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DOUG FORD: Sign language

You’d have to have a little age on you — I do — to recall the 1971 hit single, “Signs,” you know the somewhat of a protest song cranked out by the Five Man Electrical Band.

PAULA BRYANT: A difficult weekend

Two terrible events that simultaneously played out over the weekend left many of our finest law enforcement, firefighters, rescue and EMS personnel drained and asking why?

DOUG FORD: Banana sandwich

Life in its simplest form is like a banana sandwich, the veritable favorite found in lunch boxes everywhere.

PAULA I. BRYANT: Eat Vidalia onions, fund an education

Members of the Hyco Road Ruritan Club are selling Vidalia Onions to promote higher education through our Frazier Pool Memorial Scholarship Fund.

DOUG FORD: Gotta love a Bubba

You just have to love Bubba, Bubba Watson that is, the golfer who won the Masters on Sunday.

COMMUNITY VOICE: Volunteers, funding desperately needed

By Tim Boelte 

It’s 2:30 a.m. on any given morning. You wake up and know something isn’t right. Insert your own emergency story here. It can be that you are having severe chest pain. Maybe your child is having breathing problems. Maybe the dog is going crazy, and you smell smoke. 

PAULA I. BRYANT: Tax day looms

The dreaded day is next Tuesday. 

DOUG FORD: Food for thought

Now that the winter deluge is behind us, and the warmer weather has set in, a lot of us country folk are making plans for our annual gardens.