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Deeply concerned

To the editor:

As a concerned citizen of Halifax County, I would like to address some issues of deep concern to me.

It is my understanding that the Halifax County Industrial Development Authority was created to help bring jobs and businesses to the area. 

We are paying fabulous salaries for these people who should be bringing industries and jobs to the area for people who are struggling with unemployment. I have yet to see these results, however we are still paying the salaries and giving these people raises for what? 

This is a rural area, need I remind you, and the salaries of these people are outrageous. Every time we turn around, these people are seeking more monies, and what are the results? 

Why are we repairing the old Daystrom building when we have no industry or jobs to put there? It will be another cost to the county taxpayers and at the same time will not create permanent jobs for people. What do you people not understand about this? 

Why does the county administrator keep harping on increasing property taxes? As the values of some properties went down, this loss of revenues should have been taken into consideration when budgeting funds for the year and not once again raising taxes. 

Why are we funding The Prizery as it is a business? We can’t and don’t fund all businesses of the county and shouldn’t fund this one. 

Our county tax monies also should not be used to support or oppose uranium mining. Our tax monies are come by hard and should not be used for Washington lobbyists. County tax monies won’t support everything, and there has to be a cut off somewhere.

I also would like to know why we are still paying for county decals. This fee was to stop when the courthouse was paid for. We have paid for the courthouse time and time again to the tune of a cost from 50 cents a year to $40.50 per year for county decals, and we don’t even get anything to show for it anymore. 

Why do we the taxpayers furnish automobiles for some county employees and allow them to drive vehicles home and do personal business on them? 

Highway department people are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week but are never allowed to drive department vehicles home. Things such as this should be taken into consideration in saving county monies. 

Closed-door meetings should not be allowed. You all represent the people, and the people should have access to the meeting and the decision-making.

Last, but not least, I challenge you, the county administrator, the Halifax County Industrial Development Authority, the department of taxation and the board of supervisors to do a better job for the unemployed and the people of the county. 

Jeanette Chaney