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To the editor:

It is very important for all constitutional conservatives to realize our battle is not primarily with the Democrat Party. The moderate, RINO (Republican-in-name-only) Republicans that control the party are doing everything they can to prevent anyone who is a conservative candidate from being elected - even to the extent of helping a Democrat to defeat them. That’s what happened to Cuccinelli.

That was this year. And next year will look very similar. Mark Warner’s term will be up, and Cuccinelli is being encouraged to run against him. How much support from the National Republican Party will you expect for that race? Next to nothing is my guess.

And then, two years later we’ll have the nominating process for selecting the next “most electable” Republican candidate for president. There’s a good chance it will be Chris Christie — the same moderate Republican Governor of New Jersey who refused to come to Virginia to support Cuccinelli but will go down to South Carolina to help Lindsey Graham get re-elected. 

You remember the last two most electable moderate candidates don’t you - McCain and Romney? Neither of them had an inspiring message. A lot of potential voters stayed home because they had no one to vote for who represented their values. 

Do you also remember what happened at the national convention in 2012? The credentials committee replaced conservative delegates of some states with alternatives of their own choosing. 

The moderate leadership of the Republican Party sees its greatest enemy as being conservative fellow Republicans — not the other party. It’s not as illogical as it sounds because there’s virtually no difference between the two parties at the top. The only real difference is that the Republican Party has a segment that believes in our founders’ documents. 

Liberals have done everything in their power to convince the public that conservatives are crazies and radicals. The old guard Republican leaders like McCain and Graham, ignoring the Reagan Rule of never saying anything bad about a fellow Republican, are joining liberals and are using the same tactics to condemn the right wing segment by labeling them as right wing extremists, libertarians, constitutionalists, wing-nuts, wacko-birds and freaking nuts. Being labeled as a conservative is now the new way to brand candidates as being out of the mainstream without having to recognize or debate their philosophy. 

This is reinforced in every election cycle by a few idiots that do say some pretty outlandish things. Too bad you can’t un-ring a bell. 

Many votes are lost by causing people to automatically vote against them even though they end up voting for someone they know nothing about. 

It may take a long time to get back to the principles laid out in the beginning of this great country but after experiencing the effects of our current policies from both parties on our everyday life, like we’re beginning to see with the disastrous ObamaCare law, some will begin to see the light. 

Not because Libertarians will win the argument, but because the other side will look so incompetent and stupid. Some day we’ll again have leaders that actually mean it when they take the oath to defend the Constitution.

Our founders knew what they were talking about.

Dan Shaw



Gravesite theft

To the editor:

It is pretty ridiculous when some lowlife has the audacity to help themselves to property that is on someone’s grave. Not only did this happen once, but it happened twice within a matter of weeks. 

I realize some people are having a hard time financially but to rob from someone’s grave is downright sorry. 

My mom has only been gone for a little over four months. Isn’t anything sacred anymore? You may have taken personal effects, but you will never take my memories or the love in my heart.

To the person or persons who took the decorations, I need not know who you are, the Lord already does. Just remember you too will have someone special in your life to pass on, and it could happen to you. 

Do unto others, as you would like done to you.

Rhonda Wilborn 

South Boston