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Volunteers lift up our community

To the editor:

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” 

Following the advice of Booker T. Washington has helped lift up countless people and create more resilient communities around the world. 

Last week was National Volunteer Week, and the Richmond Regional Red Cross, Halifax Area celebrated its own dedicated volunteers and partners, the people who have powered the American Red Cross for more than a century. 

Each year, the Richmond Region, Halifax Area Red Cross volunteers bring food, shelter, comfort and hope to more than 70 families…dozens of local families who are faced with rebuilding their lives and homes after house fires, high winds and tornado damage.  These trained disaster volunteers are the foundation for the Red Cross to prepare, respond and recover from disasters.

Volunteers support blood drives that help save lives every day. And they provide services to members of the military, veterans and their families, including communications linking service members to their loved ones during an emergency.

If you want to give back to your community, become a Red Cross volunteer. 

Right now the Richmond Regional Chapter, Halifax Area, serving counties of Charlotte, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg and Prince Edward especially needs:

Trained Red Cross disaster services volunteers who would bring immediate emergency assistance to those who have suffered loss of their homes and their basic human needs after a house fire or other such local disasters.  These local volunteers may also elect to become further trained and deploy to other locations near or far, delivering humanitarian needs as administered by the Red Cross. 

 Volunteer office staff is also needed for disaster casework and data entry.

 Trained Red Cross volunteers who would teach first aid, CPR, babysitting and other lifesaving courses, even Pet First Aid. They staff community fairs to encourage their neighbors to learn these vital skills and organize celebrations to recognize people who use their Red Cross training to save lives.

 Local volunteers who would support community bloodmobiles.

To become a registered Red Cross volunteer, visit , choose the Richmond Region, Halifax Area or contact Ginger Weaver, 434-476-5148 or toll free 866-242-8757.  The volunteer application, background check and orientation can all be done on-line.

Warmest regards and heartfelt thanks to our Red Cross volunteers.

Ginger Weaver

Halifax Area Disaster Services Specialist


A sham

To the editor:

It is a sham that the U.S. Senate failed to past gun control legislation when considering all the innocent children and others being killed by gun violence here in the USA. 

Then again we should not be surprised by them failing to pass the gun control bill. Many of them are afraid of the National Rifle Association and some of the elected officials in Washington D.C. Will they oppose everything that the president is for?

We are almost four months in this year, and no vital legislation that will benefit the American people has been passed. 

I urge all concerned citizens of the U.S.A. to contact their elected officials and demand that they be about the people’s business and pass legislation that is so vital for we the people of the U.S.A. 

John Woody

South Boston


Evil will not overcome

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor is reprinted by permission from South Boston Online.)

Mr. Bombers,

One week ago today, you changed the life of my family forever.

One week ago today, you placed a bomb right next to me and my entire family and my best friends.

One week ago today, you tried to kill my two beautiful, innocent daughters, and whoever else was standing nearby.

One week ago today, you left my mother wounded, covered in her own blood on the pavement.

One week ago today, you stole the innocence from my daughters. You took away their sense of peace in this world. You have made them afraid to be outside. You have replaced their sweet little girl fairy tale bedtime dreams with nightmares about what they saw that day. 

One week ago today, you made my beautiful niece stand quivering in horror as she watched a bomb going off at the spot where she knew her family was standing. 

One week ago today, you shattered my beautiful sister’s dream of crossing the Boston Marathon finish line.

One week ago today, you left us emotionally in a million pieces. 

One week ago today, you showed me that love and support from our family and friends is a powerful force, more powerful than your evil.

Today, one week later, we are still broken. We are still hurt. But we will not let your evil overcome us. We are going to get through this.

One week ago today, you made me grateful for all of my life and all of the people in it.

Thank you.

Kimberly Connolly

South Boston, Mass.


Sad situation

To the editor:

When people found out Wyatt Chevrolet was closing its doors, a lot of people said they were just sick. 

Just want to say it’s a sad situation for the citizens of South Boston and Halifax County and also for the workers at Wyatt Chevrolet. 

So sad.

Dale Snead

South Boston


Keep Cluster Springs Early Learning Center open

To the editor:

The headline in Friday’s newspaper “Six administrators to get raises, across - the - board pay hikes still in budget; Cluster Springs Early Learning Center closing up for discussion.”

I was simply amazed at the audacity that some on the school board voted for the above raises. Thank you Karen Hopkins, Cheryl Terry and Walter Potts for voting against these pay hikes. 

Some on the board want to now discuss the closing of the Cluster Springs Early Learning Center, cut hours and pay so they can give raises to administrators and some secretaries? They are discriminating against some veteran employees by “robbing Peter and paying Paul.” This is what you call real discrimination. 

It is a slap in the face to see raises for “special” employees and then want to close Cluster Springs Early Learning Center. 

I have read the board’s reasons for these raises and cuts, but I don’t buy their reasons for these raises, and I am sure those being affected don’t either. They would
just like to keep their pay scales, for which they have worked really hard to get.

Whose idea was it to bring up the closing of Cluster Springs Early Learning Center for discussion? This should never have been considered then or in the future. 

Cluster Springs Early Learning Center and South Boston/Halifax Early Learning Center are great schools for these pre-K children. They are in a safe environment, and both schools are run very efficiently. 

Here the school board goes again putting the employees, the children, and the parents in turmoil once again. These pre-K children will be coming from Virgilina, Turbeville, Cluster Springs and Alton. 

Just where are you planning to put these children? Will you bus them all over the county, or are you going to make the parents take them back and forth? It seems to me that you are trying to kick these children to the curb.

The school board stated this matter will be brought up for discussion at the next board meeting on May 13.

I am sure it will be done behind closed doors, or have they already decided to close Cluster Springs Early Learning Center behind closed doors (like the Washington politicians decide everything.)

Just remember, you are in your seats on the board because you were elected by the people.

Anyone who cares about these children should bombard the school board and Dr. Herndon with phone calls, e-mails and letters. Listed are their names and phone numbers: Kimberly Farson 475-6901, Dick Stoneman 572-6024, Phyllis Smith 349-9544, Karen Hopkins 454-1346, Cheryl Terry 572-4534, Roger Long 572-8551, Fay Satterfield 572-9266, and Walter Potts 575-7579. Some probably will not answer, but give it a try. 

Also, be sure to fill that school board meeting room at Mary Bethune on
May 13th. These little children need your help now. I would hope that the trustees for Cluster Springs Early Learning District would vote no to this closing.

What is going to be done with the surplus money the board will be receiving from the board of supervisors? It will be interesting to see where and how this is going to be spent.


Nancy Ramsey 

South Boston