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Fall at its best

Many county residents will be making the trek to the Blue Ridge Parkway to bask in the glory of fall’s fabulous foliage. Some went this past weekend and reported the trip was well worth the drive.


A Fall Foliage Report from the Virginia Department of Forestry says the bright sunny days and cool, crisp nights we’re experiencing now are ideal conditions for trees to bring out their fall colors. In the higher elevations near the Blue Ridge Parkway, colors are at peak.

Fall colors continue unfolding in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.

At this time, peak colors are expected in the mountains during mid to late October; the Piedmont and Coastal Plain are expected to peak during late October and early November.

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Speaking of nature’s beauty, it’s so depressing how people in our own county spoil this natural beauty by littering the roadsides.

It’s something most people don’t think twice about, but try picking up someone else’s litter along the side of county roads, and it simply makes you angry.

Unfortunately, litterbugs seem to drastically outnumber the fine citizen volunteers who are forced to go behind these thoughtless trash throwers picking up their mess.

Early Saturday morning a group of Hyco Road Ruritans made their quarterly trek down Hyco Road picking up someone else’s tossed out garbage.

And the rain didn’t help matters. It just made the job nastier.

The bright spot of the day was when a fine group of young Ruriteens from Halifax County Middle School joined our efforts. They too got to witness firsthand how Halifax County residents have turned county roadsides into a trash dump.

We’ve said this before, but maybe if a law was enacted requiring every able-bodied person to pick up trash once a month, some of this littering would stop. (I know this will never happen, but I believe it would make a definite difference.)

It is a matter of pride, and from the looks of our county roads, many folks around here simply don’t have any. 



Where in the world is October going? 

It seems like September just ended, and now we’re looking square in the face at November. 

If November flies by like October, the Christmas holiday will be upon us before we know it. 

We do have a late Thanksgiving this year, with the traditional “Turkey Day” falling on the 28th. 


Then it’s a mere four weeks until Christmas Day! Time is flying.