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Comet standout taking talents to Virginia Union

Destiny Betts has used her unique talents to help the Comets varsity girls’ basketball team reach levels of success it hadn’t enjoyed in decades. Betts, a 6-2 center who was instrumental in her team’s unbeaten (20-0) regular season run to a Western Valley District championship and a win in the Northwest Region Tournament, is taking her talents to Virginia Union University this coming season.

The Lady Panthers, coached by Barvenia Wooten Collier, are a member of the Division II CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association), and Betts is happy with where she’ll play basketball.

“I’m happy I got this opportunity because at first I didn’t think I’d get a full scholarship,” said Betts, a First Team selection and Co-MVP for the Western Valley District her senior season, as well as a First Team All-Northwest Region selection.

An Honorable Mention selection to the VHSCA All-Group AAA team, she averaged 15.8 points and 8.9 rebounds per game her senior season.

Betts previously worked out for her new coach, and said Collier liked her speed and mobility as a post player.

She hopes to start her freshman season.

“I think I can bring a lot of athleticism to the position, and I like the coach and the whole basketball program.

“I’m going back Thursday and meet the rest of the team,” added Betts, who is seeking a major in social work.

Comets Coach Matthew McCargo said Betts would be a good fit at Virginia Union.

“She is definitely a unique player, she has the ability to get rebounds, get the outlet pass out and sprint the floor to get into the lanes and finish,” McCargo pointed out.

“I dare say it’s only going to be a handful coming out who can do the same thing, and she’s a dominant offensive player when she puts her mind to it.

“If she progresses in college and gets a secondary shot down in addition to her primary shot, a rolling hook, and if she can learn to go left, she will be a dominant player.

“I think her work ethic needs to get better. It’s no secret and I’ve talked to her about that.

“If she pushes herself like we’ve discussed, I think she not only will play at the next level, she’ll have her jersey hanging from the upper level at Virginia Union.”

McCargo said he has heard the CIAA plays a fast-paced style of basketball, with teams that like to play defense all over the floor.

“I think that will be a perfect fit for her because of her speed and versatility, and Coach Collier thought that also.”

McCargo also likes the fact that Betts would be playing college basketball with fellow Comet Melyse Brown, who also signed recently to play at Virginia Union.

“Melyse also is a good fit, and I’m just happy two of my girls will be together,” McCargo pointed out.

Betts is looking forward to playing with Brown in college.

“It’s so good to go with her to college, because we started in elementary school together, and we’ve been playing basketball together for so long,” Betts explained.

“We know how each other plays, so we can help each other out.  We’ll room together, and that will help as well.”

Betts’ mother, Tanya Majors, said her daughter knew at an early age what sport she was “destined” to play.

“She knew when she was 8 or 9 she wanted to play ball really bad,” said Majors.

“The thing about it is when I was in high school I tried out for the basketball team…I couldn’t be on the team, because I didn’t have transportation.

“So, it’s sort of like living a dream through my baby.”