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A miracle angel 

To the editor:

When we think about Christmas, what comes to our minds? 

It is the season to be jolly. The holiday is filled with joy, happiness and laughter. To some people it is a time of sharing gifts and food with family and friends. To the kids it is the excitement of getting presents and hopes that they have been good all year, so Santa Claus will stop by their house.

Stop! All of this is wonderful, but the greatest gift that all of us received for Christmas was the birth of the baby Jesus, a tiny baby lying in a manger who was born to save us all. So this Christmas, just remember, it was the day we received hope. 

Now, I would like to give a special gift to someone this Christmas who I admire beyond what words can say. This person captured my heart from the first time I met him. The gifts of love he has given this world and to our church are unbelievable. It hasn’t been easy for him because he has been battling a dreadful disease -- cancer.  

You would think it would stop him, but instead it gives him the hope and strength to do God’s work.

I call him my miracle angel because in my heart, he is truly that. The obstacles he has had to endure, some would have given up a long time ago. 

Even through the pain, he continues to live his life, not in anger, not saying “why me Lord?” but instead he prays for God to continue to give him the strength to do his work. 

How many of us could live through something like this and not be bitter. It takes a real person to not hold a grudge against God but instead love God more. 

I have a special request for all you readers. Please say a special prayer for my miracle angel and his wife, Sara. You will never meet two people who have the strong faith and dedication to God as these two. They have given the world and our church this wonderful love and gift. 

In my heart I know that anyone who has ever been in contact with them has received this wonderful gift. I know I have, and because of them my life is so much more fulfilled. 

When you think about what Christmas means to you, remember there is already one miracle angel out there who has truly touched your life and made you who you are because God sent them your way. Reach out to them. Let them know how much you care.

This Christmas be content with your life. Don’t let it be just about gifts. Be grateful and share your blessings with others. 

My greatest blessing is my miracle angel, George, and his wife, Sara. I pray his Christmas will be special because he is loved by so many. 

George, may you continue to be a “miracle angel. 

Pat Holt

South Boston

Bethel Baptist Church member


Thanks for support

To the editor:

On behalf of the Business Women’s Association of Halifax County, I want to express our appreciation for your help in promoting the Holiday Living Show. The articles and pictures your paper included in the paper the weeks before the show served to remind the community that this event was coming up.

The BWA sponsors the Holiday Living Show each year to raise funds for scholarships that we give in the spring. These scholarships are used to help with educational expenses for members of our community as they further their education after high school.

Again, we thank you for all of your support to publicize the Holiday Living Show and make this a successful event for our organization and the community. 


Sarah Stevens,
Corresponding Secretary

Business Women’s
Association of Halifax County


Commending circuit court clerk

To the editor:

I learned today that Bobby Conner is retiring at the end of this year as circuit court clerk. As a practicing attorney for over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to deal with him and his staff many times and have always found his office to be professional, courteous and helpful. 

Halifax County has been well served by this capable public servant.

Thank you for your many courtesies over the years.

With best wishes, we are

Very truly yours,

Berger and Thornhill

Glenn L. Berger