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Broken hearted

To the editor:

Sometime during the late evening hours of last Saturday night (June 1)  and early Sunday morning, our beloved red cat, Lucy, was struck by a vehicle and killed a short distance from our home here on Asbury Church Road in Vernon Hill.  

We would welcome any information regarding this incident.  This is an open letter to the driver of that vehicle.

Dear driver:

Last Saturday night as you were driving on Asbury Church Road, you entered a life crossroads and were presented with an opportunity to choose right from wrong.  Perhaps you were texting on your cell phone, coming home from work or a social event …I do not know…although I imagine, if you are like most who drive on this road, you were traveling at an excessive rate of speed.  

At some point, my Lucy, a beautiful red striped cat, ran across the road in front of your car.   She may have been running from a dog, hunting a mouse or just out for an evening walk – I have no idea since I never knew she even approached the road.  

The accident was probably unavoidable and more than likely happened in a split second.  She darted out, you could not stop before striking her, and she was gone.  For that, I can forgive you.  

The choices you made after the accident are unforgiveable.

Rather than stop, move her body from the road and try to locate her owner, you chose to continue traveling to your destination.  

Granted, it could have been in the wee hours of the night when everyone was sleeping.  Perhaps you were frightened to go knocking on doors looking for the owner – I can even understand that, but if you were someone who lives on Asbury Church Road, you know us.  

We have lived here for over 25 years in the same house and we have always had pets.  A stray animal is always showing up here to live forever.  We love our animals and would want to know the moment their little life ended.  

Immediate notification at any time of the day or night - or even the next day - would have been welcomed so that we could have retrieved her body and treated it with the respect she deserved.  

Instead, you chose to keep on driving leaving my precious Lucy lying in the road.  

I spent most of Sunday and Monday walking around our property calling her name, praying she would return.  Had my neighbor not helped me, I would never have found what was left of her body, which had been severely desecrated by birds, to bury.

I doubt seriously that you could understand the pain I have felt from the loss of Lucy.   I just do not see someone who makes the choices you made having ever experienced the feelings of love shared between a master and her pet.  

I read these sappy verses all the time about the only way to know true love is to own a pet.  But, it is true.  Lucy loved me unconditionally.

She listened to my complaints, put up with me hogging the blanket and even accepted the fact that I just did not want a live mouse brought into the house.  

She smiled at me when I scratched her under the chin and raced to lie down in the warm spot my bottom left from sitting on the bed.  She thought I smelled good all the time and was always happy to see me.  

I miss her, and I am so angry that you, by your cowardly actions, prevented me from retrieving my baby’s body before nature.  For that, I cannot forgive you.

I pray that God will touch your heart softening it so that you will be able to appreciate the value of a pet and all the goodness and love it brings to life.

Nancy Y. Wilborn

Vernon Hill


Weather gone wild

To the editor:

What in the world is going on with the unpredictable weather that is going on throughout the world?

The southwest, especially Oklahoma and Texas, have been hit hard by such enormous tornados with record-breaking statistics. One tornado was estimated to be two miles in width. Another one was clocked at 300 miles an hour. Pretty frightening. I believe over 50 tornadoes were counted in the south and Midwest, and it’s not even summer yet. 

In central Europe, especially Germany and the Czech Republic, it has been raining close to a month with such devastating flooding that has not been witnessed in over 500 years, that’s right 500 years. Imagine that. 

What is going on? I believe this is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. Matthew 24 talks about storms, earthquakes and pestilences in the end times. And brother, I really believe we are in the end times. 

Paul DuPont



A wonderful experience

To the editor:

I had a wonderful experience at the Halifax County Middle School on the day of the eighth grade awards assembly. 

I wish to congratulate Principal Bruce and her staff for the fine performance of the students, and their behavior was outstanding.

I feel very honored to have been invited to be there to present the H. A. Dillard Scholar/Athlete Award to the eighth grade boy and girl who were selected by the middle school and to visit with Superintendent Herndon and ex-Principal Bosiger and the other presenters.

It was very impressive to observe the eighth grade graduates march into the auditorium and near the end of the exercise hear Principal Bruce present the eighth graders to Halifax County High School Principal Randolph, who chose to identify them as the Class of 2017 at the high school.

Harvey A. Dillard

South Boston


Proud former principal

To the editor:

As I read the names of the 2013 top 10 graduates in the local papers, it was exciting to note that five of the top 10 graduates were from Sinai Elementary School. 

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Sinai Elementary, congratulations and best wishes are extended to each of you, Emily, Julia, Meg, Margaret and Lindsey. 

We are proud of your accomplishments.

Michael R. Wilborne,

Former Sinai Elementary School Principal

South Boston