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Two in a row for Thomasson, Kidd

Consistent golf resulted in a second straight Halifax Country Club Member-Guest Tournament title for Brad Thomasson and Jeff Kidd on Sunday.

Thomasson and Kidd held off a stiff challenge from several teams to win the title, carding a 63-64-127 in the two-day event.

Paul Butler and David Ford finished four strokes behind the winners with a 67-64-131, good for the runner-up spot in the Championship Flight, and Ronnie Moore and Jackie Thomasson were third with a 65-67-132, one stroke behind Butler and Ford.

Tommy Spencer and Brad Schrader carded a 71-65-136 to win the First Flight, and Derek Mason and Kevin Dawson won the Second Flight with a two-day total of 74-66-140.

Roger Long and Ralph Beard captured Third Flight honors with 77-67-144, Jimmy Allen and Michael Compton fired a 80-73-153 to win the Fourth Flight, and Doug Fleig and Tyler Fleig won the Fifth Flight with a 82-72-154.

The winners were tied with Jimmy Clay and Woody Clay after Saturday’s round, each with a 63, and the teams were still tied on No. 12 before their team caught a break, according to Thomasson.

“It was a very tight match for the first 11 or 12 holes, and we were tied going into No. 12,” said Thomasson. “They had a bit of misfortune.  We got a little bit of a lead there and just maintained it through the rest of the round.”

Jimmy and Woody Clay slipped to a 70 in the second round and out of contention.

“It was even through 12, and they had one bad hole,” remarked Kidd.

“After that, we were just trying to hit it on the green, make a couple of putts and keep the pars going in.

“We did luck up and get a birdie.”

Consistent golf, especially on Saturday brought them their third member-guest title, according to Thomasson.

“Yesterday, we struggled on one hole and lucked out a par, and other than that we played more consistent.”

An Air Force veteran, Kidd didn’t lose sight of the meaning of Memorial Day.

“Every day you try to keep that in your mind,” said Kidd.

“We’re able to come out here and play golf because of people’s sacrifices and people that never came home.

“We’re able to come out here and play golf and have freedoms other countries aren’t allowed.

“We need to remember that every day.”

A number of Halifax Country Club staff and groundskeepers did their part in organizing and putting on the tournament, according to Thomasson, including grounds keeper William Puryear and his assistants, tournament director Drew Lewis, along with Mary Ann Lewis, Joanna Blackstock, Susan Chandler, Pat Crew, course consultant Bill Singleton, Robbie Harris, Allyson Sizemore and Kaitlin Fallen.



Championship Flight

Brad Thomasson-Jeff Kidd63-64-127

Paul Butler-David Ford67-64-131

Ronnie Moore-Jackie Thomasson65-67-132

Jimmy Clay-Woody Clay63-70-133

W.J. Long-Ed Edgar67-67-134

Phil Rinker-John Howerton65-70-135

Brad Mele-Chris Mele67-70-137

Nookie Green-Parker66-73-139


First Flight

Tommy Spencer-Brad Schrader71-65-136

James Lewis-Bill Hite71-66-137

Nathan Lantor-Hunter Thompson71-67-138

Donald Gravitt-Kyle Gravitt 68-71-139

Earle Orme-Justin Saunders69-70-139

Joel Cunningham Jr.-Chris Coleman69-71-140

Mark Repokis-Grady Spencer70-70-140

Alan Gravitt-Bill Maxwell69-71-140

Arthur Lantor-Jeff Parr69-72-141

Brent Myers-Sammy Puryear70-72-142

Roy Bradley-John Mele68-75-143

Walter Robertson-David Day69-74-143

Brad Davis-Chris Harris71-73-144

Coleman Speece-Randy Haugh71-79-150


Second Flight 

Derek Mason-Kevin Dawson74-66-140

Philip Payne-Scott Martin73-67-140

Gary Gupton-Mark Bullock73-71-144

Rodney Watts-Andy Schleifstein 74-72-146

Jackie Caldwell-Scott Petriskie72-75-147

Robert Fallen-Mike Dunn73-74-147

Jay Henderson-Scott Vaughan74-73-147

Michael Puryear-Griffin Kapp75-72-147

Donnie Hughes-Justin Tuck75-74-149

Teddy Holt-Brandon Harris75-74-149

Tommy Daniel-Wesley Chappell73-77-150

Jody Nelson-Justin Hatcher73-78-151

Greg Meeks-Chuck Nelson75-77-152


Third Flight

Roger Long-Ralph Beard77-67-144

Kwang Kim-Johnny Wilson77-71-148

John Lantor-Chuck Newcomb76-75-151

John Morgan-Tyler Willis76-75-151

Dennis Witt-Graham Witt78-74-152

Eric Arthur Jr.-Nick Gessell77-77-154

Mike Thackston-Kent Thompson77-77-154

Dan Powell-Nick Carter78-76-154

Mike Jenkins-Charles Wagstaff77-77-154

Bobby Wilborn-J.B. Walker78-77-155

George Hayes-Tom Coates77-80-157

Paul Glass-Brad Smith78-80-158

Dennis Seamster-Steve Reynolds77-82-159

Craig Nuhfer-Mike Francisco78-82-160


Fourth Flight

Jimmy Allen-Michael Compton80-73-153

Tim Davis-Ned Covington79-75-154

Jason Kirkhart-Ken Kirkhart79-77-156

Mike Sizemore-Ryan Motley79-77-156

Steve Crutchfield-Darrell Carter79-79-158

Charles Thompson-Randy Reames81-77-158

Chris Cole-Chris Wilborn79-81-160

Preston Crowder-Matt Crowder80-81-161

Woody Long-Willie Murray81-80-161


Fifth Flight

Doug Fleig-Taylor Fleig82-72-154

Sammy Fisher-Kevin Fisher84-76-160

Joel Cunningham Sr.-Rod Bennett85-79-164

Grayson Francis-Rodney Mason85-80-165

Daniel Ivey-Justin Shepperd83-84-167

Phillip Saunders-Steve Long88-80-168

Jason Parker-Chris Parker86-82-172


Gray Ramsey-Cleve Campbell86-86-172