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Earth Day coming to Halifax

The good folks in the Town of Halifax are hosting their annual Earth Day Extravaganza Saturday, April 20, at the Halifax Farmers Market site on South Main Street beginning at 10 a.m. and running until 4 p.m.

It promises to be a wonderful day of activities, displays and demonstrations designed with the good ol’ Earth in mind. 

This year’s Earth Day Celebration will include artists, crafters, music, food and door prizes. 

As always, good things to eat will be available.

The farmers market is gearing up for the upcoming season, and many of the vendors will set up during the Earth Day celebration to provide information and goodies to make everyone more aware of the Earth around us and how to keep it in the best possible shape. 

Also during the celebration, St. John’s Episcopal Church and Scotts Recycling will sponsor an electronics recycling drive.

Earth Day will provide the perfect opportunity to recycle those cast-off electronics that don’t belong in landfills.

The free collection will take place behind Legal Aid on Houston Street beside the library from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the daylong Earth Day event.

Items may be dropped off including computers, monitors, hard drives, modems, plug-and-play devices, printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines, DVD and VCR players, commercial telephones, microwaves, video game systems, air conditioners, wires and cables, power backups, sealed batteries, transformers, vinyl siding and radiators.

The last time Scotts Recycling of Knoxville, Tenn. sponsored such an event in the Town of Halifax, they carted away two trucks of electronics.

Like it or not, Earth is home to all of us, and we all must do our part in maintaining it to support life for all humanity.

Everyone is invited to the Town of Halifax April 20 for the annual Earth Day Extravaganza. 


• • •

On the other side of the county on that same Saturday — April 20 — the Town of Virgilina will hold a community-wide yard sale from 7 a.m. until noon to raise money for the upkeep of the Terry Mason Bowen Playground.

Persons interested in renting 12 x 12 spaces for $20 (and it’s tax deductible) can call Catherine Ellixson at 434-585-3570 or 434-222-8638.

Deadline for renting a spot is Monday.

Virgilina Volunteer Fire Department will have food and drinks available during the yard sale too.


• • •

As the weather gets warmer, people will be going to many outdoor events like the pair mentioned above, and they’ll be dressing for the occasion… that means lots of brightly colored flip-flops and sandals will be dug out of the closet for another season of wear.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reminds drivers proper shoes play a big part in safety. 

Drivers should wear safe footwear that does not have an open heel such as flip-flops or sandals because these types of shoes can slip off and wedge under accelerator or brake pedals. 

High-heeled shoes can also be problematic because heels can get caught in or under floor mats and delay accelerating or braking when needed. Driving in bare feet, socks or stockings can also be dangerous causing your feet to slip off the gas or brake pedals. While wearing certain types of footwear while driving or driving barefoot is not illegal, vehicle control can be compromised, and it is not recommended. 

Sneakers or low heel flat shoes are encouraged. Consider keeping an extra pair of good driving shoes in your car to wear while operating your vehicle. DMV cautions drivers to be extra careful in wet weather as slippery soles make it easier for your foot to slip off the pedals. 

A number of crashes linked to wearing flip-flops made headlines across the country in 2012.  In May of last year, a Kentucky woman claimed her flip-flop got stuck on the gas pedal causing her to crash into a building.  

Also in May, a similar story in Tennessee after a customer crashed into a drug store.  Police said her flip-flop was entangled with the gas pedal.  In June, a man crashed into a Washington business claiming his flip-flop got stuck.

Two years ago, in April 2011, tragedy struck in Voorheesville, New York when a driver lost control and drove through a church vestibule, killing three elderly women. The driver told investigators his flip-flop fell off while driving.

It’s time to enjoy the warm weather, but don those flip-flops with care.


• • •

It’s with great sadness we learned of the passing of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher earlier this week. 

She was the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom leading the Conservative Party of the country she loved for 15 years.

The venerable prime minister will long be remembered for her life of service.