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Choose wisely

To the editor:

Barrels of ink have been used to tell of the shortcomings of candidates for governor this year.  Some believe that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is too conservative on social issues. Some believe that Terry McAuliffe lacks ethics and will misuse the governor’s office accordingly.

I believe the focus should be how each will act in relation to actions in Washington.

Mr. McAuliffe was a key fundraiser for both of President Obama’s presidential races. They are political “peas in a pod.” Does anyone believe that Mr. McAuliffe will do anything different than create at the state level exactly the same dilemma that we face in Washington? 

Mr. McAuliffe announced in June that if the General Assembly did not expand Medicaid then he would shut down state government just as happened in Washington.

Mr. McAuliffe has endorsed the president’s assault on coal.  That action will drive up your electric bill. 

When President Obama’s out of control Environmental Protection Agency declared that rainwater was a pollutant in Northern Virginia, Attorney General Cuccinelli at the request of Governor McDonnell challenged that regulation. That regulation would have cost state taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to make road improvements.  At the same time, it would have cost Fairfax County millions of dollars, effectively closing down development in the county and force sprawl into rural areas.

Attorney General Cuccinelli beat the EPA in federal courts.  We know that he is willing to fight for us. Does anyone believe that a Gov. McAuliffe would have let the Attorney General fight for Virginians against Washington’s overreach?

It is your responsibility to decide which direction you want Virginia to move in the next four years.  It will affect you as a taxpayer. Choose wisely, if not for yourself then for your children and grandchildren. 

Frank Ruff 



Write-in vote for 

Bill Bolling

To the editor:

I was delighted to see in Sunday’s Richmond Times Dispatch an article on Bill Bolling. They said if he had run for governor, they would have supported him. 

I shall do that Nov. 5 with a write-in vote, and I hope you will too. 

I am also supporting and voting for Mike Freshour for commonwealth’s attorney and James Edmunds for House of Delegates, and I would appreciate if you voted for them too.

Grace Temple Seat

South Boston


To the editor:

I don’t usually get involved in politics because it is too complicated, controversial and argumentative.  However, I have worked in public relations all my life and consider myself, not an expert, but someone who has had to decipher and implement policy.  

I feel it is time someone of average intelligence and one who has worked in middle class America advises our citizens what is really going to happen to our country if Obamacare goes into effect. 

From all that I have read, it will be bad for our economic recovery and will even pull us further into a recession.  

Employers will be forced to cut full-time employees or change their status to part-time, less than 30 hours per week, so they will not have to pay insurance benefits on them.  

Then you will be forced to get “Obamacare” or be fined.  Remember the Supreme Court ruled that the individual would have to be taxed if they did not have insurance coverage. Does this sound like America, a free enterprise nation?  I don’t think so.  I think it sounds like Communism.

Obamacare has even promised that children can stay on their parent’s insurance until age 26.  Then what?  If you are still in college at the age of 27, you will be forced off their policy and will have to get “affordable healthcare.” If you don’t have a job will you be able to afford this?  

Some companies will be forced to offer early retirement?  If you do not qualify for Medicare, then you will be forced to get “affordable healthcare.”

God forbid some companies will probably go out of business because they cannot afford Obamacare therefore causing crisis to our economy and your income.

I understand the government will subsidize lower income families by helping them pay part of their premiums.  This is wonderful if your income is within the range the government has set.  But you ultimately will be paying for this program too through your taxes.

Democrats want you to believe Republicans are causing all the problems, but Republicans see the shape this country is in financially due to all the “give away programs” the Democrats have implemented over the years. They can see what Obamacare will do to this nation’s economy.  

Republicans are only trying to tighten the belt before our country fails and becomes a third world nation. 

The so called “Affordable Care Act” has become increasingly unpopular.  Only 39 percent of the Americans favor the health care program. 

Our government has become too large and too powerful.  They do exactly what they want, not what the American people are telling them they want them to do. They pass bills to enhance their positions in Washington.  

A big concern of mine across all demographics is the effects on the economy.  What happens when people lose hours and work that will affect their income? This law is being applied unfairly, unjustly, unequally and unethically.

Obamacare requires congressional leaders and staff to have the same kind of exchanges like everyone else, but the president has offered congress a special deal where you and I, the taxpayers, will be paying part of their premium.  

Who will be paying your premium?  If you are poor and on Medicaid you have nothing to worry about.  It is the working, middle class again that will suffer the most.  

Stand up America – contact your congressman and representative today.


Nancy Young



In response

To the editor:

This letter is prompted by Barry Banks’ letter, published Sept 25 (“For candidates’ consideration”). 

He raised an issue that concerns both current supervisors and candidates for the office in the November election, the stewardship of increasingly scarce county (public) funds. 

For voters choosing a supervisor in this election, the position of candidates regarding fiscal responsibility will be one of the most important issues to consider. A deciding factor will be the position of any candidate you consider and whether the candidate has described what he hopes to accomplish if elected.  

Larry Giordano, candidate for election to the board of supervisors from ED-6, is a fiscal conservative.  

He is generally opposed to tax increases, and he wants taxpayers’ money to be spent where it brings the greatest return to Halifax County. 

He has canvassed door-to-door tirelessly for months, while participating in leadership activities in his church community and as president of the Turbeville Ruritan.  

He has made himself widely available to discuss any issues residents are interested in.  

If elected, he intends to meet with residents quarterly, in a public setting, such as the Ruritan Club. 

I support his campaign because I believe his election will be good for the board and for county government. 

Ron Smith 

Campaign Treasurer, “Friends of Larry 



Vote against the machine

To the editor:

Most people in America believe that we are served by a two-party system: Democrats and Republicans.  This is far from the truth.  There are several high profile third parties (Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Independent, etc.) that give each American the option of shutting down the current political machine.

Let’s face it, the Republicans and Democrats are all actors.  They try to make the American people believe that one or the other has the best interests of the people in mind.   In fact, that’s far from the truth.  These two parties act together to ensure they maintain control of the government.  

These “Demopublicans” promise one thing, get elected, then do whatever they want.  They are self-serving at the expense of the American people, especially the working class.

Look at the Republicans and Democrats as one body.  The Republicans are the right hand.  The Democrats are the left.  It doesn’t matter which hand holds the whip, it’s still the same “body” controlling it.  

Both parties are corrupt, but they fool the voters by actively placing blame on each other in order to draw attention away from their own corruption and misdeeds.  

They maintain the Electoral College System to ensure no third party candidate can attain the office of president.  They also work to control the media, which explains why third party candidates are rarely invited to televised debates.  

It’s all a well-planned game designed to keep the Demopublicans in power.

Half of registered voters don’t vote, either through protest or laziness. 

Regardless of the reason, if these voters were to go to the polls and join the “third party movement,” the two-party system could soon be crippled, and more choices would be readily available on the ballot. 

Make your vote count this November.  Say no to the Demopublican machine.  

Start a revolution and vote third party.  If no third party option is on the ballot, remember that the write-in option is always available. A vote against the machine is a vote for the American people.


D. Douglas Irby