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A tribute to Addison

To the editor:

As a “snotty-nosed” 8 year old in 1957, I was introduced to football in Scottsburg when Addison Marable and Charlie Moorefield gave me a helmet and shoulder pads and stuck me on the field with the older boys.   

I obviously looked like a “bobble-head” doll in that huge helmet, but Charlie and Addison made all of us feel like NFL players.  That day began a relationship with those two gentlemen that has lasted my entire life.  

Charlie died several years ago, and now Addison has left us also.  Although Addison had no biological children, he had thousands of “adopted kids” on the teams he coached over 65 years of his life.  

Yes, Addison could be loud and “in your face” at times, but he had a passion for sports, and he loved his “kids.” 

He had a way of getting us fired up when we were not giving 100 percent effort.  One night at a midget football game he questioned our genetic species when he asked us boys if we zipped up our football pants in the front like the other team or if we zipped up our pants on the side “like girls!!” I don’t remember if we won the game that night, but we gave 100 percent effort in the second half of the game.  

Addison continued to coach long after I left the youth programs, and one of my sons played for him years later.  Addison was a great coach, but my greatest respect for him was his profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Addison served several churches that did not have a full-time minister over the years.  

He indeed has now achieved his ultimate goal as he has gone to be with the Lord.  

At our last conversation in the hospital shortly before his death, I told him that “a thousand kids in South Boston and Halifax County” are proud to call him “coach” and friend.  He has no idea how many lives he has touched.  This “snotty-nosed kid” will always cherish his influence on all of us.

Dr. James H. Priest 

Vernon Hill



To the editor:

Mr. Dan Shaw recently wrote a letter to the editor in which he falsely claims that Congressman Hurt supported legislation that would encourage taxpayer-funded bailouts of big banks.  

I am writing today in an effort to explain that Mr. Shaw was completely wrong in saying so.  The legislation to which he refers actually prevents  said taxpayer-funded bailouts and is aimed at helping family farmers and small businesses across the Fifth District.

Farmers and Main Street businesses are concerned that complicated provisions of Dodd-Frank will inhibit their ability to manage risk and protect themselves from extreme fluctuations in the price of fuel, fertilizer and commodities.  Farmers across Southside use derivatives to lock in crop prices for the coming season, and their operations have been put at the risk due to Dodd-Frank’s 400 regulations.  This ultimately would increase costs for consumers of their products and hurt America’s economy.

I for one am glad that Rep. Hurt is fighting for family farms, small businesses and consumers in Washington.

Thank you,

Pat Barksdale