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Jackson, Cline take home YMCA wins

Experience was not a factor at Saturday’s 14th annual YMCA of South Boston-Halifax County 5K Run/Walk.

Male winner Jeffrey Jackson had run the tough, hill course several times before, winning previously in 2012, while female winner, Shawnie Cline had only one practice run on the 3.2-mile course prior to Saturday.

Jackson surged past second-place finisher Samuel Epps on the final hill to win by a four-second margin in 21:09, while Cline withstood a challenge from first-time YMCA 5K participant Hillary Wagstaff, winning by a 14-second margin in 23:26.

Jonathan Goerlich won the one-mile fun run in 9:22, while the race’s youngest competitor, Tommy Plitt, came home with a time of 41:12.

Cline, a South Boston resident, admitted she received valuable tips from 2013 male champion Daniel McDonald in preparing for the event.

“I did some hill training with Daniel McDonald to prepare me for the race,” said Cline.

“That helped me.  When I got to the hills I tried to lean forward and have a different running technique.”

Cline also tried to keep 10 paces in front of Wagstaff during the race, and that helped her time as well.

“I was happy with my time today.  When I practiced it, I ran it in 25 minutes,” Cline said.

“I have a history of heart disease in my family, and that gives me incentive to run, added Cline, who works as a nurse at Halifax Regional Hospital.

“We’re thin people but still have heart disease.  That was another reason I started running.”

Jackson, a Roxboro resident who races in 10K and 5K events as well as half marathons, thinks the YMCA course is as tough as they come. 

“There are lots of hills, and I have to pace myself,” said Jackson, who passed Epps on the final hill.

“He was tough, and I started to let him go at the end because the hills didn’t seem to affect him, but I pushed at the end and got him.”

Jackson admitted to not feeling his best the past week but pushed through to get his second win in three years.

“I kind of had flu-like symptoms on Monday, and I tried to take some days off during the week to recover,” said Jackson.

“I’ve probably done about 12 races, 5K’s and 10K’s this year.  This time is a bit slow because of the hills but pretty good for recovering from being sick.”

Gorelich and another participant, Mark Carr, each won gift certificates from for running shoes at the event.




Jeffrey Jackson 21:09

Samuel Epps 21:13

Chandler Giacherio 21:29

Miles Thomas 22:09

Shawnie Cline 23:26

Hillary Wagstaff 23:40

Dan Goerlich 24:44

Josh Cook 25:11

David Conner 25:58

Amar Parikh 26:07

Alan Briley 26:43

Baylee Snead 27:05

Ada Mabe 27:07

Sophie Decker 27:40

Patty Nelson 28:17

Ali Tuck 28:18

Stewart Nelson 28:19

Tom Carr 28:48

Andy Crowell 29:06

Jenny Plit t29:17

Ram Neelagiri 29:28

Mark Carr 30:51

Tony Guthrie 31:25

Faith O’Neil 31:48

Tiffany Glass 31:51

Rich Moser 32:07

Charles Via 32:16

Alice Tran 32:38

Audra Webb 32:59

Michael Watson 34:33

Deborah Reebals 40:02

Kim Fuller 41:02

Katie Smith 41:03

Tommy Plitt 41:12

Sinclair Hargrave 43:10

Marcus Hargrave 43:14

Nina Weldon 56:25

Lisa Reaves 56:26

Judy Dunn 56:33 

Scotty Felton 56:35