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Please vote

Brenda and Ben Fincher of Fincher’s Inc. in South Boston are seeking your help.

Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business, Fincher’s Inc. has applied for a grant.

To be eligible for consideration, they have answered many questions, and now must have 250 votes by June 30. 

As of Monday, they were up to about 114 votes. 

If you are on Facebook and would be willing to help them get to that level, please do the following:

1. go to

2. click ‘log in and support’ or choose ‘log in via Facebook’

3. Enter Fincher’s Inc. and choose South Boston and Virginia from the drop-downs

4. click ‘vote’

Should Brenda and Ben be so fortunate as to receive one of these grants, Tamyra Vest tells us they will be sharing it with South Boston’s Destination Downtown.

Tamyra and crew at Destination Downtown South Boston are doing great things to enhance South Boston’s Main Street and surrounding downtown area, and this will boost their efforts. 

Each person may vote for Fincher’s only once. After you vote, please consider clicking on the “share vote” button. 

We know Ben and Brenda would certainly appreciate your help so much.

(Editor’s Note: If Fincher’s doesn’t come up on your first try, be sure you’ve spelled it exactly like above - with the apostrophe - and no comma between Fincher’s and Inc.)


Refer a friend

Another downtown South Boston attraction, The Prizery’s 2012 Summer Theatre Celebration, is spreading the word about its new “Refer a Friend Program.”

The Prizery would like to reward those who are already spreading the word about the 2012 Summer Theatre Celebration by awarding one lucky person a gift certificate and free tickets.

Here’s how it works…just follow these simple steps for a chance to win a $75 gift certificate to Bistro 1888 and two free tickets to The Prizery.

Step One: Tell a friend to buy a ticket online

Step Two: Have your friend select “OTHER” for their survey answer to “How did you find out about this show?”

Step Three: In the blank next to other, have your friend put your name

Step Four: Repeat.

The person with the most referrals will win the gift certificate & free tickets. 

The winner will be announced on Opening Night Thursday. 

Prizery Director Chris Jones says this program will continue for the Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Concert and “Godspell” so keep spreading the word.