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Think before killing the buzzards

To the editor:

It’s elementary dear Watson, buzzards were designed to perform an extremely valuable service, namely consuming the dead carcasses and putrifying flesh that might otherwise spread disease. 

When it’s a choice between disease or the buzzard neighbors, I choose the latter.

Remember, buzzards were created by Jehovah God with the capability of searching out existing carrion as well as impending carrion.

We had a tree near our home for quite some time, where many buzzards roosted overnight. Then, an evening arrived, and to our, dismay, the buzzards refused to roost. Why? You may inquire. Simply, a windstorm blew the tree-roost to the ground! Obviously, if buzzards cannot find a tree-roost to rest for the night from their assignment of disease prevention, they go elsewhere.

I admire the complexity and ingenuity that was put into all living creatures as my Chihuahuas constantly exhibit. 

Please think again about killing any of the buzzards.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Johnson