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Support Mike Freshour

To the editor:

I have worked in the court system for 13 years.  During that time I have had an opportunity to work with both candidates for commonwealth’s attorney. 

My support is behind Mike Freshour 100 percent. He is a strong advocate for the citizens of Halifax County, and he is firm and consistent in his positions. He is very efficient in managing the docket, and he is respectful of the clerks and staff who work in the courthouse.

Being commonwealth’s attorney can’t be easy.  But it is my opinion that Mike Freshour is doing a good job, he is supporting the needs of the community and the court, and there is no reason to vote him out of office—which is what his opponent is asking you to do.  

Mike Freshour has listened to what our citizens wanted—fewer plea agreements and tougher prosecution of violent and repeat offenders—and he is delivering. 

He is what this county and this courthouse need, and he has my vote.  

Please vote for Mike Freshour on Nov. 5 for commonwealth’s attorney.  


Ann Compton

South Boston


Calling all Bible voters

To the editor: 

For the past several months I have gotten to know Mike Freshour, and I write to express my support for Mr. Freshour as commonwealth’s attorney. 

I have seen several character traits in Mr. Freshour that I value.  Most people don’t even know who the commonwealth’s attorney is unless they have to go before him, and this was the case for me.  But, I have found him willing to spend time answering questions or concerns that are expressed.  

He displays professionalism, integrity and a down-home personality.  As a family man he knows the importance of keeping our community safe.  I always use the Bible as my guide when voting, and Mr. Freshour shares the same conservative Christian values that line up with mine. I believe he has the experience, determination and commitment to serve our county and to protect the citizens of Halifax County.

I have seen in the paper, Mr. Freshour has the endorsement of a significant number of our leaders and representatives—Senator Ruff, Senator Stanley, Delegate Edmunds and Congressman Hurt, to name a few.  I have had discussions with my friends and associates, all people I respect, and they also support Mike Freshour.  

I have seen the names on Mr. Freshour’s first endorsement ad, and I notice that several of the endorsements are from the clerk and several deputy clerks of the court.  To me, that says a lot about how well respected Mr. Freshour is in the courthouse.

Mr. Freshour is a man dedicated to Halifax County.  He has 14 years of trial experience and 10 years of prosecution experience.  Through his experience, he has prepared himself to assume the role of commonwealth’s attorney, and I believe he has demonstrated in the past year that he is the right choice for the job. 

Vote the Bible. Vote for Mike Freshour.  He is my choice for commonwealth’s attorney, and I hope he is yours too. 

Barbara Moorefield



‘A heart for education’

To the editor:

This letter addresses attention to the voting residents of Election District 6 in Halifax County.

Having been educated in Halifax County and as a veteran educator of 33 years with a vested interest in the educational system in Halifax County, (I have two grandsons in the system), I am urging voters in Election District 6 to cast their ballots Nov. 5 for Fay Satterfield.

I became acquainted with Fay just seeing her “out and about,” later realizing that I was really seeing her more at school and education related meetings and functions. 

I have found Fay to be a person of genuine interest in the school system and its students. 

She is, in my opinion, a conscientious, hard working, “door to door” member of the present school board. I especially admire her support of hiring locally, if possible. 

I am proud of her active support of the students and teachers by visiting in the schools, keeping abreast of projects, progress and needs. 

She is a familiar face to the students, and I have seen her many times “one on one” congratulating, encouraging and supporting their efforts.

Do you want to lose such a person on your local school board? I think not. 

So, please cast your vote for one with “a heart for education.”

Thank you for your consideration.

Betty G. Hart



Vote for best candidate, Tracy Q. Martin

To the editor:

This time of year, people should be thinking of the upcoming elections. Everyone needs to study what each candidate stands for. Though a lot of people seem dissatisfied with the candidates on the state level, we have a significant election going on at the local level.  

Here in Halifax County we will vote for a very important position, the commonwealth’s attorney. This should not be a vote based on political party because it is a nonpartisan position. 

It does not matter what party you belong too, it does not have any bearings on the position, because the job of the commonwealth’s attorney is to make sure the laws are carried out and Miranda rights are not violated. 

The commonwealth’s attorney has to look at each case and decide the following:

(1) Is there enough evidence to take this case to court and obtain a guilty verdict?  

 (2) What sentence, outlined by the law, should be asked for? This should be done on a case-by-case basis. A person with a history of law violations should definitely get more time than a first time offender. Tracy Quackenbush Martin believes in the death penalty, if the crime calls for it. 

 (3) All cases should be resolved within 12 months. Cases are being continued over and over, usually meaning justice has not been served. 

 (4) Talk with all law officials, victims and witnesses. These people should be kept up to date on the case and if any changes are made in the court date, they should be notified, immediately. Law officers, jurors and the public should not have to get to court to be told the case has been continued or a plea bargain reached. 

 (5) Decide whether it is in the best interest of the county if a person is offered a plea agreement. 

 (6) Be available to answer questions from all citizens in the county.  

 (7) Take the time to work with young attorneys and teach them the proper way to prosecute cases. 

 (8) Have experience with running a business (the county is a business with a budget).

 (9) Have a good working relationship with all law enforcement and other attorneys, court officials, judges and all involved with the judicial system. 

  (10) Be tough, fair and have experience. 

Tracy has 15 years as a defense attorney and therefore has a mass amount of experience to be the commonwealth’s attorney.

These 10 things are what Tracy Quackenbush Martin would do if elected commonwealth’s attorney of Halifax County.

I am a firm believer you have to vote for the person who will do the best job, regardless of political party. Just because you go to church with someone, your kids play on the same sports team, or you work with one of their relatives, is not a reason to vote for someone. 

A vote Nov. 5 for Tracy Quackenbush Martin is a vote for the best candidate running for commonwealth’s attorney.

Bonita Nelson

South Boston


‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

To the editor:

My parents, especially my father, taught me to love my country. He also taught me to serve my country through political involvement. I’ve supported the Republican Party and for the last several years have supported Republican candidates running for office both locally and nationally. This year I have been very involved in supporting Mike Freshour, candidate for Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I didn’t know Mike personally until I started working in his campaign for election. I knew he was doing an effective job filling the office of commonwealth’s attorney, but I really didn’t know him personally. 

As I have come to know the man who serves this community, I respect and admire him as a person also. He is one of the most humble people I have ever known, but he has an inner strength that gives him the ability to be tough when the job requires that. He can be a good friend, but he is all business when he needs to be.

It can be difficult for someone who was not born and reared in Halifax County to earn the respect of the community in a small town since sometimes we don’t trust “outsiders.” Mike Freshour is not an outsider. He and his family have lived and worked in the county for a number of years. They are a respected part of the community. They are members and workers at First Presbyterian Church in South Boston, and he is a member of the Halifax County Chamber of Commerce. He’s a past member of the Rotary Club International, the Mentor Role Model Board, Halifax/Charlotte County Red Cross Board and is currently a member of the Halifax County Little Theatre Board.

Mike served as assistant commonwealth’s attorney from 2004 -2005 where he was Project Exile prosecutor handling all firearm cases. 

He was promoted to deputy commonwealth’s attorney in 2005 where he served until 2012 as regional drug prosecutor. He was the primary prosecutor for Halifax/South Boston Gang and Narcotics Taskforce. 

As you can tell from his promotions, he had the respect and confidence of the former commonwealth’s attorney in his ability and skills to get the job done. This gave him nine years of experience preparing him for his appointment to fill this position when she was promoted to judge. 

He has done a fine job for the county since his appointment in 2012, and my vote says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Please join me in supporting Mike Freshour for commonwealth’s attorney for Halifax County and let’s not take a chance on having to train someone else for the job that Mike already knows and can only get better at. 

As I’m sure we all know, we have a great little community, but we have some tough folks also who would like to create havoc here. We need a tough prosecutor with experience in handling these cases to stop the crime and keep our community safe for ourselves and our children.

Carole Lacks

South Boston


James Edmunds 

best man for job

To the editor:

This letter concerns the upcoming House of Delegates election between James Edmunds II and Jasper Hendricks III.

I know James as a local, homegrown businessman. You can find him in Wal-Mart or the local farm store any day of the week.

I feel like James eats, sleeps and breathes Southside Virginia.

James has made his own way in this world. It sounds like (from the article that appeared in Friday’s Gazette) Mr. Hendricks has made his way off the taxpayers’ dime.

Do we really need another community organizer telling Southside Virginia what’s good for us?

I know James Edmunds. I trust him to represent and do what is best for Southside Virginia.

What do ya’ll think?


David L. Saunders



Taking the higher road

To the editor:

I support Mike Freshour in the upcoming race for commonwealth’s attorney. I believe that Mike is committed to providing honest, non-biased, professional service to the citizens of Halifax County. 

Mike is committed to justice for the victims while respecting the rights of the accused. 

As the current commonwealth’s attorney, Mike has responded to requests from the community to take a harder line against repeat offenders and violent criminals. It is an undisputed fact that Mike’s training and experience is unmatched in this race. I am grateful that Mike wants to continue to serve our county. 

Sometimes political campaigns can get nasty. I appreciate the way Mike has taken the higher road in this campaign.

Every vote is important. On behalf of both candidates, I encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 5. 

I will be voting for Mike Freshour for commonwealth’s attorney and know that I am voting for a dedicated, trained and experienced prosecutor.

Diane Newberry

South Boston


The man with experience

To the editor:

As the father-in-law of the commonwealth’s attorney, it is my privilege to recommend Mike Freshour.

Within a matter of days we will have an election between two starkly different candidates.  The existing commonwealth’s attorney has nine years criminal prosecution experience – the independent challenger claims experience but not criminal prosecution experience.   I assume if she had had any prosecution experience she would have already claimed it.

We need to look behind the façade built to represent the challenger.  Are we really being asked to elect a commonwealth’s attorney who has never prosecuted a case?  

Are we really being asked to elect a prosecutor who has only trained in the opposite side of the law - getting criminals off on lighter sentences?  Further, it seems to me that a lot of on the job training will be needed to get the challenger up to speed.  Who will do that?

Simply put:  the challenger will not have nine years criminal prosecuting experience until 2022 – but of course the current commonwealth’s attorney will have 18 years experience by then. 

We need to be very careful in this election and look behind the signs on vacant lots, the rumors, the innuendo, the cute fire engines in parades. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Freshour has nine years experience as a criminal prosecutor.  It will be 2022 before the challenger can match this.  Period.

I know Mike to be a hard working prosecutor and family man.  He is dedicated to being the commonwealth’s attorney.  He is not using it as a stepping stone to any other job.  

Mike has the right experience for the job, the determination to get criminals and repeat offenders off the street and the integrity to run a clean campaign focused on the relevant issues.

I believe Mike Freshour is the right man for the job.  He has my vote.


Ed Fraser

South Boston



To the editor:

I need your help. We live on Carter’s Lane off Highway 501 in Halifax County. On Thursday, Oct. 17, at approximately 6 in the evening I was outside working in the yard when I heard my neighbor’s dogs start barking. 

My two German Shepherds (a 3-year-old female and a 9-month-old puppy) and two Olde English Bulldogges (a 3-year-old female and an 8-month-old puppy) ran toward the neighbor’s house. Our houses are not visible from each other and are separated with woods. 

My son called to the dogs, and the bulldogges immediately returned. 

I continued to call for the German Shepherds without success but figured they were probably swimming in the creek as they often do after they run for a little while. 

About 30 minutes later the German Shepherd puppy was on our front porch, and the older one, Tazeen, was nowhere to be found. This was unusual because these two dogs are inseparable. 

We continued to search up and down the road, through the woods and along the river without any sign of Tazeen. 

Tazeen has never spent a night outside in her life, is the most loving and special dog anyone could ask for. She has puppies and would never leave them for long. If she were able to come home, she would. 

I find it very hard to understand how someone could harm/kill someone’s loving pet, especially when they are on their own property and have never caused any problems. 

We have been searching the area for days looking for any sign of her, dead or alive, and can find nothing. I can only imagine the pain she may have suffered. 

Now I’m worried every time I let my other dogs outside for exercise that they might run through the woods, and we may never see them again.


The Abedeljalil Family

Faisal Abedeljalil



Vote for Mike Freshour 

To the editor:

As Election Day fast approaches, I ask that you vote for Mike Freshour, the Republican candidate for commonwealth’s attorney. Mr. Freshour is our current commonwealth’s attorney, and he has extensive jury/bench trial experience as a prosecutor.  He has the confidence, integrity and heart to be your commonwealth’s attorney, and he has my support.  

As many of you know, I have worked in the legal field for 26 years and am concerned about the statements being made by Mr. Freshour’s opponent and want to clarify some of her suggestions.

First, his opponent states she is just as experienced as Mr. Freshour because she has 15 years trial experience.  However, Mr. Freshour has 14 years of criminal trial experience, of which 10 years are specifically as a prosecutor.  

His opponent has never been a prosecutor nor has she ever been employed in that capacity.  I will tell you that it is my experience there is a great difference between defense work and prosecution work.  Having 15 years trial experience, much of which is in civil/domestic/real estate area, is not the type of experience one needs to pursue this office.  She simply does not have the experience this job requires and has not done anything to gain that experience to prepare her for such a position. 

Second, his opponent indicates that only a small percent of cases were tried in Halifax County and the others were nol prossed (dismissed), plea bargained or finalized by guilty pleas. However, she failed to break down the percentages of which cases fell into which category, and I believe it makes a significant difference.  

If a defendant pleads guilty to the charges against him or her, then yes a trial is at that point not necessary.  But if the defendant pleads guilty, that is a good result. If a plea agreement meets the needs of the county or victims, then that would also be a good result. 

Third, I am also concerned that Mr. Freshour’s opponent states she will deliver harsher penalties and do more jury trials.  Was that a way for her to suggest our judges are not doing their jobs because with the exception of juvenile transfer, if you have a jury trial, then the jury and not the judge, will decide the sentence?  I believe in the system and trust in the courts to do justice.  What makes the system work is having the highest caliber person in each position.  And, if we have more jury trials, what cost would that be to the taxpayers?  If the commonwealth requests a jury, the cost is born by the commonwealth/the taxpayers.

I do like how Mr. Freshour has conducted himself since taking office and during this campaign. He has my vote.

Remember, the opponent’s campaign promises are things Mr. Freshour is already doing so how can she bring anything new to that position? 

Vote for experience, vote for strong leadership. Vote for Mike Freshour on Nov. 5.  

Carol T. Tuck



Keep Freshour as commonwealth’s attorney

To the editor:

I have been following with interest the local elections this year for commonwealth’s attorney, and I now know who I am supporting.  

Mike Freshour has handled himself well throughout this campaign and has done so while continuing to focus on the needs of Halifax County and doing a good job as commonwealth’s attorney.  

I read in the paper on almost a weekly basis about the increased punishments he is able to achieve for drug dealers and violent criminals.  

This is what I want for Halifax County—a tough prosecutor.  I’m not going to change it, and I hope you don’t either.  We have what works, and I find no need to vote him out of office in order to start all over again because someone else wants to do the job.

I have been proud of how Mr. Freshour has handled himself throughout some ugly campaigning. He has earned my respect for how he has handled himself.  He already had my respect for his ability to do the job and his success as a prosecutor.

Mike Freshour needs to remain our commonwealth’s attorney.  I will be voting on Nov. 5 to do just that, and I hope you will too.


Heather Nichols

South Boston


Vote for Tracy Q. Martin

To the editor:

I urge you to cast your vote for Tracy Quackenbush Martin on Nov. 5.  

Tracy has lived in Halifax for over 20 years and has earned her stripes as a respected lawyer with her own law firm.   She has the most experience for the job, and I can highly recommend her based on legal work she has done for my family. 

Tracy is a valued member of St. John’s Church where she sings in the choir and works with our church youth group.  

Tracy’s roots are deep here, and I know that she will make an outstanding commonwealth’s attorney for Halifax County for many years to come.

Jack Dunavant



Vote for Mike Freshour 

To the editor:

Over the past several months I have met Mike Freshour at several community events.  I find that he has a number of qualities that I value in a candidate such as experience, honesty and Christian values.  

Unlike his opponent, he has many years of experience working in the commonwealth’s attorney’s office.  I like for a candidate to have experience, and he has worked his way up in the commonwealth’s attorney’s office to become the commonwealth’s attorney.  

As the newspapers show, he is working hard to keep our families and communities safe.  He and his family are active members of First Presbyterian Church in South Boston.

Please vote for Republican candidate Mike Freshour on Nov. 5.

Linda Scott



Already in place

To the editor:

Mike Freshour is the commonwealth’s attorney who displays all the attributes that we need in the commonwealth’s attorney. On Nov. 5, Halifax County will vote for a commonwealth’s attorney. 

Guess what? He is already in place. Mike Freshour has an extremely high level of charisma, integrity and trustworthiness. His level of integrity recently was demonstrated over “the raffle that wasn’t.”

Mike is a hard-working commonwealth’s attorney who assumed these duties after Kim White earned her judgeship. Mike has been the commonwealth’s attorney for the past 14 months and has performed these duties extremely well and efficiently while increasing prosecution rates in the county. 

Mike works extremely well with the judges and both past and present law enforcement officers, and he will continue to do so.

Mike is the regional drug prosecutor, primary prosecutor for the Gang and Narcotics Taskforce and the Project Exile prosecutor. Mike was the assistant commonwealth’s attorney in 2004-2005 and became the deputy commonwealth’s attorney in 2005 through 2012. He became the current commonwealth’s attorney in 2012. As you can see, Mike is a veteran prosecutor with the experience we need.

Mike is active in our community. He is a current member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, First Presbyterian Church in South Boston, where he serves as a deacon, and a board member of the Halifax County Little Theater. In the past, he has served as a member of the Halifax/Charlotte County Red Cross, Rotary Club and Mentor Role Model Boards.

Mike Freshour is a man of faith; he loves his family and our community. Mike has a family of four children, and he understands how important it is to keep his family as well as the families and citizens of this county safe from criminals and their activities.

Mike Freshour is great for our community, law enforcement officers and our court system. Mike has the fortitude and will remain detrimental to criminals and their activities. Mike has earned the opportunity to continue what he has begun. 

With your vote, Mike Freshour will continue protecting the people and families of Halifax County from criminals.

On Nov. 5, go out and vote - Mike Freshour, commonwealth’s attorney.

Mark Nichols

South Boston


Why not black pastor as lieutenant governor

To the editor:

As Election Day nears in our commonwealth, our three highest state offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general will be decided. 

Regardless of party affiliation, I ask that the citizens of Virginia exercise their ‘God-given’ right to vote.

In 2008, many of you went to the polls to proudly partake in what would be a historic presidential election. For the first time in American history, a person of color had led a major party ticket. 

As the 2012 presidential election came and went, and President Obama made history once again [first person of color to be re-elected POTUS], I listened to the shared wisdom of so many as they explained to me the racial importance of Obama’s election and re-election. 

In short, President Obama’s racial achievement is considered a trailblazing effort for those who are persons of color. Proudly, those who have declared their racial support for President Obama have encouraged others to do the same.  

As some of you may be aware, we have a historic race taking place for lieutenant governor at the moment. For the second time in Virginia’s history, we have an opportunity to elect a person of color as our lieutenant governor, and that being Earl W. Jackson. 

Historically, this will be the first time in recent memory that an openly Christian candidate is running on the convictions of the Christian faith, and that being Earl W. Jackson as well. 

Not surprising, Mr. Jackson has been the most targeted candidate throughout the state elections since being nominated to carry his party’s ticket earlier this year. Major media networks have attacked his belief in Jesus Christ, and non-Christian black scholars have attacked him racially for the sake of discouraging others to support him. 

The main focus against E.W. Jackson’s bid for lieutenant governor is not based on his policy ideas; instead, it is based on his being a black non-Democratic candidate, and his unapologetic belief in Christianity. 

Unfortunately, E. W. Jackson has been under heavy assault for professing in a belief system that you and I share deeply. Why do we as Christians allow non-Christians to direct our role in politics? Much of Jackson’s opposition is based upon the position that a pastor should not run for office, and that “God has no place in politics.” 

In closing, I am not asking you to support E. W. Jackson on the basis of any superficial historic moment; however, if you held to the belief of going to the polls to racially support President Obama as a trailblazer for generations to follow, then in order to avoid racial hypocrisy, you must consider voting for E. W. Jackson. 

The day anyone tells me that a candidate is disqualified because he is a Christian who believes in the Word of God is the day that I cease being influenced by that person or group. There is nothing taboo or radical about God….see you at the polls Election Day. 

Melvin Whitlock


Former Halifax County resident



Vote for John Voss

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to request a moment of your reader’s time to express my overall perception of one of the candidates for the Halifax County Board of Supervisors in Election District 6. 

 I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. John Voss one late afternoon. At first, I thought he was a fellow farmer visiting me and my family. You know, blue jeans, plaid shirt and baseball cap. With a firm handshake and his introduction of himself, I realized that he was a candidate running for the board of supervisors in my district.

I was very impressed with his knowledge and passion of the issues surrounding the needs of our community. I found him to be straight forward and sincere with his answers/opinions to my questions. Let me be frank with you, I grilled him on every subject. 

What impressed me the most was my question to him on his stance, pro-life or pro-choice? Without hesitation, and looking straight at me! 

Mr. John Voss is the first candidate that did not hesitate, and for a better choice of words, he-hum his way through that question.

I would like to thank you and your readers for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion.

Vote for Voss.


Rhonda Stevens



Personal observations

To the editor:

As voters go to the polls on Nov. 5th, I would like them to consider these personal observations. 

First, I worked for years with both Mike Freshour and Tracy Quackenbush Martin in the public defender’s office. In my opinion, Tracy is by far the candidate best qualified to serve our county effectively as commonwealth’s attorney.  Her legal knowledge and skills, personal values and people skills are truly exceptional among the lawyers I knew and worked with during my more than 30 years of law practice. She will have no problem whatsoever transitioning from the role of defense counsel to that of prosecutor.  I encourage all voters to vote for Tracy.

Second, in the race for Virginia Governor, I strongly support Ken Cuccinelli.  He has shown himself to be a firm supporter of second amendment rights, and he strongly opposes “Obamacare.” His principal opponent, Terry McAuliffe, no doubt will go along with whatever President Obama wishes to do concerning both of those issues--regardless of the negative impact on Virginia’s residents.  For me, that overrides any and all other factors and earns Ken Cuccinelli my vote.

Third, as to other local elections, I will not vote for anyone who has in the past voted for or advocated for use of public funds to pay lobbyists to advocate for banning uranium mining in Virginia.  While I am neither for nor against uranium mining, I am opposed to using public funds to further one side of an ongoing legislative debate.  I believe such a practice never should have begun, and it definitely should not be allowed to continue.  

