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PLAY THROUGH: Tourney wrap up

Congratulations are in order for Jimmy Clay and Robert Fallen for their win in last weekend’s Member-Member Golf Tournament at Greens Folly Golf Course. This is their second straight win in this event, and they did not run away with it, but kept a comfortable pace all weekend.

This gives the Clay brothers (Woody and Jimmy) along with their partners John Howerton and Robert Fallen a sweep of the local member-members in the area for the year.

Some great playing from some other teams including Billy Payne and Larry Guill, Dr. Kwan Kim and Justin Saunders and Tom Wade and Bobby Murray. It was great to also see Tee Ferrell and son Michael play well since Tee has only been playing for four years.



Do not forget the Jeff Nelson Classic coming up May 9 at Greens Folly Golf course. This popular event is now being sponsored by the Halifax Education Foundation with all proceeds from this year’s tournament going to the Halifax High Athletics. If you have not already signed up, get a foursome together and get ready. It is one of the best in the area, and what a great cause to help for all of you Blue Comet faithful out there.



Since I have not been playing for quite awhile because of my old eye problem, I have had the chance to watch more local golf than ever and some of the things I have seen on the course involving rules violations is really bothering me.

Some people, and you know who you are, have taken breaking the rules, or if you want to be honest about it, cheating, has become a widespread affair. The sad part about it is they do not seem to worry about who sees them because they do not feel they will be called on it.

This is where another rule violation occurs according to the rules of golf. If you see another golfer or fellow competitor violate a rule whether accidental or not and do not bring it to their attention, you are in violation yourself.

Instead of sitting in the 19th hole or being on the putting green talking about the ones taking advantage of the rules, you have an obligation to yourself and fellow competitors of doing the right thing and calling it. If they get upset, so be it.

It will make for better matches, fairer matches and less controversy in the clubhouse after the matches.

The next time you see someone spot a ball incorrectly, move the ball out of a hazard and not count a stroke, move a ball illegally in the rough, do not talk behind their back, call it.

The game will be better off because of your actions and hopefully the guilty parties will learn from it. If not, the answer is simple, quit playing with them, make no side matches with them and never ever pair up with them.

I hope this is the last time I have to mention this subject, but if not, you know I will mention names.



It sure is nice to see some more ladies and young girls taking up the game of golf. Contrary to some popular beliefs, this great game is not for males only. If you happen to run up on a female foursome, show them the same courtesy you would your male competitors, because they have just as much right out there as you do.

They have not released any information on the winners from last Fridays SPCA tourney played at Kinderton Country Club because of the heavy rains that halted play before it was complete. A lot of local teams participated in it and I will do my best to get the info when it is available.

It sure was good to see the Mouth of Greens Folly, David Day, get shut out of any winnings last weekend. David goes out of his way to manipulate him winning or getting in the right flight where he can dominate. Tough luck old boy, better luck in the Member-Guest. 

Carroll Solomon wanted me to mention that he beat Day by one shot on Sunday. So there, Chief I did it.

Buck Weatherford brought in spring in fine fashion over the weekend as he and partner Scott Vaughan played in the Member-Member. Buck could be seen all over the course in his bright yellow shirt and white pants.

Thanks for all the kind comments about the column being back and I will try to keep your interest up.

Remember to hit it straight, play well and, most of all, respect your other golfers. 

Until next week, see you at the course.