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PAULA I. BRYANT: Winning big

If you happen to see local auctioneer Jimmy Glasscock and realtor Sammy Watts anytime soon, don’t be surprised if their heads may have swelled a bit.

DOUG FORD: Living in a pollen-nation

Don’t be surprised if you see bees and butterflies hovering around me for the foreseeable future.

A time to remember

Monday is Memorial Day, a fine opportunity to reflect on why we honor those who gave up their lives for our nation. It is also a time to think about those who currently serve and those who have served in the past. 

DOUG FORD: Red light, stop!

As a resident of Richmond for many years following graduation from college, I had time to observe traffic patterns – or lack thereof – including how drivers handle stoplights.

DOUG FORD: Stamp of approval

Whatever happened to S&H Green Stamps?

PAULA I. BRYANT: Stamp out hunger

Here’s an invitation to help fight in the war on hunger this Saturday when area letter carriers wage the 22nd annual Stamp Out Hunger campaign — the nation’s largest annual single-day food drive.

DOUG FORD: In search of cryptids

I’ve become a fan of the television show, “Mountain Monsters,” where a group of six country boys turned explorers research and track a number of cryptids, including the Mountaineer State’s version of Sasquatch, it’s very own Ohio Grassman, and hometown beasts such as Kentucky Wolfman, Wampus Beast and Mothman.