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Tip of the iceberg

To the editor:

I am sure I am only touching the tip of the iceberg, but I would like to inform Halifax County taxpayers just what has been taking place with the Halifax County School Board, the superintendent and her administrators.

Approximately a month ago, some of the trustees on the school board, the superintendent and school administrators wanted to close Cluster Springs Early Learning Center and bus the small pre-K children to three different county schools. 

This past week the 12-month secretary at South Boston Early Learning Center and the 12-month secretary at Cluster Springs Early Learning Center received contracts for only 10 months 15 days (cutting them 45 days). Also, their salaries were cut. 

In other words they were robbed of all raises they had received during their years of tenure in this school system, and they have received no increase in pay for approximately six years. Now, on top of everything else, they were informed they would not get a paycheck for the month of July at all.

How are people who have to live from paycheck to paycheck going to pay their monthly bills? 

These two secretaries’ contracts should be rescinded immediately. This is a travesty. It is going to have a detrimental effect on these secretaries as well as the coordinator and these two schools.

Apparently this administration and some trustees have no remorse about the hardship some of these underpaid employees are going to face in the coming months, nor do they care.

According to the newspapers, many administrators at the central office as well as five secretaries (making from $38,000/$40,000 plus) were all given raises. Maybe the trustees should cut the entire staff in the central office to 10 months 15 days and of course not pay them for the month of July. 

Why were principals (who were cut to 10 months 15 days) reinstated back to 12 months and these secretaries weren’t? What happened to the money of those employees who were forced out of their jobs and how about the extra $110,000 given to the school system by the board of supervisors? 

It seems some of the trustees want to give most of the money to the central office staff. As I have said before, these cuts should have started at the top with the superintendent on down. No raises for anyone. 

My next question is why does every other school in Halifax County have at least one full-time 12-month secretary, while the coordinator of the two Early Learning Centers is being forced to go the entire summer without her secretaries? These secretaries have just as much work to do as the other
secretaries and should be given a 12-month contract.

Why did the trustees on this school board allow the superintendent free reign in this school system?

Who is the boss here? 

Everyone knows money is tight, but everyone should be treated fairly. 

I would like for the local newspapers to request a list of all salaries, in the school system, before and after, all of these changes were made, and print them in the newspaper as they have done before. Hopefully, we can then find out what went on behind closed doors. After all, they are public servants, and we are entitled to this information. I expect it will be an eye opener. 

Taxpayers beware: After what has taken place this year, what schools and employees will get the hatchet next year?  

I think it is time for some of these trustees to be voted out.

Nancy M. Ramsey

South Boston 


‘Athlete of the year’

To the editor:

Did you happen to see Nik Walenda cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope this past week? What a breathtaking feat this man has accomplished. He was the first human being to do this. There were no nets or anything to help him in case he fell. 

Skill, courage, and of course, God were the only ingredients he had going for him to accomplish this feat. 

He is one of the relatives of the “Flying Walendas” who were known for their acrobatic acts all over the world. His grandfather originally started these acts years ago in Germany. 

Last year at this time, he crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope. 

What an incredible athlete. In my opinion I would categorize him as “athlete of the year.”

Paul DuPont