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Food frenzy

Our hat’s off to a group of true citizen lawyers in the Halifax County Bar Association who recently placed third in the Central Virginia Government Division of the statewide Legal Food Frenzy.

A total of 175 law firms and legal departments across the commonwealth raised 1.4 million pounds of food. Of that, the county bar association raised 6,640 pounds of food and had a per capita total of 265.60 pounds.

The Office of the Attorney General finished first and the Virginia Division of Legislative Services finished second.

Proud assistant commonwealth’s attorneys Kia Scott and Michael Freshour are quick to point out many of the organizations in the county bar association’s category are much larger than our bar association and didn’t even place.


Being poor

Freelance writer Kent Mills of South Boston believes folks don’t know what it is to be poor anymore.

In a recent “fictitious letter” Mills penned, he reflects on the true state of our economy and asks pertinent questions like who has thanked God lately for their 100 plus TV channels, cell phones, Internet, electricity, water, food, gas, etc.

We share his thoughts written in the form of a letter from a college kid to her parents.


Dear mom and dad,

I just don’t know how much longer I can hold up under the pressures of this bad economy that we are struggling to live in.

Although I would have preferred a different color, I really, really do appreciate the new BMW you guys gave me for Christmas. Now I don’t have to walk all the way across the campus to my classes anymore, which is a great help. So, thanks.

My government professor told us the other day that the economy is improving slightly. Thank God for that. My I-pod and my laptop are soooooo outdated. Hopefully I can upgrade soon. (Hint, hint) lol.

The cost of food has gotten so outrageous, Mom. I went out with some friends last night for a few drinks, and you wouldn’t believe it, a filet mignon is now $29. Can you believe it? With the tip and drinks, my bill was $47. See what I mean? 

Things are really bad. I have even considered selling some of my 14k jewelry. Just kidding, you know I would never do that. Anyway, things are so bad here some of my friends have maxed out their Platinum VISA cards, and it’s only January. What in the world are people going to do?

Dad, I heard the other day that some families have only one cell phone, and their kids have to watch the same TV as their parents. Yuck!

Oh yes. Life is hard. And what about the price of gasoline? Whoa. It’s so frustrating anymore. I have to wait in line almost every time because the 14 pumps at Sheets are always crowded.

Oh, I went over to Walmart and couldn’t even find a place to park. I made the mistake of going on the first of the month. The store was packed, and some silly people were almost fighting over the Air-Jordon shoes. Thought I would never get to the jewelry counter. I needed some earrings because all of mine are so boring, and you know me, I refuse to wear any that are not 14k gold.

While I was waiting in line I couldn’t help but notice how many people are so overweight. There is just no excuse for that. Why can’t they get a membership at a gym like I do? I realize it costs about $75 a month, but some things are just flat out necessities in life, you know?

It’s no wonder though, mom. Every one of them had their grocery carts piled high with nothing but cookies and candy and chips and soft drinks and cigarettes and beer. Some of them had two carts.

Oh yes, this economy is putting a hurt on America.

Well, I’ll close for now. Hope you guys enjoy your trip to Vegas next week. I’m so jealous. I wish I could go again. You know how I get so excited over the slots.

Gotta run. Pizza guy is at the door.

Your loving daughter