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PAULA BRYANT: Our heroes

OK enough. We have had our share of snow this winter, and I for one hope we’ve seen the last of it.

The school kids have maxed out their “10 free snow days,” so now it’s time for life to get back to normal, and this week’s 60 degree temps aren’t hurting my feelings one bit.

However, wonderful things seem to happen when Mother Nature finds it necessary to dump loads of snow on us – more than the usual coatings we are accustomed to dealing with easily.

 Just check out several letters to the editor found on our editorial page this week.

Always seems good friends and wonderful neighbors come out when the snow is at its deepest, and last week’s snowstorm was no exception.

Too many good Samaritans are out there to name them all, but we continue to hear from people who say one thing they’ll take away from this most recent freezing experience is a renewed faith in each other.

We have our own story to share too.

After digging our way out of our own driveway Friday morning and making it to work for most of the day, our thoughts turned to my mother’s snow-covered driveway and front porch on Hyco Road.

Although we knew she would be in no hurry to go outside, it was also going to be impossible for us to be able to visit and check on her until first her drive and front porch were cleared.

So after work, we headed that way only to discover some of her fine neighbors, friends and fellow church members had beat us to the job. (Thank you Howard and Kathy.)

Armed with shovels, they had cleared her driveway of snow making a neat path and shoveled all the snow from her front porch and steps.

Thanks to wonderful neighbors and friends all across our county, people began to emerge from the great snow on Friday, with some not even knowing the identity of their snow heroes.

If you have a snow hero story, we would like to share it with our readers.

Just send it to us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail it to Editor, P. O. Box 524, South Boston, VA 24592, and we will print it soon.



We were saddened to learn of the passing of Shirley Temple last week. The American film and television actress, singer, dancer and public servant died Monday, Feb. 10, at the age of 85.

That little innocent girl we came to know and love from watching her old movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel lived a wonderful and exciting life.

She would move on from “The Good Ship Lollipop” to have her old Hollywood friend and fellow Republican and political ally Ronald Reagan appoint her to serve as a United States ambassador.

For over eight decades, Shirley Temple’s lovely little curls and bright eyes brightened the big screen and made us remember all the good and decent things that make our country great.

And she made us all smile in the process. 

May you rest in peace Ms. Temple.