any film on them. We’re going to try to get the quarterbacks out of the pocket so they’re not in danger of taking any big hits.”

Defensively, Wojtecki said he plans to work his base package.

“We’re going to try to make sure that we get lined up properly, make sure our matchups are correct,” he pointed out.

“Up front, we want to see who is going to get after it, who can fire off of the ball and make some plays. We want to look at our linebackers and see who is going to run downhill and make some hits. We want to see who is going to fly to the ball and make contact. That’s our biggest thing right now.”

The Comets have worked out in full pads this week and have worked through full-contact drills. Wojtecki said the team continues to make progress.

“We’ve made a lot of progress the last couple of days,” Wojtecki said.

“Breaking out of the two-a-days (two-a-day practices), giving the guys a little more rest, they’re starting to think a little quicker, so we’re moving a little faster.”

The good thing, Wojtecki said, is that the players are beginning to understand the plays in the offensive and defensive packages and what is being asked of them.

“A lot has been thrown at them,” he said.

“Once they start understanding everything, it’s going to get better and better and better. Right now, it’s a learning process. You’re always going to be a little sloppy when you’re putting so much information in.

“We’re getting better,” he added.

“The kids are learning what they’re supposed to do. We’ve thrown a bunch of verbage and formations at them, so they have a lot that they have to learn and translate into movement on the field.”

What Wojtecki is looking at now is fine-tuning things.

“We’re just trying to fine-tune both the offense and defense right now,” he said. “We’ve got the gist of our packages in. It’s a matter of fine-tuning what we want to do from game to game.: