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The threat of riots

To the editor:

On Oct. 11 the USDA issued a letter to all the states to stop all EBT food assistance debit system use on Nov. 1 if the shutdown continued. The very next day an “unexpected” system failure resulted in the Louisiana Walmart food panic.

Was this a warning to the Republicans? This threat of nationwide rioting appeared to be successful - four days later the Republicans caved. 

Do you recall what one park ranger said: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can.”

It’s hard for me to realize how ruthless this administration has become, and I doubt that we’ve seen the end of it. 

Dan Shaw



Vote for Quackenbush Martin

To the editor:

We are about to elect a commonwealth’s attorney on Tuesday, Nov. 5, for Halifax County.

The candidate of our choice is Tracy Quackenbush Martin. 

We believe from personal experience that Tracy will be an outstanding representative for the citizens of Halifax County.

Tracy has represented us as our attorney, and we have come to know her through our church and her leadership in youth activities, vestry and choir. And by the way, she has a beautiful voice.

Tracy graduated from Tulane University and received her law degree from Washington and Lee University. We know her to be an enthusiastic person of character that will bring accountability to the office of commonwealth’s attorney.

We ask you to vote for Tracy Quackenbush Martin on Tuesday Nov. 5.

Jane Carlton and Bill Confroy



Vote Quackenbush Martin

To the editor:

This is in regards to the Commonwealth’s Attorney  candidate Tracy Quackenbush Martin. 

In my opinion she’s a very generous and honest person. I first got to know her when she handled my divorce in Dec. 2001, which came out great, thanks to her. 

I knew she would go further with her career. She was at a church I attended Sunday, Oct. 13, with her husband. They made themselves at home. 

We need young people who are educated, fair and honest, regardless of color.

Please go out and vote Nov. 5.


Dorothy Hill

South Boston


No coincidence

To the editor:

The allegations that House Republicans are responsible for the recent government shutdown are unreasonable and could not be further from the truth. 

Our Congressman Robert Hurt, and his GOP colleagues are the only ones in Washington who were working to end the shutdown. They were the only ones putting forth proposals to prevent it from happening in the first place.

With the Senate refusing to negotiate, the GOP-led House has passed numerous bills to provide short-term funding to crucial government programs during the shutdown. 

The Senate won’t even take those up. They won’t negotiate one long-term solution, and they won’t take up the bills the House has passed to provide short-term solutions. 

The House is the only facet of our government controlled by Republicans, and the only facet of the government that worked to end this shutdown. That is no coincidence. 

Thank You

Jane Newkirk

South Boston


Letter from Mike 

Freshour’s father

To the editor:

As a military dependent in his youth, Mike experienced different cultures and lifestyles in the United States and foreign countries. 

His education began when he attended preschool in Norfolk. This early introduction to learning has served him well. He was in the gifted and talented programs in Maryland and Virginia (Navy base assignments).

In the early years of his public education, we lived in LaMaddalena, Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean, for two years. My job was onboard a forward deployed U. S. nuclear submarine tender. His round-trip to school via car, bus and ferry took longer than the time he spent in class. Despite this travelling time challenge for Mike, it did not diminish his desire to attend school and his eagerness to learn. Instead, this experience instilled in him a craving for knowledge that he still carries with him today.

When attending high school in Spotsylvania County, he found a $5 bill in the school’s hallway and turned it in to the school office. I found out about it later when I received a letter from the school’s vice principal stating what had happened and that it was very seldom that he had encountered someone that young who was so civic-minded. That vice principal was also a Virginia State Senator at the time.

The above statements are examples that demonstrate Mike’s character. He has been a dedicated hard worker throughout his life. His work ethic is unmatched by anyone who I know. He is a deacon and Sunday school teacher at First Presbyterian Church in South Boston where he, his supportive wife and their four delightful children faithfully attend. 

His trustworthiness, respect for his fellow human beings, responsibility to his job, fairness and caring in dealing with others and demonstrated positive citizenship bode well for him in all aspects of his personal and professional endeavors in the support of all the communities in Halifax County.

Mike has a proven record of professional accomplishments and success. He has successfully filled leadership positions in both private and public organizations and managed their most valuable asset, their people. 

He is an expert in the law and serves the public interest. A Virginia Circuit Court Judge told me that Mike is very good at what he does. As the commonwealth’s attorney, he is the only candidate in the race who has experience as a constitutional officer. 

Mike’s Bachelor of Arts degree in economics/finance from the University of Virginia complements his professional capabilities in managing the budget and court caseloads for the commonwealth’s attorney’s office for Halifax County.  

 Mike has the required education, leadership, knowledge and experience to continue to be the most qualified, effective and successful commonwealth’s attorney for Halifax County. 

My wife and I are very proud of him and his personal and professional accomplishments. I encourage you to vote for Mike who will work hard in the best interests of all Halifax County citizens.

Lynn Freshour



The man for the job

To the editor:

Some years ago, Larry Giordano and his wife, Rae, set out on a journey searching for a better place to live, to call home, and they found Halifax County. 

Since that time Larry has built a home, started a farm, became involved in this community and set down permanent roots.

I first met Larry and Rae about seven years ago. Since that time they have become good friends and neighbors. 

Larry is a deacon at our church, and I have served on committees with him. Having had ample opportunity to see Larry in action, I have found him to be an honest, Christian, family man. 

Again and again I have been impressed with his ability to lead, organize and problem solve.  

I heartily recommend Larry Giordano for the office of supervisor on the Halifax County Board of Supervisors from Election District 6.


Marilyn M. Murphy

South Boston


See through media spin

To the editor:

Thank goodness for the Republicans in Congress for having the guts to stand up for what’s right for the future of our nation. As the media continues to promulgate the outright falsity that President Obama and the Senate Democrats have no responsibility in the shutdown, I cannot stand idly by any longer. 

 I know many of you are as angry as I am that the media has, as usual, refused to hold the Democratic Party accountable for their part in our arrival at the current budget stalemate.  

Countless proposals for funding government operations and achieving responsible spending reform have been proposed by House Republicans, at a time when we carry a $17 trillion debt, with each one being labeled “Dead on Arrival” by the President and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Refusing to even consider negotiations, Harry Reid said it is all or nothing.  I am reminded of the 1995 shutdown negotiations and images of President Clinton sitting in the oval office with Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Dick Gephardt, Tom Daschle and Vice President Gore. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not Bill Clinton’s number one fan, but at least he was willing to engage with Congressional leaders.

I can conjure no similar image of our current president sitting with Republican leaders.

President Obama seems to only want to engage when the threat of a financial meltdown is imminent. This isn’t leadership, my fellow Virginians, and I hope you can see through the left wing media spin and understand who is really preventing a resolution to the shutdown.

Thank you,

Pat Barksdale