Any elected official who voted to donate thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds to a partisan lobbying organization has shown himself or herself to be a poor steward of public funds and unworthy to continue in office.   

In any situation where such an incumbent is running unopposed, I encourage voters to write in any other person’s name to demonstrate lack of support for the incumbent.


Robert R. Meeks

South Boston


Spare me

To the editor:

I see that James Lloyd Terry has been found incompetent at this time to stand trial on the capital murder charge of killing Charlotte Rice.

So let me see… he is charged with knowing how to gain entrance into her home, charged with committing sexual acts and charged with murdering her. Finally, he knew to flee the crime scene. 

Spare me.

Sheryl Lynn Luke

South Boston


Cast vote for Freshour

To the editor:

Several years ago I was involved with a case that Mike Freshour took over when another attorney in the commonwealth’s attorney’s office left. I was concerned about this man who knew nothing about the case taking it over just a few days prior to the court date, but I quickly found I had no reason to be concerned at all. 

Mr. Freshour met with me and discussed the case, which he had obviously taken the time to familiarize himself with. I could not have asked for a better prosecutor to have been in that courtroom. 

I found Mr. Freshour to be a very professional, reliable and highly knowledgeable person who went above and beyond to make sure that justice was served, and that is exactly what he still does as our current commonwealths’ attorney. 

When Mr. Freshour began his campaign to be elected commonwealth’s attorney, I volunteered to help with his campaign because I know that he is the best person for the job. He has not only had the experience of being our assistant commonwealth’s attorney, he was our deputy commonwealth’s attorney for seven years as well. 

He is doing an outstanding job since becoming the commonwealth’s attorney in August of 2012, and within that short time, he has more than proven his capability to continue to do so. 

He is a hard worker, and is a person who has and will spend late nights at the office to make sure that his job is done. Mr. Freshour’s goal for being commonwealth’s attorney has been and remains to prosecute criminals and keep our families and his safe. 

Since he assumed the role of commonwealth’s attorney just over a little more than a year ago, he has made it his mission to go after repeat offenders, and he and his team have and will continue to deal harshly with them. 

He has proven he is a man of his word, as he and his team have worked hard to increase sentences for violent and repeat offenders in our county. There has been an increase of cases prosecuted in circuit court, and the number of defendants prosecuted has increased, just since he became our commonwealth’s attorney. 

In the past year, he and his team have become a more aggressive prosecuting office, especially for violent and repeat offenders. I now have the privilege of saying that I know Mr. Freshour on a personal level as well.  

Before volunteering for his campaign, I already knew his wife, Melissa, and now I have gotten to know her better along with Mike, and their children. 

He is a very caring husband and father, and he and Melissa are both active in their children’s lives and activities. Both Mike and Melissa are involved in many different areas of our community, and their family are members of First Presbyterian Church in South Boston, where Mike is a deacon and Sunday School teacher.  

I ask you join me on Nov. 5, and cast your vote for Mike Freshour for commonwealth’s attorney. 


Tammy Nichols

South Boston


Ted Cruz

To the editor:

If Ted Cruz is all the good the Grand Ole Party has to offer, they will lose again.

When we give to the world the best we have, the best will come back to you. 

If that is all the GOP has to offer, they don’t have anything.

Willie Ewell

South Boston


Total vote of confidence

for Freshour

To the editor:

I believe I have a unique perspective on the job that Mike Freshour has done in the commonwealth’s attorney’s office because I have been the office manager of that office for 10 years.  

I began employment in that office in March 2004, and Mike began employment several months later.  

Given the length of time I have worked with Mike and watched as he performed his duties, I can tell you without a doubt that the county is well served by electing Mike Freshour to continue as our commonwealth’s attorney.  He is intelligent, thoughtful, fair and well respected by the legal community — in short, he is an excellent experienced prosecutor. 

