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Health care we can afford

To the editor:

I find it strange that the exact same people who are fighting so bad against affordable health care (Obamacare) are complaining it is not being implemented fast enough.

If we go back in history, we find that Social Security (Rooseveltcare) took nine years to implement. While the same people whined the whole time it wouldn’t work.

Now let’s fast-forward to 1964 when Medicare/Medicaid (Kennedy/Johnson Care) was introduced and to the best of my knowledge is still being amended today. 

The fact of the matter is, we must have something. Nothing is no good anymore. We must catch up with the rest of the major nations. If they are not going to put us back to work at decent paying jobs to pay for our own health insurance, then give us health care we can afford. But not nothing. 


Al Hoppe



Nice things happen

To the editor:

My wife and I moved to Halifax County in 2006, and we joined Grace Baptist Church in Virgilina that year.

It has been such a pleasure being a member; meeting so many people, attending adult Sunday school and the sermons by Pastor Jack Stewart and hearing his musical family.

I am writing this letter to say we were “snowed in” after last week’s storm. I am 83 years old and handicapped. I could not do much shoveling. Our driveway is about 100 feet long and deep with snow and ice.

On Friday about 12:30 p.m. several cars and trucks pulled up in front of our house. Then it happened. A lot of people, I think there were 16, boys and girls, men and ladies, all with shovels who got out of their cars and made short work of clearing our driveway.

All of them were volunteers from Grace Baptist Church.

I was told they cleared maybe 30 driveways. What a wonderful feeling it was to see all these volunteers lending a helping hand.

I want to thank you Grace Baptist Church.

Dan Newkirk Sr.

South Boston


Thanks for the help

To the editor:

My name is Dawn McGhee.  I live on Main Street in Halifax.  This letter goes out to the two gentlemen who helped me clear my driveway Friday morning.  

I had about two feet of snow covering my driveway.  I was shoveling away at it when this gentleman with a snowplow on his truck stopped and asked if I would like him to push the snow away from my drive.   

He was very kind and would not take a thing for helping.  After he left I continued to shovel the snow in front of my car.  

Another gentleman stopped and helped me clear my driveway to get my car out.  This gentleman was also very kind and would not take a thing for his help.  

When I use the word gentleman, at that is exactly what these two men were.  I do not know either of their names, but I hope that they see this and know how much I appreciate what they did for me.  

Thank you so much.   

Dawn McGhee