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Give back to them

To the editor:   

We have just celebrated Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor the fallen heroes of our country. It is at this time I hope all of us are thinking of the great sacrifice that these men and women have made for us. They have given their all for us and deserve our respect for their efforts. 

We at the VFW and all our like organizations in this area thank everyone for their support during this special time set aside to pay homage to these special men and women.  

They are no longer able to hear our praise, but their family and friends who knew and loved them can, and this lets them know that their loved ones’ fight mattered.  

That is why I was so glad that the Wall that Heals came to our small town, and so many could see that there are so many who gave their all for our freedom.  

The times are difficult where our soldiers are in danger, even in places that would have been a safe haven years ago.  

The world needs someone who will step up and be ready, and our armed forces are there when we need them.   

I would like to encourage each of you who reads this to also go the extra mile to help our local veteran organizations in their efforts to support the heroes of today.  

When you see us out, and we have a fundraiser for our local post, please stop and help us.  We need your help to support them and all our activities for the community.  

Most of our local posts are supporting our community through activities in the schools and through scholarships for the students. 

The VFW post has supported essay and art contests and also done flag programs for the schools. 

The Ladies Auxiliary holds a breakfast every first Saturday of the month to help support these activities, so please come out and support us.  

As I say in my flag program speech, the veterans gave their all and return to be productive citizens in their communities. They are all that they can be, and I believe it is time we also give back to them.   

Thank you for your time and God bless.

Carolyn Lewis

Sr. Vice President Ladies Auxiliary

South Boston


Sad affair

To the editor:

It is sad and misfortunate that the Halifax County School Board had to demote so many employees. 

The school board requested more money from the Halifax County Board of Supervisors. They did not get it even though the board of supervisors found extra money, and they should have given them the money that would have lessened the burden on many of the employees. 

I commend the school board for including all the employees for the pay increase especially for the cafeteria and custodians employed who are the most underpaid. 

John Woody 

South Boston