He has my total vote of confidence, and I am pleased to write a letter on his behalf.  I will be voting for Mike Freshour on Nov. 5, and I hope that you do too.


Carolyn Slayton



Vote Freshour for stability, efficiency and experience

To the editor:

I have known Mike Freshour for a number of years.  I have also known Tracy Quackenbush Martin for a number of years.  After consideration, my vote for commonwealth’s attorney is for Mike Freshour.  

There are several reasons I have chosen to support Mike Freshour.  First, Mike is a good prosecutor and a good person.  In the 11 years I have worked with him as deputy clerk in the courthouse I have found him to be diligent, fair and knowledgeable.  

He has worked to improve the number of prosecutions handled by that office while continuing to maintain a high caliber of practice.  He also is extremely efficient—handling the large caseload well—and maintains good working relationships with most everyone in the courthouse system.   

He provides stability to the process by his strong leadership and experience.

I stand by Mike Freshour.  He has been a prosecutor for 10 years.  He is prosecuting hard and getting results.  

Vote for Mike Freshour on Nov. 5 and vote for stability, efficiency and experience.


Jill T. Tribble



Vote for Mike Freshour

To the editor:

I have been an attorney in Halifax County since 1995, and I have worked with both Tracy Quackenbush and Mike Freshour.  I also know Mike as parent and as a fellow church member at the First Presbyterian Church.   

In addition, he personally prosecuted a criminal who broke into my home one Thanksgiving weekend several years ago in broad daylight.  He secured a 15-year sentence at a jury trial, thereby taking this dangerous person off the streets of Halifax County.  

I have been disappointed and troubled by the misleading and outright false statements being made about him in this campaign.  He is organized, well prepared and is a tough prosecutor in court.   I think it is misleading to imply that his opponent will be more organized, more prepared or a tougher prosecutor if she were to take over this job.  

He has a proven track record of treating people with equal fairness and respect, a proven track record of fighting for appropriate jail time for repeat offenders, a proven track record of being available to the public, and a proven track record of swift justice.   I don’t know of anything else that can be done in his office for swifter justice.  

Just prior to Mike Freshour taking over as acting commonwealth’s attorney, the court and the local attorneys went through a process of working together to come up with a policy to discourage continuances and move cases along more quickly.  Mike Freshour’s office does a wonderful job of avoiding unnecessary continuances.

Mike Freshour is not motivated by self-interest or personal or political gain.  He is motivated by upholding the laws of Virginia.  

Accordingly, I urge you to vote for Mike Freshour for commonwealth’s attorney.

Thank you,

E. Sterling Byrd-Roberts

South Boston


Total confidence in Tracy Q. Martin

To the editor:

The relationship started as a professional one in 2004. I called Tracy Quackenbush Martin’s office to arrange an appointment. I knew from that moment on that she was the right attorney for me. 

After meeting her and talking with her, I was totally impressed with her compassion, professional knowledge and caring attitude. I can truly say that my daughter and I were blessed when we found Tracy. She was, is so compassionate about doing what’s best for us. She knows the law. She battles in the courtroom when needed. She is a natural. She holds her own. 

I have total confidence in Tracy and know that she will represent us all with the utmost professionalism, organization and caring attitude and personality that she exhibits daily. 

Vote Tracy Quackenbush Martin for commonwealth’s attorney. 

Teresa Boelte

Vernon Hill


Keep Freshour where he is

To the editor:

I am voting for Mike Freshour this election for commonwealth’s attorney. 

I admire the way he has conducted himself this past year as commonwealth’s attorney, and I want to see him continue what he started. 

I like that he is asking for longer jail sentences for violent criminals and repeat criminals. I like that he is getting drug dealers off the streets and in jail. I like that he has increased the number of prosecutions, and I like the results I am seeing.

Mike Freshour is doing a good job.

I am going to vote next Tuesday to keep him right where he is. I hope you do too.


Bill Settles


South Boston